Netflix Cult: Why Is It So Popular?


what is netflix?

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Many of us have already heard of such a phenomenon as Netflix. This is a service, which appeared unexpectedly and made an incredible impression. What is Netflix? Netflix is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph. What does this company do? The company provides movies and series based on streaming media. If we take into account the current trends in the development of the Internet and modern technologies, the decision that the owners of the company have made is not only convenient but certainly beneficial. More about the role of the Internet in our life, you can read in this post: Such incredible success came to the company in 2013, when they began to produce movies and TV series on their own. By 2016, the company has released about 130 original TV shows and movies, which is considered to be the worldwide first result. For comparison, no other content production company has come close to this indicator. By 2018, the company has about 120 million subscribers worldwide. The money turnover of the company is about 12 billion dollars. The service is available for registration in more than 190 countries, except China and some other countries, where restrictions are imposed on the Internet. Also, it is worth noting that Netflix shares belong to many companies such as Capital Group Companies, The Vanguard Group, Black Rock, etc. This is a unique service nowadays, so we just have to find out why it is so popular. Also, if you need to write an essay about an interesting event or just need help with complex work, you can ask for round-the-clock writing help for students and forget about any debts! So, let's begin exploring how Netflix influences modern society and culture!

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netflix cult

Netflix has released many extraordinary movies and TV series. Most of them became popular and successful. Let’s take a look at some of them!

So, in this post, we are about to figure out the most interesting and unusual features of Netflix. We are going to explore the famous TV series and movies which the users of this service like the most. We are going to see how Netflix shows us modern culture and social behavior: Furthermore, it will be necessary to get to know why these TV series are so popular nowadays and why everybody should watch it as soon as possible. Netflix can improve your knowledge in different areas because this service releases not only entertainment programs and interesting TV series but also stand-ups of many popular comedians such as Louis CK, Jim Jeffries, Nick Offerman, Amy Schumer and others. So, why Netflix is very popular in 2018? Let’s figuring out!

1. House of Cards. The first and one of the most successful TV series which was released by Netflix. The amazing storyline was produced by David Fincher, the main role was played by Kevin Spacey. What is this series about? This series reveals all the political, social and moral aspects of the society. The struggle for the presidency, a lot of incredible scenes with the participation of the actors who play well the politicians of the country and the incredible soundtrack which fascinates. If you are fond of politics or just looking for a series that will be interesting, then "House of Cards" is just an ideal option for this. A large number of characters, incredible scenery and stunning 5 seasons of political drama. Immerse yourself in this incredible atmosphere! The series received many positive reviews as well as Golden Globe for Best Actor. Also, if you want to write an essay about this incredible series, get the best essay writing examples for free and surprise your friends and colleagues!

2. Orange Is the New Black. The next series is the second major project of Netflix and also one of the most successful. The series was extended repeatedly for several seasons, which guaranteed him incredible ratings because Orange Is the New Black is the most popular series of the service at the moment. What is this series about? This is an American comedy-drama series based on the autobiography of Piper Kerman. The series tells about life in the prison, about the relationships between women inside this environment as well as about the survival in the new environment for the main characters. One of the main features of the series is that in some episodes it reproduces the memories of the guards and prisoners, thus helping us to reveal the attributes of this or that character. Also, the distinctive feature of the series is that much attention is paid to the influence of corruption, drugs, population shortages as well as overcrowding on the lives of prisoners and the institution itself, which is obliged to perform its functions. You will also see a large number of characters who conflict with each other and tough characters as well as their behavior inside the prison. This series shows how the respect towards other people can influence our personality and make our temper and behavior completely different: The series received many positive reviews and thus became one of the most successful projects not only for Netflix but for television in general. Do not miss a chance to watch this series and tell your friends about it. Also, you can write an essay that our online essay editor can check in the shortest possible time. It’s your opportunity to get the highest score!

3. Black Mirror. Another great series, which belonged originally to another company, but Netflix acquired the rights to display this product. This anthology can be considered as one of the most intriguing and exciting series in the history of television. It includes many features. Firstly, this is an anthology series. Secondly, it is a unique satire on modern society and the impact of modern technologies on our lives. The series is created by the British writer Charlie Brooker, who interprets the title of the series as a reference to the "black displays" that exist in every house. He asks the viewer about the role of gadgets in our lives, putting them on the edge of pleasure and discomfort. Each series is distinguished by its unique storyline and actors. Sometimes it's just impossible to believe that such technologies could exist in our world but, in fact, everything is possible. Throughout the series, there is a certain tension that only grows when you start thinking about the consequences of using phones and computers in the relationships between people. What is the role of mobile phones in the 21st century? Watch Black Mirror and find out! Also, share your impressions by writing a short essay about this amazing series! Take the narrative essay sample and surprise your friends with this unique storyline!

4. The series which are based on Marvel comics. This point can be considered as one of the most successful projects of the company. In the 21st century, the movies on comic heroes gain popularity increasingly among the people all around the world. Marvel has created its own film studio and has also developed a universe and connections of heroes among themselves within this area. The series from Netflix do not just tell the story of the characters, but they also demonstrate that there is a connection between the characters of TV screens and Marvel Movies. The creators even claimed that if the series gain popularity, then it is likely that they will turn into feature films. And if you look at the latest ratings, you will see that the probability of creation of some new movies increases with each year. As for the series that Netflix offers us, it's Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders and Punisher. All these characters are not the most popular in the Marvel universe, but nevertheless they are loved by many spectators. The company Netflix prefers to show the drama, the real life of the protagonists who have to face difficulties during their path as well as their relationships with their loved ones, friends and even enemies. Only in the last place, it is important for the service to show comic book characters. The series raises such problems as honor, justice and family values. If you want to learn more about family values and traditions, you can read about it in this helpful post: In addition, there are many rumors that Netflix is not going to stop there. The service plans to provide viewers with the history of Blade, the Moon Knight, and the Ghost Rider. Perhaps this is just the beginning of Netflix's incredible plans to create a whole series of so-called "video comics" for users. Do not forget that you have a great opportunity not only to see but also write about these series an essay or just an interesting project! Use the professional essay editing and get the best support on the Internet!

5. The Crown.  Another remarkable project of the company. The Crown is a dramatic series that tells the story of a British family throughout the 20th century. It is considered to be one of the most large-budget TV series of the service since about 160 million dollars were allocated for the first season. In 2017, the series received the Golden Globe in the nomination "Best Drama Series," Claire Foy received a statuette as well as many other prestigious awards for "Best Actress" by playing the role of Elizabeth II. The series received many positive reviews both in the USA and around the world. The series was immediately extended for the second season and then for the third and fourth respectively. So what is this series about? The first season narrates the period from 1947 to 1955, that is, the earliest years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The second season reveals the details of the Suez crisis and the resignation of the third Prime Minister Harold Macmillan as well as the birth of the last child of the Queen. His name is Prince Edward. The third season is going to be released soon and he will tell us about the relationship between Princess Margaret and Baronet Roddy Llewellyn. The plot of the series is full of a lot of historical facts and personalities, including Winston Churchill. By the way, if you are interested in the history of the formation of the great states, you can also read a fascinating post about George Washington and its key role in the formation of the United States: Don’t miss an opportunity to watch this terrific series and get to know a lot of new things! Also, if you are about to write a research about the historical periods, but you do not know who can help you write this assignment, you can apply for the qualified assignment writers in the UK who are online 24/7 and ready to perform any of the needed works! The history presents us incredible events that affect our perception and imagination of the modern world. Knowing history is not only important but also interesting because you can easily improve your knowledge in many areas and use them in practice. You will be an interesting conversationalist and will be able to tell the most entertaining things in the circle of friends and close people. Netflix provides an opportunity not only to have a good and fun time but also get some profit from the viewed material.

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6. 13 Reasons Why. Another interesting series on our list. «13 Reasons Why» is based on the book of Jay Asher, which he wrote in 2007. The release took place on March 31, 2017. What is he talking about? The classmate of the main character Clay Jensen commitеd suicide. A few days later he found a box on the doorstep of the house, in which there are 7 tapes, recorded by Hannah, his classmate which is dead. In these cassettes, she tells 13 reasons why she committed suicide and that Clay is one of these reasons. To reveal his guilt before Hannah, he gradually listens to all 7 tapes, recognizing all the secrets of the girl and her classmates. He will have to find out all the problems and reasons that led to the death of the girl. The series is fascinating because it is a detective with a minimum number of the main characters. What is noteworthy, already in season 1, the creators revealed the entire plot of the book, but the series was extended for season 2. This can only talk about one thing that the series is definitely successful. «13 Reasons Why» received a lot of positive comments on the Internet and a large number of fans. This series will be interesting not only for teenagers but also for adults. If you are fond of detectives and like to tell stories, do not miss an opportunity to take the short essay examples for free and write an interesting story. Perhaps, over time, you will want to write a book and it will be successful. The main thing is to take risks and not be afraid of anything. You can always succeed if you want to.

7. Stranger Things. The most successful series produced by Netflix. The creators of "Stranger Things" came over an incredible way to achieve such success. They were denied by the studios because producers considered them not well-known for society. But they still managed to transform their dreams into reality. Netflix acquired the rights to show the series and it was released in 2016. The series was greeted with enthusiastic feedback from both critics and viewers. Many noted the dynamic development of the plot, atmosphere, acting skills, soundtrack, direction as well as many references to the films and the era of the 80's. The series entered the list of the most rated projects of "Netflix" and was extended for the 2nd season. After the success of season 2, it was immediately extended to 3rd, the premiere of which is expected in 2019. What is this great TV series? The plot develops in 1983 in Indiana, where a girl who possesses telekinesis abilities escapes from a secret laboratory as well as a boy who is searched by people close to him.  The series is notable for the fact that it contains many references to the pop culture of the 1980s. You will see references to the works of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, George Lucas and David Lynch as well as other literary works and stunning movies. The main characters face their fears throughout the plot and become more courageous and confident: Young teenagers are forced to fight against the world which is beyond the reality. You just have to watch this, because it is considered to be one of the most successful and thrilling products nowadays. Such TV series is released only a few times in a decade. The TV series combines elements of science-fiction and drama. Also, it is worth noting the amazing musical design, which causes only pleasant nostalgia. This is the case when you will want to advise this spectacular series to the friends, colleagues and close people. Also, if you are about to write about impressions on a paper, you have a chance to contact the UK essay writing companies and we will make your work the best!

8. Narcos. The next series is also very interesting because it is based on the biography of the world-famous Pablo Escobar. «Narcos» is a crime drama which is based on real events. At the moment, 3 seasons have been released, 2 of which are about Escobar’s life and another one about the fight between the cartel Kali and the DEA. The series was extended for season 4, which will be released in 2018 and will also talk about the actions of the Cali cartel at that time. The series was very well commented by critics and spectators. This fact shows us that it is a very successful project for Netflix. The series is praised for the dynamic development of the plot, a strong action, and historical facts. In addition, throughout the series, you will see some inserts from the documentaries about Escobar. You will percept the atmosphere of that time and the behavior of the main characters in the difficult period of their lives. In the series, there are no characters which you would want to empathize, but it won’t be a problem for you to keep watching «Narcos» until the end. If you get incredible excitement from viewing, then do not forget to tell your friends about it! Use the express essay help in the UK and write the best publication about the impact of drugs on modern life and how to struggle against it!

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9. Mindhunter. What are the thoughts of a murderer when he commits a crime? What motivates him to act this way and not for the benefit of society? The psychology of murderers has been studied by the FBI for many years and the series "Mindhunter" just shows us one of such studies. The series tells us about the birth of the department for studying the psychology of criminals. In the center of the series are two FBI agents who interview the prisoners in order to better understand them and get an opportunity to solve the crimes. The series concentrates on the dialogues, on the behavior of the criminals as well as their memories. The series lacks any action, brutal killings or violence. This product is more about the soul than the murders. Perhaps, one of the most interesting and exciting projects on Netflix, which can’t be missed definitely. The series has already been extended for season 2, which promises to be even more interesting. Join thousands of people who have already praised this series and be the next who did it!

10. Future projects of Netflix. As we know, the service is not going to stop there and will release many more quality products that will be worthy of attention. Among the most significant, it is possible to single out such series as Maniac, Lost in Space and the Irishman. In total, the studio Netflix will release about 80 films of different genres this year. This means that 50% of the content of the service will be completely original, which makes Netflix one of the most popular and successful services of our time.

Summarizing, it is better to say that Netflix is the best way not only to watch the original and magnificent TV series but also to expand knowledge in different areas. Netflix releases many quality movies and series which are so diverse by its genre. The company has amazing plans to make their service the best in the world. As we see, the service becomes more and more popular day by day. Because the Internet plays a significant role in our life, it is possible that Netflix will replace the television and make watching series and movies even simpler. Such companies can be considered as phenomena nowadays because not everyone can have such unusual and interesting content. Netflix is a great chance to develop yourself and watch your favorite movies at the same time!

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