Inner Or Outer Beauty Essay: What Is More Important?


During the history of mankind the image of beautiful person (man and woman) was constantly changing. Even 50 years ago people had other view on what appearance person should have to be considered beautiful. So many poets and writers glorified the human beauty. However, people usually talk about external or outer beauty. But what about internal beauty? We decided to write not just essay on beauty, but to make it inner beauty essay. So, read and enjoy.

Inner beauty of a human or external: what is more important?

Inner beauty of a human or external: what to choose?

We used to think that human beauty hides in the eyes. However, something that one considers beautiful other person may consider ugly. You can look for the beauty inside in the way how a person presents the beauty aura. It is not important how much beautiful a person is, it is important how much naturally he carries the aura of beauty. The beauty is in the kindness that is a part of the aura, in peaceful nature, in a certain confidence and inner calmness. Faces with the absolute accuracy of the features, beautiful appearance can be egoistic, haughty, fussy or arrogant; they often want to show their superiority over others. Such a superficial beauty will not last forever. People grow old and external features fade away.

Time changes us as physically as internally, we do not have the same appearance during our lifetime. At the same time inner beauty will last forever. Superficial beauty can not make deep impression, and those who aim to get beautiful face and perfect body with the help of Botox injections and other wonders of surgery will hardly get wide recognition and respect.

However, most people will prefer to talk to a person who has attractive appearance, because we all are attracted by something beautiful. Later, when you understand that a person is not what you expect, that you take his / hers appearance for the essence, you may be very disappointed. Having looked deeper, you will discover an empty shell instead of beauty. You will understand how much important it is to have beauty inside and how much seldom you can meet people who have inner and external beauty at the same time.

The inner beauty of a person

Internal human beauty is presented naturally and unpretentious. Probably, it may have not ideal look, but it seems to be coming from a man when he / she smiles, from the manner of speech and treat others with kindness and tenderness. You understand how much beautiful this person is, and definitely you will prefer inner beauty to external. A person with beautiful soul shines brighter than beautiful face with emptiness inside. In such a way, inner beauty of a person is much more important than superficial external beauty, and also we can keep it for the whole life.

What about appearance?

Nevertheless, the researches show that people who have attractive appearance get work more often, especially if the interviewer also considers them attractive. The same researches prove that pupils like more teachers with attractive appearance, and think that they are more intelligent and more professional than others. It is well known that children react positively to attractive faces. Is it possible to disagree with that?

It turns out that if we want “political correctness”, we will repeat again and again that beauty is inside us. But! The world is cruel and if you want harsh and “naked” truth, than you should know that modern society often perceives beauty as something external only, as accuracy of features and respectable appearance.

So let’s be honest and realistic

Billions and billions of dollars spent each year on means that should make our appearance better. Much more than money spent on books, theatres and museums, for example. It means that “beauty” of the real world is outside, not inside. Think about it: those who suffer from extreme obesity seem attractive to you? Do you think they have rich spiritual world? Of course, we can not judge without knowing them closer, but one thing is obvious: their appearance pushes you away. Why? Because people, especially women, are very critical about appearance of each other. Besides, people who do not like their body usually have lack of self-respect.

Beauty of physical look does not mean that someone is better than others. The conception of ideal beauty is built on the age-old competition and desire to create visual attractiveness as a means of competition. The reason for this is in biology.

Of course, physical beauty is important, but fortunately it is not the only thing that a person can give to the world. For the most powerful people, who take decisions, physical features are less essential than such trait as charisma, intelligence, confidence and sense of purpose, which are also elements of inner beauty. Perfect skin and face features are not life-determining things for them. But let’s face the truth, each politician, for example, tends to look attractive and is ready to spend large sums of money on the image-makers and stylists, and they also recourse to plastic surgery.

It is difficult to be honest and say “yes”, outer beauty plays great role because it is not available for everyone. Not everyone was blessed by good genetics, but this is life and we all have to play according to its rules. Sure, outer beauty is a great gift, but what is important is how person decides to use the physical features, can he or she become successful using appearance.

There are people who say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It sounds great. But everyone knows that the beauty issue concerns women more. Women’s self-esteem is completely connected to their appearance and attractiveness. Unfortunately, women judge more strictly the attractiveness than men. This is not fair, but this is life.

So, beauty is a harmonious whole that brings moral and aesthetic pleasure. Inner beauty of a person is visible from the outside and it makes the person look beautiful. The most important thing is the harmony of body and soul, the inner beauty of a person should be combined with external beauty. Learn how to combine them in yourself and you will be really happy man.

The unity of inner and outer beauty of a man

Our notions of the ideal of beauty are embodied in outer beauty. External beauty is not only anthropological perfection of all the body elements, it is not only the health. It is inner spirituality: rich world of the thoughts and feelings, moral dignity, respect for others and self-respect and so on. The higher moral development and the overall level of human spiritual culture is, the brighter rich spiritual world reflects in external features. In simple words, inner beauty is reflected in the appearance.

There is nothing ashamed in the fact that person wants to be beautiful, to look nice. Outer beauty has its inner moral sources. When a person is engaged with something he likes to do, he looks more attractive, it seems that he has inner light that males him beautiful. Favorite work makes a person beautiful, transforms facial features, and makes them thin and expressive.

If inner spiritual wealth forms human beauty, then inactivity and immoral activities destroy the beauty.

Immoral activities disfigure. A person who has the habit to lie, dissemble, rant avoids looking into the eyes of others, it is hard to see a thought inside his eyes, he hides it. Jealousy, selfishness, suspicion, fear that “people will not appreciate me” – all these feelings gradually coarsen facial features, make them sullen, unsociable. Be yourself, cherish your dignity, because this is the source of the real human beauty.

The ideal of human beauty is the moral ideal at the same time. The unity of physical, moral, aesthetic perfection is the harmony that people seek for.

There are so many essays on beauty already written, but I hope in this beauty essay we managed to transfer the main idea that beauty has two sides, external and internal, and these two elements should not exist separately. There always should be unity of inner and outer beauty.

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