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How to fight fear? Really effective methods

Many people realize their fears and even want to fight them for good, but not everyone manages to fight the fear. We can even count approximately how many people fought their fears and complexes, and what is important they do it systematically. It means that it is not enough to fight only one fear (people have dozens and even hundreds of different fears), to reach happiness, freedom and success you need to learn to fight fear when it begins to appear. What fear is you will read in this narrative essay on fear.

About 2-3% of the Earth population is the world of successful people, who consider themselves happy, because they managed to fight their fears, that is why they have such results that differ from those, who are enslaved and oppressed by fears.

Overcoming of each next fear gives you another opportunity to get some valuable prize. If you manage to fight the fear to express your feelings – you get happy personal life, you fight the fear of public speaking (search for fear of public speaking essay) – you get the career of boss and success of a leader and so on.

In this essay on fear we study general and the most important principles and techniques how to deal with fear, how to fight almost any fear.

Different fears should be fought in different ways. Sometimes it is enough to understand, to find the initial cause of your fear and it disappears and never returns. However, very often it is not enough. In most cases you need to use special techniques. Sometimes it happens that fear disappears only when you face it directly, and only after several repetitions of what you are afraid of, your fear goes away forever.

For example, jump in the water from water tower. The most difficult thing it to find courage to jump for the first time, you need the most will to do it, the second and the third times are much easier, but still you need will, and only after several dozens of jumps you do not feel fear any more, and jumps bring you only pleasure. Pleasure, joy, happiness are deserved reward for fear fighting. The same is about public performance or public speaking. For the first time your knees shiver, you can not breathe, you sweat a lot, but some time later a person begins to get satisfaction from this process, he start liking it.

Of course, there are individual features how to fight different kinds of fear. We are going to examine a unique algorithm and its methods that help to fight almost any kind of fear.

The main causes of existent fears

To fight fears you need to know the main causes of their formation.

1. Part of fears develops on the base of lack of knowledge (the cause is ignorance). Mostly it refers to the situations when a man has to do something for the first time, something he has never done before, he does not have experience, that is why instead of knowledge there is fear inside of a person.

2. The second part of fears is based on the previous negative experience, when person did not succeed in something, he felt pain and sufferings, and now he is afraid of the repetition of such situation.

3. The third part of fears is based on the fear of death. The strongest among the existent fears is the fear of death, it is the fear to lose body (life), and it does not matter whether it is life of this person or his close ones. The fear of death is a very complex issue and it requires its own special methods. Fear to lose children, parents or relatives belongs here as well.

4. And the forth kind of fears develops at a man, when there is no knowledge about the law of justice (the law of cause and consequence). When there is no belief that if a person does not deserve something, he (or people he takes care of) would not suffer unjustly. And if a person commits a crime and is afraid of consequences, it should be so. In this case fear is a part of punishment for the evil the person has done.

How to fight fear? Main rules and techniques of fear fighting

Let’s discuss first what we should do with the causes of fears that we have described above.

The fear of new or unknown – how to fight it? Here the things are quite simple.

1. If you do not have your own experience, you can study experience of other people, how they manage to overcome something for the first time, what they feel, how they do their first step, what emotions they have and so on. Ask everyone you know, read comment on the Internet, read books. It will help to reduce fear on 90%, because it is ignorance that increases the emotions of fear.

2. If you are afraid of some certain consequences, for example, to be ashamed being on the stage for the first time, imagine the situation in your consciousness with different consequences. Also humor helps a lot! Imagine the worst result of the situation you can get (for example, people throw tomatoes at you), accept it and laugh in your mind with everyone. In most cases fear will disappear but not completely, there will leave some its part, the rest of the fear will disappear in the real situation and it will be expressed in form of worry that you will easily overcome.

Fear to repeat you own or someone else’s negative experience – how to fight it?

You need to understand the logic of any events, if you understand absolutely nothing, there is a high chance that the experience will be repeated. It means, if you do not want to repeat your negative experience, you need to change something inside you, do something differently.

1. Analyze and find the causes of your mistakes in the past, make conclusions and try to correct mistake you made. The bigger part of fear will disappear when you really realize the reasons of you failures and accept them. Then just do not repeat your mistakes, and make your second attempt in a new way.

2. The second way to fight the fear of negative experience is to imagine and accept the situation. It always works very well.

How to fight the fear of death. In simple words we can say the following: as long person believes that he is a physical body, soulless descendant of a monkey, and not immortal Soul, he will never fight the fear of death.

The forth kind of fears is the fear that something unexpected and unjust may happen to you. You can fight it by realizing the universal Laws, by learning to see in your life causes and consequences of every event. Almost each book about success says that you should think positively and so on, but not everyone proceeds to the stage when they can follow causes and consequences by themselves. There is a good movie called “Secret” on this issue.

There is one more thing! If you want to get rid of most of your fears, start to live, act, talk honestly, according to your conscience. One of the most common fear causes is deception and lie, or any other sin. Subconsciously when a person sins, he waits for punishment, and consequently is afraid of it. Our soul and conscience always know when we do something wrong and deserve being punished.

Remember that honest people have nothing to hide, so there is nothing they can be afraid of. Good luck in fighting your fears!

10 ways to fight fears

1. Believe that you can control you fear.

2. Go to hospital and get medical examination (in case if you are afraid of your health condition).

3. Figure out what causes your fear.

4. Prefer relaxed style of life.

5. Concentrate your attention on something outside (not on your own body, on your emotional state).

6. Live your present life.

7. Experience your fear.

8. Learn breath techniques and techniques of relaxation.

9. Risk.

10. Visit psychologists (when you feel there is no possible way to fight your fear on your own).

I hope this brief list of tips will be useful for you and will help you in fighting your fears. For more essays on fear or essays on other topics visit our website. There you will find everything you look for. Also you can get help in essay writing from our team of professional writers. We are always there for you and ready to answer all your questions.

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