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There are many useful articles on our blog that can answer the questions that you are interested in. Check it and find the information that would be useful for you. Today we want to discuss the problem of finding your own way in life. It is a crucial question, and many people of different age are trying to find the answer.

How to find your calling in life

It is good when a person begins to think about such important issues, as a child. But even if you are forty, there is nothing shameful in it. What is wrong with the fact that a person reinterprets his/ her life, his/ her life goals, changes his/ her views on the surrounding reality, wants to change his/ her life for the better? The answer is nothing! The academic essays writing service at an affordable price is ready to give the assistance in finding the answers to this question and in making your studying less loading.

If the question of finding your place in life and your vocation still bothers you, reading this article will be helpful to you.

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We take paper and a pen ...

This is the most common method (but no less effective) that school psychologists use to help children determine their vocation and their choice of profession:

Take a sheet of paper, a pen and write what you most like to do in life. Approach the matter seriously, with inspiration, as you decide on the direction of your life! Write more, there should be not less than thirty items.

Then cross out the things that you do from time to time when you are in the mood for this. Also, delete predilections and affairs that you would not like to do professionally, cross out the ones that you would not do all your life. Think carefully!

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Now write down all your strengths, abilities, and skills. Highlight in which you are better than others? What are you proud of?

Now compare the list of your favorite activities with a list of your strengths and write down what kinds of pursuits, in your opinion, this can be used. Think, because it is impossible that your dignity and hobbies cannot be applied. The more options you get, the better. It is always good when there is plenty to choose from.

It does not matter if there is a great desire to do something, but there are no abilities and talents. Skills can be developed.

Try it!

The main thing that you need to do in order to find your place in life is to try! Try yourself everywhere and in everything, use all the chances and opportunities, and one day you will definitely see precisely what you personally need! Something that you will be ready to give all your life!

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Contingent values ​​and competitions

In the depths of the soul, a person can know his/ her calling, but the traditional principles, as well as the wishes and hopes of other people, hinder to interpret his/ her place in life and follow his/ her inner urges. Here is what the Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist Viktor Frankl said about this: "Often people do not see themselves as responsible for self-determination in values ​​and, therefore, as an active participant in their own lives. Therefore, they allow different social, natural, and psychological determinants to influence their own way of life ".

How much does our own opinion depend on the views of the people around us? Since life in society involves communication with other people, you have to listen to what others tell us and about us. Some people take into account the words of select people, so-called authorities, others pay attention to the passer-by look, and for someone, the most important is the point of view of close people.

To understand how to relate to the opinions of others, we need to realize a few points:

  • What is an idea and how is it formed?
  • What impact does the opinion of others have on us?
  • What goals can a person pursue trying to impart to us his point of view?

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It should also be remembered that the person's environment consists not only of well-wishers (parents, friends, and just good people) who may not always be like this but can give useful advice by expressing their opinion. The circle of our communication also includes people (enemies, envious persons, competitors ...) whose idea and whose tips can harm us. Often they pursue their goals, wishing that we had acted in a certain way. Surely, everyone knows what manipulation is. Words, phrases, expressions, this is the main force of the manipulator. He/ she skillfully touches the most secret strings, which force us to perform in response to some kind of different actions.

It is clear to everyone that friends wish us good things, but our enemies wish bad ones. However, do these desires always give an appropriate result? Of course not. The opinion of others, albeit very close, cannot consistently be pleasant and not compulsory useful and truthful. For example, a mother who overprotects her child for good intentions tries to protect him/ her from all bad things, to get rid of difficulties and troubles. The child takes it for granted, parents always do everything right and correct. As a result, a dependent child grows up, unable to solve any problems on his/ her own, will hide behind the mother's skirt until old age.

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It does not matter whether you have heard a positive or negative opinion. It is essential to think about it, weigh the pros and cons and draw conclusions. After all, if it is said, then there were some reasons, factors that gave rise to the opinion. Listen to any idea, listen and draw conclusions: good or bad. However, determining one should be your own opinion, it should play a decisive role. If it turns out to be erroneous, you need to be able to restructure and form your opinion on the opinions of others and already on its basis make a decision. If you do not want to offend a person close to you, although you think his/ her judgments and suggestions are erroneous, you can agree with them, but do your own thing.

So how to find oneself in life, how to distinguish the inner calling from the attitudes that were once obtained from other people?

If you are striving to achieve a particular result in order to feel yourself the best of the best ("the most beautiful," "the strongest," "the most successful," the "richest") and you are driven solely by competition alone, then maintaining a sense of importance is the determining factor for you. You are forced to hide your true nature and wear a psychological "mask." In addition, even if you achieve what you were aiming at, well, let us say, become the richest (although there are always those who are richer than you are, you can hardly earn more than Carlos Slim) sensations of meaninglessness, futility, and devastation will not leave you.

You will be able to find yourself in life, find your right destination if you refuse to compare yourself with others, stop competing with other people, then all the beauty of your true essence will manifest itself. The true spirit seeks ways for self-determination through creativity and love of life.

A person can realize how to find his/ her destiny in life only by refusing to compete and ignoring the conditional values. In order to have more free time, use affordable academic essay writing service now, and it would be easier for you to find out what is really your destiny.

Be consistent

The problem of many people who do not know how to find oneself in life is inconsistency. They grab for one thing, then abandon it, abruptly switch to another as soon as the initial enthusiasm dies out, throw it, and again find something new and so on in a circle. Not seeing the results in the end, they are disappointed in themselves.

Having chosen the task, and feel the courage do not give up. Bring the matter to an end, and you will feel how much energy and power you will have to move in the chosen direction. Doubts about the correctness of your calling will disappear as soon as you achieve some result. To make the process quicker, contact the professionals of our team. The puressay is an academic papers editing service.

Break stereotypes

It is natural for a person to regard his/ her lifestyle and thinking as the most correct one on a subconscious level, and this makes him/ her sometimes unresponsive to some sort of things. Therefore, if you want to change something in life and find a new meaning, you should get rid of the stereotypes that have been formed in your mind for many years.

When dealing with people who do not belong to your circle, try to be in their shoes for a while, i.e., understand and even accept their worldview, their values, ​​and aspirations. Try weighing them objectively without the looking down upon at the values ​​that are alien to you.

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Understand your fears

All kinds of fears and phobias prevent people from doing what they like. I will not go into this topic, because there are so many worries and concerns, and many reasons for their occurrence. Identify your anxieties and try to dispose of them, either alone or with the help of qualified psychologists. You may read how to fight the fear here:

The personal vocation, your path, your place in life is what a person wants more than anything, what he/ she voluntarily intends to devote his/ her entire life and without which he/ she does not think his/ her further existence. This is some deep inner knowledge, something intimate. Everyone finds him/ herself the answer to the question "How to find your calling?", but we are sure that this article will help you in this search.

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