Essay About George Washington: His Endowment To The History


George Washington’s brief biography

There is no doubt that everybody has seen the depiction of George Washington on a one dollar bill. But does everybody know what this figure is famous for? This essay on George Washington is aimed for extension of your knowledge about this prominent person. Everybody is likely to know that George Washington was the first president of the United States. He is also renowned for being one of the founding Fathers of the United States. Washington was also greatly admired during his life and after and received the name of “father of his country”. His path in political and social life of the country was quite long, but let’s begin the acquaintance with the description of his childhood and youth. George Washington was born at his father’s plantation Pope’s Creek in Westmoreland, Virginia in 1731. He was of English gentry descent. His father Augustine Washington was the Justice of Westmoreland Country Court. He died of a sudden illness when George was eleven years old. Then the biggest part of Augustine’s property was inherited by George’s elder half-brothers Laurence and Augustine. George received his basic education at home by private tutors. Later he continued his education in the local private school. George was good at mathematics, but he never learnt Latin, Greek or any foreign language. Each essay about George Washington mentions the fact that he had been working since he turned 16. Firstly he worked as a surveyor. His brother Laurence died 1752. So George inherited the family estate Mount Vernon when he was 20 years old. In the same year he began his military service. He took part in the French and Indian War. After this events Washington settled down and got married with Martha Dandridge Custis. He also adopted two children from Martha’s first marriage. George had been participated political and military life of the country since 1758. He was fighting against parent state for the rights of the colonies. When the peaceful path of solving the problem turned to be impossible, Washington put on military gown and soon enough he was elected as the general of the Continental Army. In 1787 he was elected as president of Constitutional Convention, when the Constitution of the United States was created. In 1789 he was unanimously elected as the first President of the United States. He is also known for serving as a head of the country for two terms. After 8 years of presidency Washington returned to his estate. One day he was examining his plantation sitting on the horse during a heavy rain. The next morning he woke up suffering from sore throat. It turned to be a severe throat infection with served as the first American President’s death cause.
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Little known facts about the first US President

All the foregoing information is generally believed to be widely known. It is told on the history lessons and usually used in school and university essays. But there are some little-known facts that may surprise you.

  • Washington was the only US President, who didn’t occupied the White House, because it wasn’t even built in times of his presidency. During his terms New York played the role of the capital.
  • Washington had been suffering from the teeth problems. By the time of his presidency he had only one real tooth. Scientists suppose that it happened because of mercurial oxide which was used for smallpox and malaria treatment. Despite the widespread belief Washington didn’t have wooden teeth. His artificial teeth were made of ivory, bone, lead, gold and human teeth.
  • The first President was red-haired by his nature. There is a widely spread belief that he was wearing a wig, but it is not true. Washington was just powdering it.
  • It is a good idea to mention in your George Washington essay paper that he was only unanimously elected President.
  • He was exceptionally tall for his times (6 feet).
  • George Washington signed into law the first copyright law in 1790.
  • Washington received the title of honorary citizen of France in 1792.
  • The first President had the highest ranking U.S. officer of all times: General of the Armies of the United States. 
  • You can see the portrait of George Washington on contemporary U.S. currency, including one-dollar bill and quarter-dollar coin.
  • Dogs were his favorite animals, he kept a lot of hunting hounds.

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Washington’s attitude to slavery

George Washington’s view on the subject of slavery changed over his life path. He thought the slavery to be damaging for economy and morally inappropriate. He was the only Founding Father who willed to free all his slaves after his death. However, it is interesting enough that Washington became a slave owner in age of 11, when his father died. Firstly, he was a convinced slave-owner and chased runways. The most famous Washington’s slave was Oney Judge. She tried to escape two times and was interviewed by several newspaper in 1840. It is also said in George Washington essays that the surname “Washington” is considered to be “the blackest surname” in the United States, because a lot of slaves had this last name.

George Washington played the prominent role in gaining of United States independence. He contribute a lot into the young country development. He led the fight against Great Britain, which ended with the colony’s victory. Washington established a permanent navy force of the United States. He also signed the Jay Treaty, which allowed to regulate the trade relations with Britain. One of Washington’s greatest accomplishments is the decision to keep his country neutral in international conflicts. He furthered the transformation of U.S. into the modern federal country. Washington participated actively in creation and passing of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He refused to take part in the president election for the third time. Consequently, he laid the foundation of the constitutional custom which prohibit electing the same president more than twice. The historical importance of George Washington hardly could be overestimated. But if you wish the writing services could help you to reveal this topic in your George Washington essay.

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