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When you need to order an essay or a review, let alone such an important piece of academic writing as a PhD thesis, you have to be sure that you entrust your project to the best essay writing company. We respect your needs and put them above all in our corporate culture. That is why our writers deliver only top-notch works; they do it on time and at reasonable prices. Read on to get to know why PurEssay is not just another writing company, but your loyal academic friend who will give you a hand during hard school times.

Certified professionals

The first question that naturally comes to your mind is, who is the person who will undertake your assignment? Surely, you do not want to waste your money on a shady business. Some dishonest writing services employ students, asking you to pay exorbitant prices. But why would you want to invest a large sum of money in a paper of doubtful quality?

PurEssay is a place for worthwhile academic investments. When you pay for our services, you know for sure that only certified professionals will work on your task. Among numerous virtues of our writers, we can single out these:

  • they have experience in what they do for a living;
  • our writers have academic degrees;
  • they are diligent and aimed at result;
  • they are ready to accept your criticism and polish up imperfections;
  • our specialists have faultless English; we know this because each of them has passed an English test.

Versatile services

We offer all types of academic writing, starting with the most popular ones and ending with your supervisor’s personal whims. Thus, you can get from us different kinds of essays:

  • an expository essay,
  • a persuasive essay,
  • an analytical essay,
  • an argumentative essay,
  • a college admission essay,
  • a comparative essay,
  • a critical essay and so on.

Moreover, we gladly work on vast academic papers that require an analysis of many sources and aim at producing an original research. We deliver:

  • theses;
  • dissertations;
  • research papers;
  • analytical papers etc.

As for personalized tasks, we undertake them, too. In this case you should provide us with a word-for-word description of your assignment and all the requirements you professor gave you. It may be an essay in which every word starts with the same letter, or a research paper based on a foreign source. Such tasks can bring even the most diligent students to their wit’s end, but our writers stand by their commitments and will perform any task with readiness and persistence.

Affordable prices

PurEssay is far from financial machinations, from inventing additional fees and taxes. You pay only for what you order when you are working with us. Our prices are calculated in agreement with paper type, required wordage and fixed deadline. Obviously, large projects will cost you more, especially when you want to get them soon.

That is why you may take several tips from our company how to make our affordable prices even more affordable:

  • Write formal details on your own. For example, universities often supply their students with title sheet examples, or at least recommendations. Creating a front page on your own is not a big deal when you have a guide at your disposal, but this step can save you a penny.
  • Set your requirements clearly, as it is the only way we can meet them. Unfortunately, when stating an ambiguous task, you can after all spend your money on a different kind of paper. On our part, we always require all the specifications our writers need, but we cannot succeed without you being accurate.
  • Plan ordering big assignments beforehand. Setting a more remote deadline reduces the cost greatly. Keep on reading because further we will explain why it is more convenient as well.

Respect for your rights

We apply a personal approach to each client, making sure that your rights are not violated. Having made numerous commitments, we feel it obligatory to stick to them. Every promise you see on our website is not an empty word, but our principle of work.

Thus, when you read that you get 100% confidentiality, it literally means that nobody, except you and our company, will get to know that you ordered a piece of writing from us. In academic world it is important to hold the authorship of the works you submit, so we make sure that your orders are private and accessible only to you. We do not use your documents later on, passing all the rights to them directly to you. When you see sample essays on our blog, they may mislead you and make you think we published papers written previously for somebody else. PurEssay wants to dissuade you: it is our company who sponsors this blog subcategory because we feel it important for you to get familiar with some of our works or get inspired to write your own.

Delivery dead on time

This is the point where collaboration with you yields better results. Promising to be strictly on time, our writers can perform urgent tasks and even deliver your essay on the same day. It is up to you to pick out an appropriate deadline when you create your order.

However, we ardently promote sending any assignment in beforehand. Whenever you know for sure that you will order a paper from our company, we recommend doing it in good time. Why? Because it gives you much more liberty in checking the final document and, if necessary, sending it back for a free revision. Moreover, do not forget that you will have to pass the document on to your professor before his deadline.

Taking into account all this information, we can safely say that our best essay writing website will meet all of your academic demands. Our professionals have worked enough time in the writing sphere to ensure the highest quality of their written matter. We can fulfil every whim of your professor: whether it is a narrative essay, an argumentative, descriptive or analytical one, a term paper, a dissertation, a thesis or any other kind of work. We strictly adhere to our principles, among which making our customers satisfied is the major one, and hope to see you in the list of our regulars.

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