Multicultural Education Essay: Cultural Impact


Multicultural essay in the context of three novels

This multiculturalism essay describes the phenomenon of multiculturalism that was lately named the "melting pot" caused the great changes on the cultural and sociological levels. Mindset shift led to the appearance of a new tendency in the world of literature. New novels were intended to show how one person can be the part of two different nations and cultures. Several separately taken novels will create the whole reflection of the main point of these ones. We place the leading place among all the academic writing companies in uk, follow the link to place the order.

These novels fully represent the whole ideological value of this brand new tendency in the world of literature. Best online thesis writing services only on our website.

1. Kazuo Ishiguro "Never Let Me Go".

Despite the Japanese name, Kazuo Ishiguro is a British writer. He has lived in the Britain since he was six years old. In 1989 he received the "The Man Booker Prize", in 1995 he was awarded the “Order of the British Empire”. In an interview with "Time Out London", the novelist admits that he does not like when "Japanese motives" are found in his works. But reading this book you feel the death, it walks from page to page and main heroes stay calm, they accept it, without any struggle, fear or pain. This is a peculiar feature of the Japanese mindset. Here you can find more about services we provide.

A novel-diary, written on behalf of thirty-year-old Cathy Sh., graduated from the privileged school Hailsham. This school represents all the classical traditions of British education: they pay much attention to both sport and sciences. Graduates must leave these walls being healthy and strong people, but the students do not think much about the future. They, like all children, are more concerned about difficult friendships, little secrets, carefully stored children's "treasures." Everything is usual except one thing - each pupil here is a clone and raised for only one purpose: after reaching a certain age, become a donor of organs.

2. Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul "Half a Life".

Naipaul was born in the small town of Chaguanas on the islands of Trinidad, the former British colony. He was the second child in the family. His grandfathers worked on the plantations of sugar cane. His father, Seepersad Naipaul, made a career as a journalist, who since 1929 wrote stories for Trinidad Guardian, and then became a provincial correspondent. Father's respect to the writers strongly influenced the choice of career of his son. If you need any help with your paper, you can find professional assignment writers only on our website.

The main hero of the novel is Willy Chandra who was born in India and then migrated to the Great Britain and in the last part of the book to the Africa. He became a part of all these cultures, but he always feels emptiness inside him because all his choices are influenced by other people. By the end of the novel, he realizes that all the choices in his life were made for him and he decided to take the wheel and start to live on his own terms. He left all the people he loved behind and made a fresh breath of freedom for the first time. The internet also played a very important role for the development of multiculturalism, follow the link to read more about it

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3. Salman Rushdie "Midnight's Children".

Salman Rushdie is British writer of Indian origin, laureate of "The Man Booker Prize" (1981). His novels are usually referred to the magical realism. He was born and raised in Bombay (Mumbai) in the family of a successful businessman. At the age 14, he went to England to get an education. Later, he studied history at the Cambridge University. In 1964 he obtained the British citizenship. The first novel Salman Rushdie "Grimes" in the genre of semi-scientific fiction passed unseen by the readers. However, the next novel, "The Children of Midnight", brought Rushdie fame and is considered to be his best work. In 1993, this book was named the best-written book for the last twenty-five years. The survey was conducted among the readers all over the Great Britain. Multiculturalism as a new tendency in the world of literature.

The main plot of the novel is the life of a Muslim family in India, the history of the modern Indian Republic, implicated in myths, legends, fairy tales, Rushdie's own notions and real political events. The main hero of the novel was born on August 15, 1947, with the foundation of Indian Republic and he passes through all the main historical events (India is no longer the British colony and was divided into three states: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). Follow the link to know what exactly plagiarism free paper is

This novel is also mostly autobiographical. Almost all the events represent the life of Rushdie himself but also fulfilled with historical events that go after the main hero step by step and sometimes even influence his choices. And now we see the history of the former British colony from the Indian and British point of view. Read more about propagation of multiculturalism in the world in this article.

As you can see, the national diversity of these authors plays a crucial role in their novels. Though they were a part of English culture (first of all, their novels were written in English), you can see the great influence of their own culture. Such a mixture of their culture and the English one gave a birth to the multiculturalism as a new tendency in the world of literature. Place the order on our website to get professional research paper writing service.

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