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Our online assignment writing help program predisposes free essays on our blog and this one dedicated to the principles of the sociology of emotions is one of them.

Sociology of emotions as an institutionalized field of knowledge has existed for more than forty years. It is developing very intensively, but in most of the countries, it is still underdeveloped, so we decided to dedicate this essay to the basic principles of the sociology of emotions. We won’t talk about specific theoretical basis which is used for conceptualization and elaboration of particular hypotheses, these are simply the basic principles of this branch of sociology functioning, which attracts the scientists all over the world. If you don’t feel that your paper is written correctly, order our around-the-clock academic paper editing services at

We would like to divide them into nine basic principles, but this is only an approximate number because one can just add new ones or reduce this number. Nevertheless, these principles seem rather systematical since thanks to them our readers will be able to understand what it is and how this branch of science functions. On the one hand, the disciplinary framework in terms of modern scientific knowledge limits the scientist. On the other hand, this knowledge might help in the further development of sociology since it focuses on such a complex phenomenon as emotions.

The principle number one is elementary: you need to study the social nature of emotions. The subject of the sociology of emotions, in fact, is the social and cultural triggers of different emotions. Our feelings are not irrational automatic reactions that appear arbitrarily reacting on a specific situation. The sociologists are confident that these situations, which trigger our emotions, are the social ones. The social and cultural triggers can differentiate according to the subject of sociological study, for example, sex, race, age, etc. An affordable custom essay writing service is here for you to order. We are waiting for you to place an order on our website.

However, if one considers emotions to be the consequence of particular social and cultural triggers, they should also be regarded as independent changes. The emotions can both contribute to social order, as well as to its destruction. There are certain dysfunctional consequences of some emotions, which also which should be considered as well.

On the one hand, social conditions trigger certain emotions, and on the other hand, emotions can predispose specific processes. For the sociology of emotion, their meaning is crucial that's why this branch of sociology interacts with other sciences like psychology, history, anthropology, neurophysiology, etc. The sociologists study emotions in order to explain the behavior of the individuals in society. Therefore, the sociology of emotions develops precisely as knowledge about emotions in different social contexts. By the way, don’t forget to check our new essay dedicated to the leadership qualities

The second principle can metaphorically be called micro and macro emotions. Our emotions are very complex but at the same time a remarkable phenomenon that connects a person to the cultural and social worlds. In the modern sociology of emotions, they serve as the basis for the conceptualization of such a connection. How does a person behave in accordance with the requirements of a particular society? There is a wide range of theories that can clarify how a person becomes emotionally obeyed to social order. The sociologists consider everything from the simplest etiquette to social structures and society as a system. Let alone the fact that people actually love their nation and their county and if these connections are lost or modified they take it very difficult.  Therefore, emotions in sociology are studied not only at the level of a single individual and his or her experience but also at the level of the entire society. Order college essay writing service at to make sure that the quality of our services is the highest on the internet.

The third principle says that emotions in sociology need to be studied as a complex multicomponent phenomenon. Sociologists traditionally consider emotions as the system that contains at least four components. The first is a physiological reaction, which, as a rule, followed by an emotion (for example, facial expression of a specific emotion). Other components are directly related to social interaction: an instant evaluation of a situation, short-term or long-term one, as well as cultural or verbal definitions of this very emotion. The complexity of emotions lies both in their multicomponent nature and also in the fact that emotions point to rather serious cultural differences in their understanding, experiencing, and in the rules according to which people control these emotions in a particular culture.

The fourth follows from the previous one because the questions it considers are the classification of emotions, what kinds of emotions exist and how many of them. However, the main issues for the sociologist are what to study. Therefore, sociologists can use different classifications, either detailed or general ones. The tendency to avoid simple classifications (for example, the division of emotions into positive and negative, primary and non-basic) is apparent, as well as the desire to come up with complex and detailed classifications, which would be able to describe different emotional states of an individual and explain his or her feelings. By the way, if you are interested in 6 easy steps to control your emotions, we have the experience for you to share. Just follow the link to find out more.

The fifth principle to some extent generalizes all the above-mentioned and emphasizes sociological problems of emotion study. It says that emotions need to be studied as a historically variable phenomenon because it seems that our emotions are something universal, something that everyone experiences. For example, we feel fear in the very same way since this is a genetically predisposed reaction. However, sociologists argue with this statement since despite the fact that we feel emotions in the same way, our society filters these emotions somehow and every individual is afraid of something that is born in his or her society. Another essay on our website we would like to recommend to you is the one dedicated to critical thinking written by our team

Thus, we come to the sixth principle, which is based on the necessity to study emotional work, i.e., how much efforts we put in control of our emotions in compliance with the rules determined in the society. There is a significant difference between the feelings we actually experience and the ones we actually display. The sociologists study both this process of managing our emotions and the conditions that coerce us to control this discrepancy.

Therefore, one can say that a so-called emotional work is inseparable from the formation of our identity and this is the seventh principle. Apparently, emotional work should be considered in accordance with the way an individual understand his or her emotions. Thus, one can clearly understand what he or she feels, and it would be possible to define the way this person evaluates himself or herself. It is necessary to study emotional work as a combination of work with identity, work with emotions, and some physical work since our emotions have physiological components.

The eighth principle is called research and is based on the multicomponent nature and complexity of emotions. The sociologists faced a crucial problem, which is based on the tools and methods to be used to study emotions. In this case, we have a combination of the existing methods. For example, it would be challenging to investigate emotions based on the information obtained from the interviews since one will hear only what people want to say but not what they actually feel. The sociologists simply have no choice rather than to combine the methods of research or just limit the chosen one and aimed at something specific like the functioning of the emotions in culture, the rules, people are limited by, and the phenomenon of unawareness of one’s own emotions, etc.

Therefore, sociologists study emotions both by means of the direct approaches (like surveys, interviews, etc.) and indirect ones. Qualitative methods with quantitative ones create new ways that involve plenty of psychological tricks and techniques to determine what people actually feel. Modern sociologists even use a video recording of the interview to find any changes in the mimics on the subject's face and thus define his or her emotional state.

The ninth principle is ethical. Since sociologists go deeper and deeper into the study of human experiences and emotions, they examine not only day-to-day life but also private life. They want people to talk or at least to think about their feelings deep inside, the ones they hide from everybody. The scientists have already started developing special techniques and methods not to damage the psyche of the subject in the course of an experiment or an interview since when it comes to the private life it is necessary to be very careful. Moreover, even the ones who conduct an investigation are at risk to be psychologically damaged since it is forbidden to carry out such an interview without specialized knowledge. Therefore, such tests are allowed to conduct only for those who know all the rules and requirements for such a conversation or otherwise it might lead to horrible consequences for both sides.

At this point, all the basic principles of the sociology of feelings are listed. On the current level of the sociology development, there are plenty of artificial methods elaborated on the basis of all these principles, and they are successfully used to work with people who suffer from lack of control or other psychological deviations that can be treated in this way. Moreover, the researches in this field will help to understand the connections of the individuals in the society, their origins, and principles of functioning better. Having read this article, you might have wondered what other branches of sociology are, and we are ready to answer this question. Follow the link.

If you still have any questions, you can ask them via our online chat that works for all the visitors of our website. This one is created to help our visitors if they don’t know what kind of service to choose or what additional services are intended for and so forth. If you are looking for professional help with your paper or assignments, we will be glad to provide our knowledge and skills to meet your requirements and expectations.

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