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A real family makes people more united, sincere, and stable to different social troubles. To make your family real, and not just gathering of relatives, you should have family traditions. So in this essay about family we are going to share with you what family traditions and values are, why they are important, and why we should keep them. Also we will tell you what family tradition you may follow in your family, if you still do not have your own.

Family and family values

Family is the crystal of society, its basis. Development of our society depends on what family we have, what moral values are in it, family traditions, culture and so on. So what does this crystal consist of? What values and traditions are the most important in modern families? Do family values and traditions play important role in your family? Let’s try to figure out what family traditions and values are and let’s keep them at any price.

Family traditions are the sign of unity

Family traditions are repeated common actions that are clear to others. These are rituals and rites, which are transmitted in the family from generation to generation.

It is worth to mention how much important family traditional hierarchy is. It means that a man is the head of the family, he is strong, reliable, able to solve the problems of all family members, of his wife, children and older generation, he is always ready to give a hand in any difficult life situation.

Of course, there are “male” and “female” roles in a family. In this case the structure of the family is clear and quite simple. For example, a husband earns money and solves difficult questions. A wife is engaged in the upbringing of children, keeps the house in order and deals with family self-education.

Kinds of family traditions

The first wonderful tradition of a young family is marriage. Traditionally a bride wears white dress, the bride and bridegroom are showered with coins, sweets, rise and so on. All these and many others traditions are amazing and they are treated with a special thrill.

Then, when family is already created, its members begin to celebrate dates of birth, Christmas and New Year, honor sad events. These are traditions as well. If a child since the birth sees how joyfully the family celebrates the birthdays, the child will understand how much family members love and appreciate him.

Family can not exist without traditions! If there are no traditions and values in a family or they are not kept, this is a straight way to family breakdown. It is also bad to introduce harmful traditions, such as to drink after work or to spend the whole weekend at night club. Search for family values essay to understand better the importance of their keeping in family.

Family traditions in everyday life

One way or another, there is a common way of life in the family and here certain traditions and rituals also exist.

Family dinners play an extremely important role, when all the members of the family gather at one table and discuss the news of the day. Such dinners provide the feeling of protection and unity. If family members begin eating separately, this is a bad sign. It is also very pleasant to cook together, when everyone helps each other.

Person who lives in a strong and happy family sleeps better. He feels more protected and knows that he is not alone, that he can get support at any time. Such a person is sure that his family will always keep his baby photos, pictures, medals and so on. All this evokes tender emotions. And all this is family traditions and values.

Towards prosperity!

Family traditions and values keeping is a direct way to the inner well-being, to wonderful spiritual and physical state. If there are traditions, if everything goes on as usual, there is no stress and a man is healthy and happy! What can be more important?

The phrase “family traditions” is usually associated with the ancient generations, big families, some strictly set rules and weirs rites. In fact, family traditions are everything what people follow in their families, no matter how much big it is. If you are used to read your child a book before sleep every day, and on Sunday your family goes out, it means that you follow and keep the traditions of your family. They can be expressed in ordinary things, such as celebrations of anniversaries and many others.

Family traditions make closer all the relatives, make the family real family, not just community of relatives by blood. Besides, family traditions and rituals allow the child to feel stable lifestyle, namely in any situation the family follows its way of life; traditions give the feeling of confidence in the outside world and security, create unique childhood memories that your child will tell his own children.

If you still do not have family traditions, it is high time to create them. In this family traditions essay we are going to share with you some ideas about family traditions.

1. Family meal (dinner). It is a great tradition to gather at one table to talk. You may discuss anything you like: news, daily events, past, future and so on. It would be better to turn off the TV-set. The advantages of modern family dinner are huge. First of all, you can help your children, listen to their problems and give an advice. Second of all, such family dinners give the feeling of unity. Even when something unpleasant happens, family members feel that they can overcome any trouble together.

2. Joint Activity. It would be great to play some board game, for example, after the dinner. Or you can go outside and have an active rest.

3. Family holidays. Every family celebrates holidays in its own way. Dot not be afraid of organizing holidays at home instead of café. Create your own traditions of holiday celebrations and follow them. It does not matter whether it will be a song that all your family will sing gathering at your house, or traditional meals cooking, important is to have something that you will remember many year later with a smile on your face.

4. Family album, family lineage. Today many families try to find out the history of their ancestry, to learn more about their ancestors, who they were and what they did. Very often family tree is hung in the room so that everyone could see it. Now many people hang the portraits of their ancestors, parents, and children on the walls of their homes. It is a must to have family portrait and a photo of your child where he / she is alone. The main idea of the family photo is unity, and of the child’s photo is individuality.

5. Marks on the doorjamb. Time flies very quickly. To show your child the process of his growing, you can every year make marks of the child’s height on the doorjamb. It would be wonderful if you keep the pictures your child made.

In conclusion we would like to mention that creating family traditions know the limits: very strict rules overstrain child's psyche, but the lack of stability in family makes child feel unsafe at home.

You should remember that all rules are good when they make life better instead of making it harder. Strict traditions have negative and depressing effect. So take into consideration everything mentioned above and let your home be light and comfortable!

I hope this essay on family helped you to realize how much important it is to keep and follow family traditions and values. If there is anything you would like to discuss, visit our website and contact our team. We are ready to answer all your questions and also to help you in essay writing. can make your life easier!

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