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As this article is devoted to narrative essays, we feel it necessary to let you know how our writers deal with this particular task. First of all, they choose a proper topic unless you provide them with one. Narrative essay assignments are usually general. They may ask you to write about love, your life shaking experience, a story of friendship and so on. It is up to you to dwell on a particular story, and we will gladly help you choose it. Second, our writers will present events in a way that everybody will believe it actually happened to you. We are against unreal plots that could have taken place only in Hollywood movies. No, your narrative essay will be credible. Last but not least, in every narrative essay we include an analytical facet, writing about a lesson the story implies. When you read our sample of narrative essay given below, you will see for yourself how we implement all of these in practice.

And one more tiny point before we go on. We were glad to see you on our site, and we hope you found it convenient for use. All the essential categories are easily accessible through our user-friendly menu. Do not forget to scan our blog from time to time, as we publish there vital information that facilitates your studies. Having said this, we move on to what we promised at the beginning of this post – a free narrative essay sample.

Can Righteousness Destroy a Friendship?

I was an elementary school pupil, an ordinary girl who, none the less, paid a lot of attention to her studies. I liked being praised by classroom teachers, so I was always eager to raise my hand during lessons to answer even the most intricate questions. Probably, in this way I tried to assert myself, as it was difficult for me to socialize with my peers. My classmates considered me queer and rarely talked to me during our breaks.

However, I had a friend called Victoria. For me, she was always Vicky. She was a hyperactive blonde with clear blue eyes. We spent most of the breaks together and often hang out at each other’s places. She had a lot of friends, me being one of them, while I had only her.

It was a rainy Monday. Heavy drops were falling down while we sat in a classroom and breathed in fresh October air that got to us through open windows. The lesson finally came to an end, so did the rain, and our class burst out of the school building into the yard to frolic out of doors. Yellow leaves were flying around us, traveling somewhere with a strong wind. Some of them landed in dirty puddles and became dirty themselves.

Vicky whispered to me something like, watch closely and play along. I did not understand what she meant. The girl rushed to one of our classmates, a plump boy who was kind of an outsider. He stood under a tall oak and watched the leaves whirling when Vicky leapt to him, grabbed his cap and, laughing and screaming, ran towards me. She then threw the cap over to me and finally I got her point: she wanted to play Monkey in the Middle with this poor boy. I found it funny and started running around the yard, too, passing the cap to Vicky and catching it again from her.

The boy tried to intercept the cap and even started crying, but we continued our cruel game. After a minute or so came the moment when Vicky failed to catch the cap. It ended up in a deep puddle full of mud. Our screaming came to a halt; my friend and I were watching the boy who, with shock in his eyes, stared at the puddle with the cap in the middle of it. The sense of shame filled my heart immediately, and I wished the ground would swallow me up, like it did with Lewis Carroll’s Alice. I did not want to take part in the boy’s misery anymore.

Our teacher came out and started asking questions, like who was the initiator of this humiliating game. She looked sternly into our eyes, trying to find the answer, but each pupil remained silent, even the boy with the muddy dripping cap already in his plump hands. I do not know where it came from, but I felt the urge to tell everything to our teacher. I was a model pupil, remember? A person who most of all wished to play up to teachers. So I said, it was Victoria. Around thirty pairs of eyes looked at me in surprise. Each my classmate, probably, wondered why on earth I would betray my only friend.

I still have not found an answer to this question. It must be hidden in the deepest corner of my soul. All of us at some point or another have to choose between duty and personal interests (including those of our nearest and dearest). At that time, I chose the former. But I regretted it every single time I played the situation over and over in my head. That was the moment in my life when I decided to start putting Friendship above all, above duty and righteousness that had guided me before. I am glad that such an unpleasant thing happened to me so early because chills run down my spine when I try to imagine to what consequences such a betrayal may lead in an adult life.

P.S. You may wonder what happened to Vicky back then. Well, her punishment consisted in having to wash the ill-fated cap. As for our friendship, it did not end that way, but I found it hard to look her in the eye for some time after that. I truly appreciated her readiness to forgive me.

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