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Learning and memorizing new things sometimes is a real disaster for students and pupils. Long formulae for chemistry and mathematics, Hamlet’s monologues, historical dates, grammar rules, foreign words and many other things just drive students mad. And do not forget to write your essay on Enlightenment. The process of learning takes a lot of time and makes poor students tired. The sad thing is that learning could be quite inefficient. Do you remember any cases when you have been learning some poem for your literature class or numerous formulae for your mathematic test and then in the morning you have remembered nothing? Or have your mind ever gone blank in front of your teacher and the whole class right in the middle of your answer? That’s a shame, isn’t it? All your efforts have gone right in hell. Every essay about learning claims that these cases not only greatly affect your studying process, but also discourage you and deprive you of the remainder of motivation. Can you do something for learning better? Is there any possible way of solving this problem? Of course, there is an obvious decision: find out how to learn things efficiently and use these techniques in your everyday life. So be sure that our essay includes all the necessary information and pieces of advice for you to understand how to learn things quickly and efficiently. So don’t hesitate and step bravely on your path of learning and memorizing things quickly and for a long period.

Why is there a problem of slowly learning?

The problem of learning slowly usually arises if you are not able to read fast enough and understand all the necessary information at the same time. Therefore, you have to read the text again with a slower pace in order to penetrate into the sense of text and get every single piece of information.

There is a popular saying which is usually mentioned in essays on learning: the only thing school teaches us is memorizing things. But this is not always true. Unfortunately, school teachers give us a plenty of home assignment which we have to fulfill in a quite short time. However, they do not explain us the techniques and methods of quick memorizing and we have nothing to do except dealing with this flood of information.

It would be much easier for pupils and students to go through their daily studying routine if there was a school subject dedicated to techniques and methods of efficient learning. However, if you have nothing like this in your school, you may use the tips of our professional research paper writers in order to improve your skills of learning.

Learning strategies or how to memorize things more quickly

If you have to read some text and memorize some facts out of it, you had better make the following steps:

  • The first thing for you to do is pre-reading the text, look the text over and try to guess what it is about and what you are supposed to learn;
  • The next advice which our essay on learning can give you is try to ask yourself several questions: how is the content of this text related to the previous topic discussed in the class; what is the main idea of the text; what kind of information in particular are you supposed to fish out of the text: facts, dates, overview, biography etc.
  • Familiarize yourself with the text including information about its author, pictures, introduction and conclusion;
  • Visualize what you are learning.
  • Then highlight the main information in the text; to do it properly take two highlighters and a pencil – mark the key facts with the first highlighter, then mark the points which you have not understand or which have caused some doubts or questions, then use the pencil to write down your own comments.
  • If you read a text in someone else’s book or if you brought it from the library, you must not do your notes there; just do the same thing, but on the card.
  • Do not switch immediately to another activity; give yourself a few minutes to review what you have just read.
  • Another beneficial tip is writing a summary on what you have read.
  • It will be a good idea to review the material within the next 24 hours.
  • If there any possibility, try to teach someone what you have learnt.
  • If you experience problems with learning languages, read an essay on online learning in order to heighten your awareness on this contemporary learning method.

There is one more piece of advice for you. Did you know that the preparation for learning is as important as the process of learning itself? Believe me, it is. Begin with finding a peaceful and quiet place for your studying. However, do not forget that each person has his/her own perfect atmosphere for learning. Maybe some kind of calm and relaxing music will help you to concentrate better. Or maybe the silence will be the right choice for you. Have you ever imagined that green tea is a powerful memory process catalyst? By the way, dark chocolate, salmon, walnuts, leafy vegetables, broccoli, olive oil and coconut oil possess the same characteristics. Therefore, when you are about to start learning something, it would be a great idea to brew a cup of green tea and bring a piece of dark chocolate for you in order to boost your focus and memory.

Foreign language learning

Foreign language learning is another aspect of learning problem. If you read any learning a new language essay, you will find plenty of tips. We have collected the most efficient tips for you in this article:

  • If you only begin your language learning path, then it would be better for you to use the services of a professional tutor.
  • If you have obtained some basic knowledge and possess the particular vocabulary, then do not forget to pay attention to your pronunciation; it is better for you to learn the proper pronunciation from the very beginning of your learning, learn the reading rules, practice with tongue twisters and consult the dictionary if you are not sure how to pronounce the word.
  • Pay attention to your grammar; as soon as you have learnt a new grammar rule, try to use it as much as possible in your speech and writing.
  • Practice the language every day: listen audiobooks or music, watch films, read books in the language, which is learnt by you; nevertheless, be sensible: if you only begin learning English, do not try to read Dickens without adaptation; it would be great if you find a pen-friend, whose mother tongue is your target language.
  • Learn a fixed amount of foreign words every day; start with the simple basic words and continue to learn with more difficult words; do not forget to rehearse them when you have a spare minute; besides, try to practice these words in your speech and writing; each essay about learning English will recommend you to learn new words within the context.

By the way, if you have to write an essay about processes of learning or any other essay, you may use our service.

So go ahead and try to use our tips in practice.

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