How To Build Positive Relationships With Colleagues


How to build positive relationships with difficult colleagues

Rudeness, gossip or constant grumbling from just one colleague can spoil greatly pleasure from even favourite work. However, anyway, at work we have to meet and communicate with different people, among whom there are so-called “difficult tempers”. In these cases we ask ourselves how to conduct correctly to solve problem situation, simultaneously not to aggravate a conflict. Basing on psychologists’ advice, professional college essay writers online responsibly declare: talk to people directly, be open and have a healthy sense of humor. These are perfectly working tips. Also, whatever happens in your life or at working place, do not forget to update resume. Best online agency provides all types of services related to academic paper matter.

If a colleague is rude

Author of book entitled “Rude man at work” Gary Namie believes that it is almost impossible to change behaviour of a person who is aggressive and mean in ordinary life as well as at work. However, it does not mean at all that other should suffer. Experts suggest several ways out and give following advice.

First of all, make psychology your friend. Specialists consider that people can conduct aggressively when feel threat to their authority. Psychologists conducted an experiment and concluded that in situations when co-workers expressed their gratitude to their boss during work process, level of aggression was lower. According to specialists in resume and HR sphere, even an ordinary phrase, such as “thank you a lot for your help” at the end of a letter may help greatly.

Second of all, look at and assess any situation from the outside. Make sure that you yourself are not part of a problem. Probably, somehow you also pour oil on the flame or just react too much emotionally to something. In order to check such a guess, appeal to someone you trust and ask to assess your conduct from the outside.

Thirdly, do not keep silence. We are not saying that one should start blaming others or being too emotional. However, it is necessary to denote politely and clearly what exactly bathers about conduct of a colleague and also explanations should be given. If a conflict occurs in public, for example, during a conference or a meeting, and you experience discomfort connected to public hassles, then talk to this person as soon as there is such an opportunity, for example, right after meeting finished.

If a colleague is a grumbler

People, who are dissatisfied with everything around them, can spoil anyone’s mood for a whole day. Such a person will complain about a boss, tasks, other co-workers, disrupting harmony in a team in such a way.

Try to allocate some time to this person. Maybe, you can drink a cup of coffee together and talk about more personal matters. Besides, demonstrate this very person that he (she) possesses certain weight and influence in a team.

Psychologists believe that one of suchlike conduct reasons can be lack of attention. Appeal to this person for advice or little help. Thus, a grumbler will start to cherish his (hers) authority and will try to present himself (herself) as much well as possible.

Other variant to suggest is to talk to a grumbler. Ask him (her) what exactly bothers him (her) and try to delve into his (hers) personal situation. Experts often say, when a person gets opportunity to sound off, problem itself may disappear.

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If a colleague is a gossip

Main advice is not to take part in gossiping. If one of co-workers tries to get you involved into this process, try to change discussion subject. If it does not work, experts advise to respond directly: “I do not feel comfortable talking about such matters” or “I do not like talking about other people, because I do not like when others talk about me”. As a rule, it should be enough to finish unpleasant conversation. If interested, read an essay about respect and self-respect, which will also be helpful in establishing of positive relationships with colleagues.

However, if this option seems too direct, there is another option. Say that an object of conversation is not familiar and it would be better to ask directly that man, whom you are talking about. If an especially annoying gossip is in front of you and no tricks work on him, it will be better just to move away from him. Keep in mind that gossiping may have extremely negative consequences for one’s career. Read essay about learning things quickly, just in case.

In situation when you become an object of gossiping, several options are possible. If one does not have intention to raise this topic and gossip does not hurt him, then absence of reaction is preferable. One should not show that gossip is unpleasant, especially should not discuss this situation with other co-workers. However, if gossip is bothering, then it is better to act openly. First of all, understand the situation: make sure that others talk about you (not about someone else), think whether you have understood everything correctly, try to figure out who in a team is a source of gossip.

Expert in Business Ethics Laura Hartman thinks that relationships in office should be open. That is why she advises to conduct a conversation directly with a man, who spreads rumors about anyone. Hartman recommends to avoid critics, also not to force that very man to apologize. Just tell what exactly is known and explain why you do not like it. To make it easier, read an essay about overcoming fear:

If a colleague is a chameleon

If a co-worker changes his mind often or denies his words, meanwhile you work depends directly on him, best option here is to turn communication into written form or to prove all you oral arrangements by e-mail. If something is arranged, do not feel ashamed to send that person an e-mail with a request to confirm whether you have understood everything correctly. Thus, you will get clear arguments, and a person can not that easily change his mind. Great way of fight with a fickle colleague is to communicate with him in written form.

If a colleague is a chatterbox

According to research of one of the recruitment agencies, garrulous employees are main reason for disruption of normal work regime in office. Fortunately, there is at least one positive point about it: you will never feel bored, but stress will probably become your constant companion (read about cause and effect of stress here: This problem is especially urgent for work in open space format. Furthermore, most of them do not even realize: they have become source of a problem. If a person is too talkative, it is probably a sign that he is an extrovert. Check out essay on leadership qualities, which will help to deal more easily with such kind of person. So, what to undertake to stop a talkative colleague without making him offended?

First of all, when any task should be done, tell other about this. Explain task importance and ask give some personal space along with a couple of hours.

Second of all, buy big headphones. Choose as much big headphones as possible. This lifehack will help to “turn off” office noise, also will show to a chatty colleague that you are not in a mood to talk. Thus, headphones serve as a kind of barrier.

Thirdly, use light humor. Such phrases as “I know you have missed me, but let me do my work first” or a joke sign “Do not disturb” sometimes can be absolutely enough.

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