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Does Modern Technology Ruin Childhood?

Nowadays no-one will be surprised to see a young mother who lets her child play with an iPad, iPod, iPhone and whatever else the kid wants to lay his hands on. Gadgets have become part of modern culture, and it is almost impossible to imagine a human in the 21st century without a means of communication in his pocket. However, such a situation may turn out dangerous in the long run, if we consider the way in which a child grows in this environment. Modern technology really can ruin childhood, and there are several solid arguments that prove it.

First of all, it is important to mention that children tend to spend less time communicating with their peers these days. They prefer to stay locked in their rooms as long as they have a stable internet connection there. A survey conducted in 2015 that covered 2,290 American parents revealed that 53% of American children get their first mobile phone at the age of 6. Although many parents present their kids with phones for security reasons, it usually turns out that a child becomes more absorbed by his new gadget than by spending time with friends and relatives. Modern technology change children into voluntary outcasts, ruining the best, carefree part of human life.

Another point is that modern technology makes children less active. They get engaged in sports not so often as, say, their parents did at the similar age. A fixed mode of life at such a young age may lead to severe health problems in the future, among which one can mention excessive weight, hypodynamia, cardiac diseases. Besides, staring at a screen for a long time – whether it is a laptop, a tablet or a phone – may damage children’s eyesight. This is where parents should struggle to establish the balance between internet surfing and other, healthier activities, such as playing outdoor games. Children who find physical activity appealing will at least bypass one problem connected with modern technology. Otherwise devices present danger not only in terms of ruining childhood, but also in terms of medical complications popping up further in grown-up life.

What is more, through technological devices children can get to adult materials, including pornographic photos and videos. Getting familiar with them at a young age can lead to unexpected ramifications in adult life. One British study states, for example, that watching inappropriate sexual scenes on the screen reduced about 5,000 children to sexual offenders. And this figure describes only official reports, but one should also consider all those cases that have never been and will never be filed. This aspect is the most serious one because in this case technology can destroy not only the life of an internet addict but also bring problems to his friends, who may get raped or get involved in dangerous adult games.

It does not mean that a child should be left unaware of technological progress at all. It is just a matter of parents’ attention. Uncontrolled internet surfing may lead to a child shutting himself off and preferring to spend free time with gadgets instead of people. Moreover, it may cause problems with his physical condition and give an erroneous perception of sexual life. That is why parents should look for ways of making devices friendly for a child – by installing blocking software, for instance. And of course a kid must be engaged in social and physical activity to grow up into a full-blown personality.

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