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In today’s essay we want to describe what is empathy, where does it come from, how does the lack of it influence our lives, what types of empathy exist, what is its negative side.

The majority believes that empathy is a person’s ability to empathize, but, in fact, not everything is so simple. How to understand who is more prone to this feeling, you or, for example, your friend?

Does empathy always contain positive qualities or can it also lead to negative consequences in a relationship? If you find it difficult to answer these questions accurately, then let's explore this topic in a little more detail.

Empathy, what is it?

The emergence of this term in psychology is the merit of the American psychologist Edward Titchener, who first introduced this concept into everyday life. If we try to translate this word literally, we will get "into feeling." Speaking in simple words, this is a "response."

That is, empathy is the response of a person to the feelings and condition of another one. Empath clearly sees and understands what exactly is happening with the interlocutor at the moment (in emotional terms). Doing so, he/ she measures his/ her own actions, thoughts, and emotions with the state of that person.

This state is activated in a person when someone is experiencing negative emotions nearby: a person has tears coming out, he/ she will experience fear, sadness, longing, aggression. An empath feels when he/ she is needed by another person, and as well as most people do, he/ she feels the desire to understand and help as much as possible. The essays on such topics are often on demand. is always ready to help and offer some features to be sure you have chosen the best company:

Experiences are able to attract empath

When people jump up with joy, this does not draw the attention of the empath, since this feeling is more understandable and does not cause a need for a lifebuoy.

Empathy is not only possible in the real world. For example, when we read a book or watch a movie, we are trying to enter the role of the main character, to be in his/her place, this is also a manifestation of this feeling, inherent in us by nature. The same happens when you write an essay. Our professional writers know all the secrets of performing the best writing assignments, so do not hesitate to contact our service:  

Some people are more prone to "emotional response" because of their innate abilities or their constant development. They are called empaths.

Such individuals are sensitive to other people, they often choose pedagogy in their paths, work as educators or psychologists, since in these areas of activity it is critical to be able to have a delicate sense of other people’s feelings. According to the types of human temperament, melancholic is the most appropriate for such characteristics.

Where does it come from?

Neuroscientists blame mirror neurons for empathy. These are nerve cells that interpret information perceived from the world around us.

For example, if there is a person opposite to us who is depressed, then the visual and auditory analyzers receive relevant information about it and transmit it to these neurons. Mirror neurons make their host feel the same, but only to a lesser extent.

It is precisely the mirror cells in monkeys that make their relatives repeat the same actions one after another, ape. For the same reason, we like to watch programs about luxurious life (leafing through magazines about the "hard life" of celebrities):

Mirror cells

It is noteworthy that the development of empathy begins at birth when a baby perceives the world around only on an emotional level. If his/ her mother smiles at him/ her, the baby will unconsciously smile at her in response.

When parents explain to a more adult child that they are now sad or having fun for one or another reason, this also contributes to the baby’s understanding of how feelings are arranged and how they can be “read” by persons, movements, words, facial expressions. To dive deeper into the subject, pay your attention to the essays on communication from our blog.

Autism is an extremely low level of empathy in a person.

By the way, one of the causes of autism is a violation in the structure or number of mirror neurons. Therefore, it is very difficult for autists (people with an almost zero level of empathy) to understand what people feel around and how to interact with them.

As a result, the child’s socialization suffers; it is difficult for him/ her to contact his/ her peers at the playground, at school, with the sales assistant in the store.

Therefore, from an early age, these children need to pay special attention in terms of emotional development. They need to be told what is happening to other people regarding emotions and how this can be "read" (by facial expression, by gestures, by sight).

It is also necessary to ask the child constantly how he/ she feels; describe how it usually can be read from other people so that a child could compare. The analysis of the main characters of books and films also favorably affects the acceleration of movement along the path from autist to empath.

Socialization of the child through communication

Active listening is something that can also help develop "emotional sensitivity." The bottom line is that the listener asks clarifying questions to someone who says something. Thus, he/ she learns more about the interlocutor, and the interlocutor, in turn, opens more. You can also change places in this "word game" with children.

Types of Empathy

Depending on how deeply a person has learned to understand the feelings of other people, there are three types of “mastery of penetration”:

  • Plain. Based on primitive perception, in which the main role is played by mirror neurons. Based on a pure perception of facial expressions, which a person compares with what he/ she had met before.
  • Average level. If the empath is interested in the condition of a person and strongly wants to understand him/ her, then he/ she conducts purposeful inquiries. In this case, it turns out the reason, some kind of prehistory, why this person hurt so much, whether there were similar cases before, how the person him/herself feels about this and what he/she thinks about it. Based on this information, we put ourselves in the place of the interlocutor, trying to find him/herself in his/ her skin. We get a specific thrill.
  • The highest level is cognitive empathy (aerobatics, not available to everyone). You may know a person well. You may have the ability to quickly "read" new people and form an image of his/ her personality in your head. On the other hand, you may have an idea about his/ her values, life orientations, emotional spectrum and reactions to certain stimuli (he/ she is an open book for you). Therefore, absolutely any emotional state of this person will be immediately evident to you.

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Empathy = sympathy?

Very often, people use not quite a suitable synonym to the word "empathy," that is "sympathy." However, these are different concepts (although sometimes intersecting) and they carry different reasons and motivations.

For example, an altruist or philanthropist feels a desire to help another. They want everything to work out for that person, everything would be fine, and they will try to solve his/ her problems together (or instead of the person), pull him/her out of his/her apathy, raise his/her spirits. This is a real display of care. They are simply this sort of people by nature and are eager to help everyone.

Or a pity. For a moment, you suddenly felt sorry for unfamiliar beggars at the crossroads who are trying to raise money for food. You may throw a couple of coins and go on. You did not plunge into their "inner world," did not "penetrate into the soul" and did not feel the whole bouquet of their emotions overwhelmed you.

Empathy is not sympathy or regret, but a given or developed independently opportunity to plunge into the state of another, to understand his/ her emotions.

In this case, the empath may not have a desire to help and show care at all. It all depends on the person. For example, we all "see" a beggar, but not everyone will give him/ her a coin. As you can see, these are completely different concepts. What is poverty essay can be helpful to understand the problem.

Example. You saw an overweight man and realized that he needed to lose weight urgently; otherwise, he may soon have problems. But you do not run to him with this and do not lead him by the hand to a nutritionist. You may just not care what happens to him (a misanthrope can also be a sensitive empath).

Empathy is the ability to feel the condition of other people, but it does not mean at all that it will lead to some actions aimed at the benefit of the person in whose skin you have climbed. Maybe even the opposite. Sociopaths, for example, use their own understanding of people solely for their own selfish purposes.

It is simply the ability to lift the veil over the feelings of other people, to understand their emotional state. To sympathize with them or not, it depends on the specific person.

Negative side

It would seem, what could be negative in understanding the feeling other people? It is like a third eye! But psychologists say that empaths often turn to them for help, because they tend to often delve into the feelings of others, and this creates a strong emotional burden.

On top of that, very conscientious of them believe that they are responsible for the condition of others because they are able to understand them well (unlike others). That would be not bad if only they manifested this ability in relation to relatives, but they often try to help unfamiliar people, and that takes away a lot of time and effort.

In addition, many empaths are prone to altruism, so they focus more on the problems of other people and forget about their personal experiences. As a result, they remain unheard and cannot turn to others for help. They remain with someone else and their negative inside. They are neglecting themselves.

Problems also appear at work if empaths occupy some kind of leadership position. The essays on leadership on our blog will reveal the question of whether everyone can be a leader. It is difficult for them to give harsh instructions or a negative assessment of the work of subordinates since they know how negatively they perceive it. Therefore, such chiefs can make pampering, knowing the specifics of a person or another.

Empathic thinking forces a lot of attention to the context (emotional background) of the conversation, and not just its essence. Such people are always trying to understand (get to the bottom) what the person really wanted to say. It develops such a trait as suspicion and leads to the waste of a lot of time on thinking about unimportant details. An essay about critical thinking can be rather helpful on this topic.

It is extremely hard for happy empaths to watch the news on TV and on the Internet because they take everything in and very close to their hearts. The same can be said about the relationship: friendship and love. Check the true love essay to establish your own opinion on this issue. These relations are too sympathetic, and not every heart can withstand the universal sadness.

How not to "burn" in empathy?

In order not to give empathy to spoil your life, you should be aware of your goals, values, feelings, thoughts, and motives. In order to communicate with another person and not dissolve in him/ her, remembering your own importance.

When a tragic situation happens that cannot be changed, you need to try to distance yourself from it for a while in order to realize what is happening, to comprehend and not to be under the constant oppression of current reality.

If, as a result of immersion in another person, you have compassion awakened, you need to set adequate tasks about helping a person and take only an adequate measure of responsibility. For example, do not give your last money, but just help a person find a job.

It is not the empathy itself (the response to the feelings of other people) that causes problems, but the inability to use and regulate it properly. The main thing is to learn to take part in the problems of other people without harming yourself, and then it will be easier to establish both warm, friendly relations with loved ones and healthy working relationships with colleagues. You may read the conflict resolution essay to understand the topic better.

Once, in France, an experiment was conducted. One group of volunteers was asked to portray various emotions: joy, sadness, longing, and then they gave something unpleasant to smell, and disgust was reflected on their faces. This moment was captured in the photo, and then the volunteers showed these images to another group of participants of the experience. When seeing the similar emotions in the photographs, the same neurons in the brain volunteers were activated, as if, for example, they themselves felt the stench, heard the good news or were saddened by something.

But relying only on neurons is not worth it, the brain is not so simple. Of course, a significant role is played by consciousness, will, with the help of which you can partially mute those feelings and emotions that appear due to the action of mirror neurons.

Nevertheless, social norms adopted in society still play an important role. When society supports the idea of ​​taking care of oneself, first of all, about one’s own health, material well-being, then one has to be selfish, because it is believed that this will lead to success. In this case, the role of the system of mirror neurons is reduced by volitional effort, upbringing, and habitual behavior. Motivation plays a big role. Websites that write essays for you is an excellent source of motivation.

Speaking about differences in the structure of the brain, it is noticed that women have more mirror neurons in the emotional system than men do. This explains the greater inclination of women to understanding, experiencing and empathy.

In experiments, when volunteers of both sexes were shown someone in a state of pain, the female brain reacted much more strongly. This is the result of evolution: it is important for nature that the mother, who spends the most time with the child, is emotionally open, empathized, happy, and thus, by the mirror principle, helps to develop emotions to the baby.

Besides, a woman is more inclined to forgive, to relate to many things easier. A man perceives adultery, for example, is much more serious and less responsive.

Most often, damage to the mirror neurons is associated with genetic disorders, for example, this occurs in autism. Since in this case the mechanism of “reflecting” the actions and emotions of those around is broken, autists cannot understand what other people are doing. And therefore they do not know how to empathize since they do not experience similar emotions at the sight of joy or sadness. On the contrary, their feelings may frighten them, and as a result, they try to hide and avoid communication.

Scientists believe that the most fully rehabilitated autistic children need to start at a very young age, to show sensitivity and sentimentality with them, to touch for the development of motor and emotional skills.

The principle of operation of the mirror neurons can be used to set the mood for yourself and others, because communicating with a positive, cheerful person or watching a movie with such characters, the same emotions arise in the brain. Besides, to cheer up someone, it is enough not to walk with a tragic depressive expression, but to turn to the world with a friendly, easy smile. To find out more about the depression and its causes and symptoms, read the article:

The complexity and the multi-layered nature of our interaction with others on closer examination turn out to be amazing. Even fleeting contact is accompanied by an intensive exchange of information, in which words occupy far from the first place. Subconsciously, we perceive a multitude of signals emanating from a partner, gestures, postures, mimic expressions, intonations. All this allows you to establish a relationship at a level more profound, sensual, also known as empathy.

Empathy is the ability of a person not only to understand the emotional state of the interlocutor but also to penetrate into his inner world, to reproduce in yourself similar feelings, experiences, look at things and events with his/her eyes. With the help of empathy, one can realize and justify the motives underlying the actions of the person. You may be sure if you write, "help me write an essay” into the chat, you will find a response from the most professional team.

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Definition of empathy in psychology

  • understanding of the thoughts, feelings, attitudes, intentions of another person;
  • experiencing a similar emotional state;
  • awareness of oneself in the role of interlocutor, reconstruction of his/ her sensory perception;
  • an emotional reaction oriented to others.

Taking on the role of another person, you can feel the empathic connection not only in relation to others. A talented artist or writer offers us to empathize with the fictional hero of the work and to present ourselves in his/ her place. The  actor actress acts in a similar way when he/ she fully gets into the image of his/ her character, experiencing genuine emotions and provoking the audience to empathy; examples from films remind us of such outstanding tapes as “Forrest Gump”, “Rain Man” or “Reaching the Heavens”, where all the drama of the situation is perceived more emphatically than logically.

Abilities and capabilities of the empath

The ability to empathize with different types of personalities can manifest itself in a wide range, from its complete lack by sociopaths to deep immersion in the inner world of another person. To feel confident with your academic process, visit our site and find a lot of useful stuff, like free examples of writing professional essays.

In the latter case, the unconscious gift of empath turns into a serious and painful problem: if the causes of the emergence of one's own experiences can somehow be analyzed and eliminated, then borrowed emotions are very difficult to control. To do this, you need to learn how to find their sources, determine the information value, and then pass through or block them.

With unconscious empathy, a person literally absorbs the experiences of others, overflowing his/ her inner world with other people's feelings. If we take into account that negative emotions directly affect our physical condition, cause headaches, worsening of well-being and even psychosomatic disorders, it is difficult to imagine how much the body and the mind of the empath are experiencing.

Empathy is fraught with other dangers:

  • Promiscuity makes you empathize with a large circle of people, spending a huge amount of vital energy on this. Order college essay editing to save your energy and time.
  • With an erroneously selected source, an empathic connection is established with a person who not only does not deserve this but also uses his/ her influence on the empath with doubtful intentions. A typical example of empathy in life is a woman who empathizes with a domestic tyrant and remains with him despite the suffering inflicted.
  • Too deep communication leads to blinding by other people's emotions and can prevent the empath to stop the malicious behavior of the object when it is necessary. A typical example is a mother who continues to indulge her old-age child sitting on her neck.

To use the gift of empath without risk to yourself or others, you need to learn to control the depth and strength of empathy, to divide the incoming information into useful, unnecessary and dangerous but, first of all, to recognize the differences between own and borrowed emotions.

Levels and types of empathy

Exploring the possibilities of empaths and ways of manifesting emotional empathy among different people, one can single out the manifestations:

  • emotional empathy based on the ability to reproduce the feelings and reactions of another person;
  • cognitive empathy is the ability to understand the views, logic, motives of the actions of others;
  • predicative empathy, which is the empath's ability to predict the subject's responses to specific situations and stimuli.

Depending on the power of perception, the level of empathy determines the depth of empathy and even the ability to control the partner's emotions:

  1. Anti-empaths are often self-centered, focused on their own personality. They do not understand those around them, make social contacts with difficulty and avoid teams, because they cannot sense and predict the emotional reaction of the interlocutors. At the same time, their own emotions look illogical, even unpredictable. Type my essay for me service helps make your written assignment look and sound logically and interesting.
  2. Weak empaths represent the majority. They do not always understand and rarely pay attention to the thoughts and feelings of other people, showing empathy only in response to strong stimuli. At the same time, weak empaths are able to control and distinguish their own and borrowed emotions by suppressing or removing from the source of anxiety.
  3. Increased level of empathy is characterized by pronounced empathy. There are few such people, but they always attract attention due to their sociability, emotionality, and sensuality. Empaths of this level often understand the motives of the actions of others better than their own, but with the unconscious perception they are not always able to distinguish their own feelings in the flow of information.
  4. Professional empaths easily recognize and perceive the emotions and intentions of others, while possessing the ability to control not only their own ones but also other people's reactions. Such empaths often become team leaders or good doctors, as they are able to show empathy and sympathy to the interlocutor at the right time and in the right amount.

In general, people with a high level of empathy show an interest in partners and easily establish relationships without blocking their own emotions. A low level of empathy is accompanied by detachment, restraint or isolation on their own interests: people of this type may demand emotional attachment from others, but they themselves are not capable of its manifestation.

Life without empathy

Empathy is supposed to be a person's ability to temporarily abandon their own thoughts, emotions, and attitudes in favor of accepting thoughts, emotions, and attitudes of a partner. Therefore, self-centered narcissists are often unable to view and assess the situation through the eyes of the interlocutor.

In the absence of empathy, the world becomes for a person a set of objects that have no connection with him/ her. Failure to understand the emotional nature of the behavior of living beings makes the emergence of affection or conscious love impossible.

Scientists observe a sharp decline in the level of empathy in society, initiated by the widespread use of online communication, which is gradually crowding out other forms of communication.

It may seem that the Internet does not have anything to do with empathy? It turns out that its influence is huge. The internet addiction essay reveals this topic. In face-to-face communication, we perceive not only words but also a multitude of non-verbal signals that are sent to us by the interlocutor and indicate his/ her emotional state. Consciousness processes them along with other information, thus building a complete picture.

Replacing living emotions with faceless avatars and smiles makes it impossible to feel the real mood and feelings of a partner, forcing the brain to reconstruct images that are far from reality based on the direct meaning of words (which is not enough for emotional understanding). The consequence is a state of uncertainty: in such conditions, a person usually mobilizes and prepares to repel a real or imaginary threat.

The subsequent suppression of empathy as a useless way of communication does not contribute to the emergence of empathy and mutual understanding: people who are deprived of this method of communication usually perceive the world as a hostile and aggressive environment.

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The development of empathy in children

Initially, young children have a basic ability of empathic perception: a baby cries if it hears other children crying, rejoices in response to the laughter of others, and also tries to read emotions from the faces of others. However, meaningful and directed empathy in children is manifested only with the accumulation of a certain emotional experience, the main source of which is the behavior of the parents. With the help of warmth and care, they should show the child how to feel empathy, sympathy, compassion for other living beings. Deprived of this, children most often grow up cruel and indifferent.

Empathy in children

As children grow older, empathy in children acquires a pronounced selective character: boys empathize more to boys, and girls more to girls. This mechanism is a combination of sympathy and another instinctive need, the division of society into "their" and "aliens." This often causes aggression and hostility towards members of the opposite group, especially when it comes to fighting for certain conditional resources or privileges. The situation is often exacerbated by the fact that a lot of homework needs to be done. In this case, the essays homework quick help is exactly what is essential.

The desire to belong to a closed community in adolescents remains, however, at a certain age, it faces sexual identity and the adoption of traditional gender roles, according to which a man must be rigid and insensitive, and a woman emotional, empathic. As a result, girls begin to show empathy also to the boys, while the latter are removed even from the members of their own group, moving to an individual rivalry.

Empathy in men and women

Experiments partially confirm the differences in the level of empathy in men and women and their high abilities for emotional empathy: perceiving feelings, understanding the mood of the interlocutor turn out to be simpler for women in comparison to men. However, it is necessary to change the motivation, and the picture becomes the opposite: if a man does not suspect that the purpose of the study is to measure the level of empathy, then it shows results that are almost indistinguishable from women.

This suggests that men do not empathize with others, not because they are biologically incapable of it; it is more about the desire to hide from the rest of their empathic expression and preserve the image corresponding to the gender role. You may also read the gender equality essay to understand this topic more.

Empathy in women

It is possible to find evidence of this phenomenon in the following situations: forced to look after children on their own, men begin to show empathy, care, and empathy, typically female traits, which in ordinary circumstances are not characteristic of the stronger sex. In other words, a change in the social role requires correction of behavior: at this moment it turns out that empathic abilities did not disappear anywhere, but were suppressed and deeply hidden by willpower.

The same relationship is observed in the manifestation of their own emotional expression: it is believed that women are more prone to experiencing, sensory perception. In reality, the power of emotions in similar situations for men and women turns out to be equal, but they are expressed with different intensity depending on the requirements for a gender role in society.

The consequence of this is the difference in how we respond to negative emotional stimuli: by observing a distressed or frustrated subject, a woman begins to empathize and tries to unite with these feelings. A man, on the other hand, plunges into the experiences of another person just for a moment, after that he blocks emotions and switches over to processes designed to solve the problem and eliminate the source of concern. Pay for a good academic essay writing, and your academic problems will be solved quickly and professionally.

As a result, women complain about the coldness and detachment of men, and men complain about excessive emotionality and lack of logic in the actions of women. However, none of these methods has a clear advantage: a man copes better with destructive emotions, saves mental strength and remains calm in a stressful situation, while a woman with empathy relies on mutual help, trying to attract maximum support from others.

Building relationships

Psychologists believe that in society, everyone wants to wear a “mask” designed to impress others and hide their fears, weaknesses or experiences under it. Read an essay on fear to understand the topic deeper. When meeting with such a "mask," it is difficult to consider the true essence of a partner, especially if you do not use empathic perception but rather focus yourself on your own feelings or emotions.

Sometimes, under the “mask” of a strong and independent character, a vulnerable and sensitive subject can hide, and the “mask” of a hero with firm principles and mature outlook on life is put on by a typical "sissy." To understand the inner world of a partner is possible only with the help of empathy, which protects us from disappointment and helps to distinguish between true and ostentatious feelings.

As you can see, it is quite a challenge to write an essay on such a wide issue as well as many other topics, that is why it is a very reasonable decision to order the well-qualified academic essay writers.

Another obstacle to establishing an emotional connection in relationships is the common stereotypes characteristic of empathy in men and women. The male stereotype is a condescending attitude towards women. The female stereotype is lack of empathy for men.

Undoubtedly, women are distinguished by an increased level of empathy, only now they manifest it mainly in relation to children, the elderly and the sick (including those suffering from various forms of addiction). Many women treat healthy, self-confident subjects with coldness and cruelty, considering them to be some kind of powerful mythical creatures unworthy of empathy. 

The consequence is the denial of the possibility of the existence of male problems and weaknesses. Well, what problems can a Real Man have? This leads to the following:

  • Men tend to avoid marriage and any serious relationship.
  • Men hide, do not call, do not go on dates, because they overestimated their energy potential. Showing a woman's eyes in moments of weakness is a bad idea. She expects to see the hero and receives only a man.
  • Men try to protect their inner world, maintaining a conditional safe distance.

The situation with male stereotypes is diametrically opposite: many of them consider women weak and helpless, and when they meet a woman who is able to stand up for herself, they see a certain monster in her. As a result:

  • Feeling such condescension, women begin to act up and demand offerings, assuming the role of a naughty girl with deviant behavior.
  • Women are surreptitiously trying to belittle a man, to point out to his weaknesses, his mistakes, to blame him for all the possible troubles.
  • Men themselves suffer because they do not take the negative that comes from the woman seriously. Show the man a little bit of empathy, and he would understand that the woman is not naughty at all, but is not interested in his presence seriously.

Finally, in a family, a different level of empathy leads to the concentration of partners on opposite emotions: men prefer to empathize with a positive mood, whereas negative experiences are more important for women. Find out more on this topic from the essay about family

Empathically accepting joy, men experience the pleasure of communication and relationships in general. This does not mean that they are not able to perceive the negative: men simply do not consider destructive empathy to be worthy of attention and block feelings, turning to constructive actions.

In women, the opposite is true: they are mainly set to empathize with negative emotions. At the same time, girls are often offended by the fact that their partners refuse to react to sadness, longing, sadness, and other depressive states as, in their opinion, this is the basis of trust.

Due to these differences in empathy in men and women, partners may experience certain difficulties in building harmonious relationships. However, practice shows that regardless of the nature of empathic perception, mutual understanding in relationships only improves with its presence.

Empathy and sex

Mutual empathy in men and women is an important condition for harmony in the intimate sphere. Since a man is not able to comprehend the feelings of a woman fully, and a woman is not able to understand the emotions of a man fully, empathy becomes the main way of knowing each other.

It seems that nothing can be easier. However, the gender roles are again an obstacle. A man from childhood is taught that love is only for girls, that he should be restrained, brutal and dominant. Therefore, man refers to sex from a purely utilitarian point of view; even the presence of some sensual desires is immediately suppressed as not corresponding to the image.

Women are taught passivity, emotionality, sentimentality. Having sex for her presupposes the obligatory presence of "Big Love" or at least future prospects, including emotional entourage. As a result, two obviously inferior personalities with different stereotypes enter into a relationship, each of which expects from the other exactly the manifestations that the partner seeks to hide. 

Thus, men neglect the sensual, and women neglect the physical side of the relationship, believing that it does not correspond to the chosen gender role. In order to achieve harmony, partners must abandon the views imposed by society and develop a directional empathic perception, without which it is impossible to comprehend the depth of the emotions accompanying love.

How to develop empathy

Obviously, without empathy, our life can turn into a frightening grotesque in which everyone is focused only on him/ herself and is unable to establish an emotional connection with those around him/ her. Fortunately, the empathic gift is easy to enhance, thus acquiring the ability to fill existence with feelings and reading much more information from the outside world. Buy college essay on and be sure the world around you is friendly to you.

Own emotional responsiveness and level of empathy can be improved in the following way:

  • Avoid value judgments about others, labeling, any preconceived perception of others.
  • Watch the interlocutors, learn their facial expressions, gestures, body language, shades of voice intonations. Try to connect the individual parts with the emotions and reproduce them in yourself, copy the external manifestations and associate them with the feelings that arise.
  • Go to the nearest environment. Listening to a partner, do not rush to express your reaction, try to understand what he/ she feels or what goals he/ she pursues.
  • When establishing an empathic connection with another person, do not concentrate on the differences, look for similarities between you both.

Having learned to merge with another person, one can live his/ her life, feel his/ her emotions, and predict actions. This practice allows not only to perceive partners empathically but also to influence their emotional state, correcting negative experiences, removing them from stress or depression.

In general, empathy provides us with a unique opportunity to bring communication to a new level of saturation, to feel others and facilitate the establishment of contacts with them. Sometimes it may seem that the removal from others' experiences is the best defensive reaction, taking into account the cruelty of the outside world, but this is rather an obstacle to the emergence of understanding between loved ones: the suppression of one's own empathic ability cannot be selective. Without empathy, it is almost impossible to achieve harmony in any relationship and transform one's own existence from experience into a pleasure.

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