Top 10 Books That Are Able To Transform Your Life


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top books able to transform your life

There are complex books. There are simple books. There are those books that we recommend to our friends. There are books that you want to read again and again. There are books that teach us something. Furthermore, there are books that are able to change our lives, that after reading you begin to think quite differently. In fact, in every work, you can find a unique story, find a character that looks like you and also find many interesting ideas for your creativity. Each writer gives us an incredible chance to explore the world, look at it differently, show the philosophical problems that can be and what kind of people are around us. Books that change our way of thinking will remain in our memory forever. We can always find this book again and read it but even in the second and third time it will seem incredible and will give us all the same emotions as for the first time. Don’t miss a chance to read about one of the most incredible and mysterious books over here: can have hundreds of favorite books and dozens of favorite authors, but you will always remember the books that at some point in your life became your advisers and personal guidebooks. The books that made you leave the comfort zone and work for the future. The books that inspire and make you move only forward. In this post, we will look at some incredible books that can capture attention from the first minutes and give you an unforgettable adventure as well as a lot of interesting thoughts that will be so useful for you. Explore the worlds together with the authors! Also, you can contact the academic assignment writers that are available 24/7 if you need to perform an interesting essay on any book that interests you.

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Books are the best opportunity to know more about the world around us, about people around us and culture of each country! But the most important thing is that books change our perception of the world!

By this token, we are ought to investigate the most topical and fascinating books which became so popular and recognized by a lot of people. These books show us not only extraordinary ideas and stories but also incredible cultural features of the countries: These books were written by the people who wanted to tell about the diversity of our world. The authors wanted to write about the relationships between people and their behavior within society. Such books have helped more than thousands of people overcome their fears and become more confident as well as sympathetic: So, are you ready to know more about the most impressive and inspiring books? Let’s start exploring!

1. Kazuo Ishiguro. Never Let Me Go.  The incredible novel by a British writer of Japanese origin Kazuo Ishiguro. The nominee for the Booker Prize in 2005 as well as the 2006 Arthur Clark Award. Was recognized as the novel of the year according to the magazine "Time". The genre of the novel is defined as an anti-utopia with the elements of science fiction. The plot is based on the memories of Kathy H, a young woman who talks about her childhood in boarding school and adulthood. The action takes place in the UK at the end of the 20th century, where people are cloned in order to transplant organs and thereby create living donors. Kathy and her friends are these donors. Before they became donors, they had worked as so-called "assistants" who cared about those who had become donors before. Ishiguro, like in his other works, reveals the truth gradually, hinting and demonstrating slowly to the reader all the features of the work. What is it especially? The main theme of the work is the notion of free will as well as the possibilities and the chance to change the final destiny. The author tells about this secretly, using subtext, so the reader can read about all the thoughts that the author tries to convey. Many people consider the novel as an image of the idea of passivity in the face of social inequality as well as the impeccable fulfillment of duties and duty to society. But nevertheless, the author confesses that he conceived the work as a metaphor for human life and actions. The main character thinks about ordinary things for a person such as joy, care, experience and memories. The characters ask themselves some questions and look for the answers to them, which for ordinary people are common. They are unable to escape from their duties and cruel life because they simply can’t do it according to the laws of society. Kazuo Ishiguro shows the power of human friendship and love that arise despite the laws of the surrounding world. Have to write an essay about this magnificent book? Use the best term paper writing services and tell your friends about this incredible story!

2. David Mitchell. Cloud Atlas. This novel is also unique but also complicated to read. Released in 2004 and was very well received by critics. The novel consists of the six interrelated stories. The first five stories are split in half and the sixth is shown completely. The author depicts the first half of the stories and then the second ones. It is known that he describes events first in the past and then in the future. But in the end, it still comes back to the past. David Mitchell said that the name of the work was inspired by the eponymous musical piece by Japanese composer Toshi Ichiyanagi. As the writer said about his book, that every hero, except one, is the reincarnation of the same soul, but it exists in the different bodies. This is a symbol of the universality of human nature. The theme of the book is the thirst with which people hunt each other, groups hunt groups and nations hunt other nations. The author has interpreted this idea differently and has presented it in a different context. The book is considered to be one of the most successful books of the 21st century, as it touches upon the urgent and important problems of human nature. Do you want to write an essay about your impressions? Apply for the college admission essay writing service and we will help you with this work anytime you need!

3. Chuck Palahniuk. Fight Club. The novel by the American writer Chuck Palahniuk was released in 1996. In the center of the plot, a hero who suffers from insomnia which is caused by discontent with the consumer society. Also, the book raises the questions of masculinity and depression because of the main character’s condition: Over time, the protagonist begins to attend courses for patients with various diseases, which slightly helps the protagonist struggle with insomnia. But all this does not last long. In the further process of combating depression and insomnia, the protagonist gets acquainted with a character named Tyler Durden and creates a fight club as a form of the radical struggle against the moral principles in society. The plot is filled with the numerous philosophical reflections on the sense of life and consumer society. The author throughout the novel ridicules the shortcomings of American culture and society, which only thinks about making purchases, regardless of the need. Also, the novel is filled with the interesting and unordinary motifs. So, the hero wants to destroy something beautiful and famous and thereby show his desire for chaos and destruction of the established values. The theme of the novel is the struggle with its inner hero, the desire to find oneself in this world as well as the desire to assert itself in one's own ambitions. Critics believe that the protagonist yearns for patriarchal power and therefore creates a project "The Mayhem" with an eye to execute his own ideas. The novel has a very interesting and unusual ending, which surprises and shock simultaneously. Many people consider this work as a cult work. Furthermore, according to the book, the movie was directed by David Fincher in 1999. The main roles were played by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. A large number of positive reviews allowed Chuck Palahniuk to become even more popular as well as allowed him to publish new novels and share them with the public. The work must be read by anyone who wishes to look at the world differently. Moreover, you can write an interesting essay about this book! Our writers offer around-the-clock essay help in the UK and they are always ready to help you with any endeavors!

4. Daniel Keyes. Flowers for Algernon. The unique work which was just a story, but then it became a full-fledged novel. The work is not as popular as the previous that we have already explored, but it is considered to be one of the best works of the 20th century. The book is considered as an example of science fiction. The plot is based on the fact that the mentally retarded guy decides to be involved in an experiment to improve the intellect. Everybody laughs at Charlie because he does not understand the basic things and can’t stand up for himself. His only friend is a little mouse Algernon who also took part in the experiment. Charlie passes the experiment successfully and his IQ grows from 68 to 185. He becomes a real genius, masters several foreign languages and reads classical literature. Everybody stopped laughing at him because he became a man who is able to learn things quickly and apply them in a matter instantly: But soon everything changes... It's really hard to read a novel, but it should be read at least once. It contains many philosophical ideas and thoughts that show that in spite of everything, one must remain a man and wish good to others. After reading this book once, you will never forget it. Do not forget that you have an opportunity to share emotions with your friends, use the college admission essay editing services and write the best work!

5. Jack London. Martin Eden. The stunning novel by Jack London. In 1909 it was published as an independent work. The novel is largely autobiographical, as the protagonist is very similar to Jack London himself. Both started from the very bottom and became successful in the literature. Jack London worked in many places during his youth and tried many professions. He worked as a sailor, a factory worker, and a laundryman. Also, the image of the girl Ruth was inspired by his first love named Mabel Applegarth. The author tries to tell the reader that it is extremely difficult for a creative person to live in a bourgeois society. He is forced to struggle against the world around him all the time, search for new ways to show his creativity to people and be independent. By the way, the novel is inspired by a multitude of the philosophical reflections by Nietzsche and many other well-known philosophers. The novel is worth reading, if only because it is quite easy to perceive and many ideas are relevant nowadays. By this token, you can recommend this book to your friends, get some essay papers online and share your impressions!

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6. Albert Camus. Stranger. The debut novel by French writer Albert Camus. In this work, the basic ideas of existentialism are very vividly depicted. The plot tells us about the 30-year-old Frenchman, Meursault, who lives in Algiers. Three main events of his life are described: the death of his mother, the murder of a local resident, and the final court. In the "Stranger", the author depicts his main creative idea, that is, the idea of absolute freedom. Camus depicts human existence as a chain of random events that are in no way dependent on the subject but which affect him and force him to adapt to the most difficult situations. The protagonist prefers to live a lonely life and be far from society. Meursault is ready to be punished for his actions and confesses everything he did. Camus says that someone who does not act according to the laws of society is forced to be an outcast. Also, the work is noteworthy in that it is written in short sentences in the past tense, which makes it rather easy to perceive. The narrative is conducted by one person so that the reader can immerse him/herself in the hero's atmosphere and combine him/herself with him. This novel became one of the most significant and influential works of Albert Camus. Write an essay on this incredible story, apply for the assignment writers in the UK and write about your personal impressions!

7. William Somerset Maugham. Of Human Bondage. One of the most famous novels of the British writer Somerset Maugham, which he wrote in 1915. The main character of the book is Philip Carey, who is a lame orphan. Throughout the novel, the writer tells about his fate from childhood to student years. Philip wants to know about his destiny and seeks the meaning of life. He meets with many disappointments, problems and trials of fate. He has to learn how life is organized in reality, before he finds the answers to all his questions. Throughout the novel, we will be able to observe the relationship of Philip with other people as well as changing his personality. This is an incredible story about the strength of the human spirit and inner strength that engender sincere love for oneself and the perception of life as it is. Many believe that the novel is semi-biographical because many facts are similar to the facts of the writer's life. Almost all childhood events are identical, but the only difference is that Maugham was not lam but stuttered. The novel became successful and even nowadays it is considered to be one of the best in the history of British literature. Do you want to write an interesting paper about this novel? Do not know how to implement your ideas? Our online academic writing companies will always help you with this difficult work!

8. Ray Bradbury. 451 Fahrenheit. A well-known novel is the anti-utopia of writer Ray Bradbury which was released in 1953. The novel tells us about the American society of the future, in which books are banned. There is a detachment of "firefighters", in which the main character Guy Montag is. This unit is engaged in the fact that it burns books that are prohibited in this society. Throughout the novel, we can see the transformation of the hero, the rethinking of his principles and how he chooses his own path in life. Guy Montag becomes an outcast, abandoning his profession and becoming a part of the marginalized society, which learns fragments of the remaining books with an eye to save them for descendants. The title of the novel is interpreted as an image of censorship in American society of that time and the writer's reaction to this ideology. Then, Bradbury expressed his fears that with the help of the media and television, books would cease to exist and the entire book culture could be destroyed. This novel was screened by a lot of directors who showed the story in completely different ways. The work is worth reading with an eye understand the true role of books in our lives. With the help of the term paper writing services, you can prepare a terrific report about this book and get the best mark!

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9. Jack Kerouac. On The Road. The cult novel by Jack Kerouac was published in 1957. This is one of the most striking works of the bit-generation. Despite the fact that critics leave negative comments about the book, the novel became a bestseller and acquired the status of a cult work of American prose. The book is included in the most prestigious lists of literature "to read" and takes place in the best novels of the 20th century. About 4 million copies are sold at the moment. This is an incredible, easy to read and vital novel that narrates the journeys of Jack Kerouac and his friend Neil Cassidy across the USA and Mexico. The novel was also filmed and the movie was released in 2011. This novel differs from the others, therefore it is so interesting and unusual for the reader. Do not miss an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of traveling on the road and write an essay about this! Get homework essay help and perform successfully!

10. John Steinbeck. The Grapes of Wrath. The novel by John Steinbeck was published in 1939. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Due to its dramatic content, it was withdrawn from several US libraries and banned in some schools. The plot of the novel affects the times of the Great Depression: The poor family Joads is forced to leave his home in Oklahoma because of a difficult period, drought, and economic crisis. In this desperate situation, they move to California with other families with an eye to survive and start new life. The novel is very difficult to read because it describes all the events as they actually occurred. But, in the novel are raised very important topics of human courage and lust for life in the most difficult moments. This book inspires not to give up when you face the difficulties and move on. Also, many people write an essay on this topic, do you want to try? Leave a message "help me write my college essay" and we will perform your order within 24 hours!

To summarize, it should be said that books are able to transform our lives. Books give us incredible stories that inspire and help us find the true destination. We can always associate ourselves with the main characters and follow the same principles. Books develop in us the ability to think and analyze. It's a unique chance to see so many other lives just by opening a book. In the books, you will always find something that you don’t see in the world around you. You can find hundreds of ideas and options for their implementation as well as many interesting characters and stories. Read, develop and you will see how many diverse and extraordinary things exist around you!

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