Edgar Allan Poe Essay: The Analysis of The Raven


Although there are some mystery about Edgar Allan Poe, a lot of people consider him to be their idol. He was an American writer and poet. Edgar Poe’s parents were both actors. He had brother and sister.

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Interesting Facts about Edgar Alan Poe

1. He was likely named after a Shakespearean’s King Lear character. That was the play that Edgar’s parents were performing in 1809.

2. His father left the family. Edgar was only one. Elizabeth Poe had to raise all her children. For these reasons, she worked hard as an actress.

3. In the year of 1811 Eliza was staying in Richmond. She was almost dying. During her sickness other people took care of her children. It is weird, but many people in the town were interested in Eliza’s health condition.

4. Little Edgar had an experience of being a foster kid. He remembered his mother. Poe could not forget how they were set apart. 

 5. At the age of 18 Edgar started publishing his collection of poems, later he published “The Raven”.

Two Facts that makes “Raven” to be “Dark Poem”

1. People tell that Edgar Allan Poe had beautiful yet black mind. This matter can be quite a truth. The Raven tells the story about a man who mourns the loss of his beloved one.

2. There is one fearsome thing.  Do you know that in 2 years after this poem was composed Edgar’s wife died, and in 2 years he died also for unexplained reason.

Someone may say that the poem was doomed for bed ending. To continue thinking about this line, one can conclude that the most successful poem became a tragic prediction for Edgar Alan Poe’s wife, and put an end to his career and life.

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The Analysis of “The Raven”

“The Raven” that was written by Poe belongs to American classic. This poem is common enough among high school students and teachers. It is tough to understand and analyze this writing. So, do not be ashamed if you face difficulties while analyzing “The Raven”.

To make analysis clearer, we have decided to make it in a following way.

1. “The Raven” tells us about a man. His name is not mentioned in the poem. The man is seating near the fire. The narrator is reading. He does not want recollect Lenore, a woman that he loved and who died. The man is weary. He suffers depression and desires to find the end of his grief.

2. In this very moment the man hears something hitting lightly at the door. Although the speaker is little scared, he does not think seriously that it might be a dangerous person.

Here someone may see how the narrator leads the battle with fear in “The Raven”, Notice that the narrator is very exhausted. So, we can justly suppose that the scene is just an illusion. Such a fight with fear is continuing during the third and the fourth versus.

This is a good spot to think about. Why the man is so anxious about curtains’ flapping.

3.  At the end of the fourth verse the narrator summons up the courage and speaks to the “visitor”. The man receives no answer. When he gets up to look who is behind the door, again he sees nothing. In such a way Poe makes the tension.

4. The speaker peers into the darkness in order to see at least something. The man starts thinking about his lost love and whispers the name of his beloved woman.

For these reasons, a person can clearly sense the misery of the storyteller. He pronounces the name of the woman that still loves. He feels so lonely without her.

5. In the sixth verse one reads that the knocking repeats. It excites the narrator’s soul.

6. When he goes to find out, a raven gets into the room. The speaker is entertained by the raven and demands it to name himself. All that he hears is “Nevermore”.

Now take a minute and analyze this. At first the storyteller is wondering about what is at his window. Despite his dread, the man tries to be still. When he sees the raven, the storyteller ignores it. Enigma has been revealed.

7. While reading 10-12 verses, one should pay attention that the speaker is little confused by the raven. He is trying to understand what is going on. The man considers that the raven was taught this word by someone.

He compares the raven’s “nevermore” with pouring out a soul. The narrator wheels his chair, he can’t draw a conclusion about the raven. The speaker recalls Lenore. For that purpose he wants to take nepenthe.

There is one significant detail: nepenthe is a substance that helps people forget their grief.

The man asks if he will meet Lenore again. Again the narrator hears “nevermore”. This word strikes him and increases his sorrows. He demands raven to get out. The raven holds his ground.  

8. The man wants the raven to cover him with darkness. He does not wish to see light anymore.

Some people consider raven to be the symbol of anguish. It surrounds the soul of the speaker with shadow.

Edgar Allan Poe believed that he chose the right topic for his poem. The most brilliant subject in the world is the theme of a pretty, dying woman. Think about it properly.

“The Raven” had an immediate success and turned Poe into a famous celebrity. Indeed, this author was the most astonishing writer.

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