Essay On Terrorism: The Plague Of The XXI Century


Terrorism is the problem of current importance for the global community. There are special lessons dedicated to the defense against terrorism in the schools of many countries. Besides students and pupils have to write essays on terrorism. Nowadays a lot of political and social organizations use terrorism in order to achieve their goals and satisfy their demands. One of terrorist’s aims is to give publicity to their ideas and views, which usually are too radical to be accepted by the society. People who operate by means of terrorism are called terrorists. Specialists usually define this phenomenon as intentional use of terror (fear) especially in violent form. Recently it has become one of the major aspects of the world political life. Governments of the leading countries are worried about this issue. They try to unite for the sake of protection against international terrorism. It considered to be an essential danger for the mankind. Now terrorism is becoming more widespread every day. The synonyms of the word “terror” are “coercion”, “intimidation” and “frightening”. The word “terrorism” itself has French origin and derives from the word “terrorisme”. Previously, this term meant some violent actions of the government, but today its meaning have changed. In modern newspapers or news report you are more likely to come across this word meaning a mass killing of incent noncombatant for religious or political purpose. In this essay about terrorism we collected some basic information about terrorism, its role in the world history, types and influence on the modern life. Besides you can find here some contemporary methods of fighting with this international trouble.

History of the terrorism: where are its roots?

There are a lot of different opinions on the time of terrorism origin. Some scholars are convinced that the phenomenon appeared in the 3rd century BC, when the father of Alexander the Great was assassinated. However, the others claim that the beginning of the terrorism history lies in the 1st century AD, when the group of Sicarii Zealots was active in Judaea Province. They are commonly thought to be the first terrorist in the human history. Their terror was mainly directed against the pro-roman Jewish nobility. The classic example of the medieval terrorism was the assassin community. They reached the high level of development in sabotage and violent methods of goals achievement. Their motivation is not quite clear, but it was definitely related to religion. Adherents of this organization were elusive. Their name frightened the caliphs and sultans of that times, military leaders and representatives of the priesthood. If you are interested in the assassin subject, you may use some research paper writer services to reveal this issue in your essay on terrorism. One of the later terroristic organizations was “Narodnaya Volya”, which appeared in Russia in 1878. The members of this community wanted to introduce the socialism into the country based on the massive Russian peasantry. They strongly believed in the efficiency of the terrorist measures and widely used them.  The Irish Republican Brotherhood is also worth being mentioned. It was founded in 1858. They were known for using modern timed explosives in the main cities of the Great Britain. The terrorism in its modern meaning has been shaped in the 20th century. Scholars tend to divide the Modern Age into four periods:

  • The period of spread of the revolutionary ideas in Russia, Europe and South America in the end of the 19th century;
  • The period of anti-colony movement;
  • The period related to the work of “New Leberals”;
  • The period related to the process of globalization.

The term “terrorism” itself firstly appeared in the description of Jacobin Club during the “Reign of Terror”. It was the period of brutality which took place after the beginning of the French Revolution. It was caused by the conflict between two political fractions: Jacobins and Girondins. By the way, it is a good idea to write a Reign Terror essay in order to improve your knowledge about the period of the Revolution in France, which could be written for you by professional essay writing service.

Types of terrorism

There are several classifications of terrorism. Firstly, terrorism is divided into two kinds:

  • Uncoordinated or individual terrorism (terrorist acts committed by one or two people);
  • Collective or organized terrorism (terrorist acts committed by a group or organization, such as Al-Qaeda, narodovolzy or IGIL).

Terrorism is also divided because of terrorist’s aims:

  • National terrorism (organizations are aimed at nation liberation);
  • Religious terrorism (terrorist acts committed in sake of religious views, usually during the fight between the followers of different religions);
  • Social terrorism (terrorist organizations which are aimed at fundamental or partial change in the political or economic system of a country).

For more detailed information on types of terrorism, you may apply to some writing services.

The contemporary state of affairs

According to statistics, there are several countries that suffered from terrorism more than others. USA, Russia, India, Israel and Colombia are among the top terrorist victims. You may mention in your terrorism essay the fact that today there are two main ways or strategies of fighting with terrorism:

  • Conservative strategy, which includes partial appeasement of terrorist’s demands;
  • Progressive strategy, which includes unconditional extermination of terrorists and their followers.

The use of the contemporary informational technologies also plays significant role in anti-terrorist work.

Nevertheless, there is a popular opinion on the solution of the terrorism problem: some expert claim that improving the economic situation and people’s life level in the country, we may decrease the amount of terrorist acts.

And, of course, the terrorism may be defeated only by the common efforts of all the countries of the world.

It quite interesting that the majority of terrorist acts in the world were committed by Moslems. This fact begot the innumerable stereotypes, which describe Islam as aggressive and dangerous religion. Nonetheless, six out of seven the most damaging terrorist acts were committed by the representatives of Al-Qaeda. It is usually mentioned in modern terrorism essays that the year 2012 was commonly recognized as the year which has brought the biggest amount of terrorist acts and their victims in the last 46 years. Nevertheless, the year 2001 has stuck to the memory of each human being as the year of the infamous Twin Towers terrorist attack.

It would be relevant to say that terrorism is an international problem. It concerns every country of the world and every human being on the Earth. There is no doubt that the solving of this problem greatly depends on the government, but we also are able to help. We can support young, poor, miserable or depressed people, who can possibly become members of terrorist organizations. We also can inform the police about some strange events of people if we notice some. Don’t be indifferent, together we can cope with this issue and make the situation better.

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