Gender Inequality Essay: How It Began And What It Turned Out


Gender equality is one of the most heated and discussed issues of modern society. We are also interested in this problem and that is why we decided to write this gender equality essay. We are going to discuss the essence of this phenomenon, historical facts that lead to the struggle for the equal rights, and the present posture of affairs.

Equality between men and women: who needs it?

More than a century women fought for the equality, sometimes they won, sometimes lost. They managed to get partially equal rights with men. Women have opportunity to study, work, vote and even be voted. It would seem that all the goals were reached. However, new questions appear and no one can answer them.

What do women want?

Women always had the right to work, but they just did not know about it. They just did household duties, grubbed on the fields, looked after the cattle and so on. They gave birth to children, fed and raised them. Everything was great, but still something was missing, as it always happens.

But not everyone was so lucky and could work. If a girl was born in a rich family, it was strictly forbidden for to work. Morals were so cruel then. And the souls of the girls demanded romance, regardless of the class inequality. Poor reach ladies were dreaming about hard work in a mine with a jackhammer, or after a long hard working day to go for a walk with their friends. Is not is a simple woman’s happiness?

But unfortunately all the best places were already occupied by insidious predators, men. So, angry and oppressed ladies decided to start the fight for their rights. The battle took more than one century, preparatory stage lasted too long: it was not easy for rich ladies to convince poor girls that they need emancipation.

How did it happen? Historical facts

As it usually happens, American sisters in misfortune gave their hand. In 1848 local feminists organized the conference, during which they adopted so called “Declaration of Sentiments”.

The Declaration included pretences of the resentful fair sex to all without exception men, and the feelings were expressed in such simple words as:

- men, give us money, and we will decide on our own how to spend it in a much more effective way;

- we want to learn to be a conductor, a cabman or to get any other decent profession to kick you out from the place you occupy;

- we should be paid no less than you, plus hazardous surcharge;

- and when we get tired of you, we want to get divorce on our own initiative.

In such a way the fair sex has become an equal part of society.

How it turned out

Many statements of this “sensitive declaration” are realized today. But now we have other problem: there is transformation in the relationships between two sexes. Is previously women used to think that they were dependent on men, now having liberated they changed their relation to the sterner sex. Women begin to get education, got the right to work equally with men, and opened their own accounts in the banks.

But no one had a thought to pay them more. An employer just can not get used to the thought that a woman is also a human being. Avaricious business sharks start to think and count: later she will be on maternity leave, then she will stay at home looking after sick kids, and she will be often absent because of her private business, what then? Who will cover the losses? That is the money equality we have. And it is also hard to get promotion. When a man and a woman have equal business qualities, preference is usually given to man, and even when woman has better business qualities…

However, it has become common thing that a woman after long hard working day returns home and starts doing household duties. Cooking, cleaning, washing, children require her participation and attention not less than global production processes. What about money? It looks like you have just got your salary, but markets and shops “eat” your money in the wink of an eye.

In short, late at night, tired and irritated women begin to “admire” the full benefits of emancipation. And the marriage gradually turns into hard labor.

Relations between men and women of the new formation

Having encroached on the “male territory”, women have to constantly prove to the sterner sex their own professional competence.

The result is that delicate women start to lose their natural, purely feminine qualities, such as softness, compliance, complaisance. They turn into furies, fight for a place under the sun and develop the qualities of a strong leader. And if a woman managers to become a boss, their second halves start to suffer.

Men have different reactions to such transformations, what often does not contribute to the strengthening of mutual understanding between the sexes. Not so many men can get used to the new situation. And having adapted, they feel constant discomfort.

Probably, eventually new patterns of behavior will form, adjustment in the relationship between the sexes will happen. We will see. Now the situation is paradoxical: competing and displacing men with pedestal, women still wait especial, or at least the same attitude from men. They need man’s protection, they always remind that they are “weak sex”. In general, they demand “a stone wall and a strong shoulder”.

But you can not disagree that it is hard to imagine such a picture: vociferous woman, for example, who is the head of a motor depot, keeps at bay all subordinate males, comes to her husband, who is also afraid of his own female boss, and waits tenderness and warmth from him.

Pros and cons of emancipation. Modern realities

Let’s begin with cons:

The most terrifying consequence of the emancipation is female alcoholism. It has already managed to outrun male. Accepting the role of a leader, woman turns on false compensatory mechanism relieving tension with the help of alcohol. And to become absolutely equal, women drink as much as men. Though the consequences of alcoholism are different.

There is sex neutralization. Women become more masculine, and men effeminate.

Fertility declines.

The traditional way of family life is being destroyed.

The number of divorces is increasing.

There is liberalization of sexual relations.

Women’s physical and mental stress is much bigger than men’s.

But everything else is good… Only pros.

New tendency: anti-emancipation

The changes caused by competition between men and women begin to push women back to “home”. According to statistics more than a half of working women dream to quit their jobs and to become just wives and mothers. 58 % of men dream to return their second halves to the old family relations. But it is hardly possible to restore what emancipation has already ruined. One hundred years women were fighting for the equal rights with men. So how many years will it take to get right to refuse from the equal rights?

Is real equality between sexes possible?

As there is no equality in the society, so there can not be equality in a separate unit of society. Always (in family as well as in social relations) someone will be “more equal” than others.

There are no common stereotypes in behavior and relationships between sexes. Each family solves on its own the issue of equal rights and responsibilities. It is good if a woman has the right to choose the appropriate relationship model. It is even better if the choice was right. You should always remember that any acquisition of rights brings the same amount of duties and responsibilities. If you are ready to deal with them, go on, to the feminism!

Here are some tips for women who decide to take the harsh path of feminism.

The way to feminism will not be so difficult it you get prepared to it beforehand.

1. “Purchase” a very wealthy man, maid, nanny, housekeeper and gardener.

2. You should be able to combine the right to attend fashionable parties and spend money on your own whim with the husband’s responsibility to supply you with money timely.

3. Remember that TV, computer, car are male preferences, so feel free to encroach on them, ensuring equal rights with men.

4. Do not refuse such pleasant activities as Hunting, fishing, yachting.

Summing up

To become a full fledged member of society does not mean to get equal rights with men. It is easier to break something, than to build.

It is important to realize that only woman is given the opportunity to give birth to a child, nurture him in the care and affection, raise from a tiny miracle a real human.

So, having read this essay on gender equality, you probably have noticed that it is written in a bit humorous manner. We made an attempt to present information on quite serious issue in a light way. I hope you liked it and if you want to read more essay like this one, visit There you will find great essays and our team of professional writers is always ready to write an essay for you, if you need it. Contact us for more details.

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