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Our brain is, probably, one of the most complex systems, which contains plenty of subsystems and tools allowing us to process information, reproduce it, etc. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths concerning this organ due to the ignorance of people. We want to bust these myths and tell you what really our brain is. This essay will be dedicated to the most widespread myths about our brain and its functioning. Our writers can type an academic essay online having only exact instructions of the customer. The rest of the job will be done perfectly.

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We only use 10% of our brain

It is not true. When we monitor brain activity, in particular, the activity of nerve cells, we can calculate how many neurons we can see using a single electrode. Knowing the sensitivity of the electrode, at what distance it senses the neurons, and knowing that this electrode can sense neurons in a certain volume, we can determine that there are, for example, 1000 cells in a certain area of the brain. However, at the same time, when the electrode is in the brain, we can determine that there are a few active neurons, approximately 5-10% or even less.

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Such a myth about the operation of the brain is incorrect because the monitoring of these neurons can be conducted only in the condition if an individual or an animal performs a certain action or it is engaged in some kind of activity. If we are talking about a moving animal being conscious and performing some kind of activity, it turns out that not all the neurons take part in each separately performed action, only a certain percentage of their total number.

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A person cannot simultaneously drive a car, read a book, play the piano, and ski. Accordingly, at a specific point in time, when a certain type of activity is performed, the activity of one neuron is registered, at another time the activity of other neurons is registered and so forth. Thus, the registration of a very small percentage of neurons involved in a particular activity does not mean we use only 10% of our brain instead of 100% (10% of the operational capacity is actually a bad sign).

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The level of IQ depends on the size of the brain

It is not true. It seems that it is very simple: it is necessary to measure the level of IQ and brain size and to identify whether these two features are related or not. Unfortunately, most of the IQ tests are still controversial and, in this post, you will find a clear answer why. However, how is it possible to measure IQ? Of course, there is a standard IQ test, which can measure the level of certain intellectual abilities. However, when we talk about intellect in general, it is not always the ability to solve mathematical problems or to translate a text etc. It is more likely a solution to day-to-day problems, planning, communication, and so on. It is difficult to evaluate these abilities using these standard writing tests. Therefore, we cannot compare the size of the brain and the IQ level, and we can only talk about the relationship with the results of the certain tests. Such studies were conducted, and indeed most of them proved that there is a correlation. However, the size of the brain explained from 5% to 10% of the results of IQ tests.

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Among the other things, there is an evolutionary aspect as well. It is believed that in the course of evolution the human brain significantly developed. However, if we take a close look at the history of a human evolution, we will see that it is not true in one or another way. The brain of Neanderthal or Homo sapiens, who lived about 100 thousand years ago, was bigger than the one of a modern mad, therefore, in the last 100 thousand years, the average brain size in people has decreased. Therefore, it is also impossible to see a direct correlation between the increase in brain size and the increase in the level of IQ.

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The brain is a gray matter

It is not true. When one speaks of the brain as a "gray matter," people understand it as a homogeneous gray mass, an unorganized structure, in which the processes associated with the solution of the vital issues are carried out. Indeed, usually, it is a common understanding of the brain, which contains "gray matter" (areas of the brain that are rich in neuron bodies) and "white matter" (regions enriched with myelinated axons). In fact, the structure of the brain is much more complicated. Did you ever wonder why gray matter is actually of a gray color? This is a very interesting question and the answer will surprise you. Follow the link.

The brain consists of a large number of structures, each of which has its own functions and difficult structure. Examples include hippocampus, amygdala, contiguous nucleus, thalamus, and so on. Each brain area consists of a large number of different cells. They can be divided into neurons and glial cells. Such a structure, as a medial septum, contains plenty of neurons. The black substance contains a huge number of neurons, the main neurotransmitter of which is dopamine. The disorder of these types of neurons can result in the development of such diseases as the Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

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Nerve cells that serve as the structure of the brain form a neural network. They interact through electrical synapses and conduct signals coming from peripheral structures. These connections are elastic and the effectiveness of the conduction can be increased or decreased. The property of elasticity is a fundamental property of the nervous system, which allows it to process, store and reproduce information. Thus, one can say that the brain is also a constantly changing structure. It is important to note that the nervous system is the most complex system of our body. The proper functioning of our brain is directly connected with our health and you need to make sure your body function properly as well

The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for rational thinking while the second one is for creative thinking.

This is only partly true. It is impossible to say for sure which hemisphere prevails in the solution of rational and creative problems since this leads to a serious simplification of the notions of how the brain works. It is incorrect to consider that one hemisphere is responsible for one process, and the second for another, since the entire brain is somehow involved in all the mental processes. However, there are tasks with only one hemisphere involved. For example, in solving spatial problems, the right hemisphere is dominating, but the left hemisphere also makes an important contribution to these processes. If you need to write a statement, its content must first be understood, and both the right and the left hemisphere will participate it. However, when we write the text, the left hemisphere will be more involved in it. If you feel that this information is not enough for you to understand how the left and right hemispheres correlate, you can follow this link and read an article dedicated to this topic.

The distribution of tasks that both hemispheres solve is not static, it is dynamic and changes with aging. Let's consider speech. In adults and newborns, when the words are perceived, the left hemisphere is activated, when the intonation is perceived, the right hemisphere is activated. However, when children at the age of 10-18 months speak, both hemispheres are activated, and any damage to the right hemisphere leads to the poor development of a speech and gesture understanding. At the age of 19 to 31 months, everything changes. Now even with the slight damage to the left hemisphere, an individual experiences serious problems in developing of a speech and grammar. In this case, the deviation might happen, which leads to the misunderstanding of the speech and it would be similar to the symptoms of the adults, but it is unlikely to happen since the understanding of a speech is carried out by the right hemisphere.

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Concerning the widespread opinion that people with a better-developed left hemisphere are more rational, and with the right one are more creative, is a serious misunderstanding of the operation of such complex system as the human brain. The research conducted with the gifted children, the winners of mathematical high-level competitions, showed that among them there were ones with the right hemisphere predominated and left-hemisphere predominated and those who had two hemispheres working in the same way (these people can use both hands equally well).

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These children had a different distribution of the functions between the two hemispheres. Thus, the majority of right-handed have the right hemisphere responsible for speech, while left-handed adults and those who can use both hands equally have these functions redistributed between two hemispheres. In general, both hemispheres are applied when we need to solve a certain problem and despite the fact that one might be dominated over another, they are both equally necessary for the well-functioning of our brain.

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The brain works like a computer

It is not true. As a rule, people compare the functioning of our brain to the functioning of the recently invented technologies. When the greatest innovation of the science was a watch, the brain was imagined as the set of gears that rotates simultaneously.

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When it was a telephone, the brain became a set of interconnected wires that transmit signals. Therefore, it is not surprising that the brain was compared to a computer since it was the computer that became a universal tool for solving almost any operation that people need, to calculate huge numbers, to store a large amount of data etc. However, the internet can be compared with the work of our brain since the network, as well as our brain, is a system of interrelated elements, which transmit certain pieces of information

In fact, if we examine the way computers are built and operate and how the brain is arranged, we will see that the differences between them are significant. Any computer program is stored on the hard drive and launched by means of the processor and random access memory and, thus, the same process is carried out by two different devices. Our brain is a completely different system, in which all the processes are carried out within the same system but sometimes using different areas of the brain. In addition, nerve cells of the brain are responsible for any activity. Therefore, it is easy to download a new program into the computer, which will have an absolutely different function on the same processor. It is impossible to conduct such manipulations with the brain since it would be necessary to simultaneously change the connections between millions of neurons.

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Another important difference is that the brain has a parallel structure and all the neurons can process information independently from each other, while most of the computers have all the calculations conducted subsequently. This allows the brain to perform important tasks for the body functioning very effectively. The structure of the modern computers is vulnerable to errors: usually, if we remove a couple of files responsible for the functioning of a certain program, it will lead to its malfunctioning. The brain is able to maintain its functionality when individual cells stop working. The destruction of the significant areas of the brain won’t stop it from performing basic functions. This is possible due to the fact that the brain was created to ensure the survival of the individual cells of the brain due to their unreliability.

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