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How to measure the level of creativity and whether it is possible to develop this ability in yourself

Now people seem to have calmed down a bit with "creativity". Not so long ago, this word directly tortured us. Someone was looking for creativity, others offered their creative services, the rest promised a non-standard creative approach. It was impossible to live a day so as not to hear this word at least three times.

Meanwhile, this term raises a lot of questions. The competent academic essay writing service for you is sure that you are not less puzzled. Creativity, what is it in general? Is it possible to measure it? How to understand the result of work that is in front of you is a piece of creativity or just some kind of nonsense?

Well, let us understand together. What is meant by the concept of creativity, whether this quality depends on the intellect or other properties of a person, and whether it can be developed?

What is creativity?

In simple terms, creativity is a person’s ability to approach the work outside the box. Usually, this word is used when it comes to the creative process.

For example, a person creates a picture, but he or she draws a man not with two legs and a head, but let us say, with three legs and a tail. Does it still look like a man? Great, then this work is considered creative. The creative way of execution of your plans you may find in the article:

The task of the author who wants to impress everyone with his or her non-standard thinking is to move away from the classical scheme of work, to invent something new, but at the same time achieve the goal.

Surely, you heard the phrase "I am an artist, that's how I see it". Well, the author’s task is not only to depict, but also to amaze the audience, to cause some emotions in them, even if it is denial and indignation, but you cannot pass by this “masterpiece” just like that.

Is creativity innate or acquired?

Creativity is a gift, a talent if you want. All the people are born with this quality but, over the years, this ability can fade away under the onslaught of rules, patterns, constants, and human misunderstanding.

Suppose a wonderful writer John lives in a town. He creates wonderful plays about a spotted dinosaur named “Raspberry”, but over time, the author realizes that this work of him is very poorly sold, but the author's poems for the New Year and birthdays are in great demand. The original assignment writing company services are also always in great demand and a lot of people prefer to use them.

Then John begins to stamp the poems in a huge quantity, simply swapping the words “I wish,” “happiness,” “health,” and “love.” One year later, it will be very difficult for John to return to the Raspberry dinosaur and come up with some extraordinary adventure associated with it. He will lose all his creativity. The custom written research papers always distinguish among other written assignments by their high quality, uniqueness, and creativity that is why ordering the essays on always leads to the great result in the academic process.

What does creativity depend on?

Of course, you can develop (or rather, return) the ability to think in an extraordinary way. How hard is it? It all depends on the person, his or her upbringing, personal qualities and life in general. The point is not that you are a crane operator or a photographer, you are 18 or 35, you are a man or a woman (you may read the essay on gender equality). Everyone can develop this quality.

Initially, it was believed that the level of intelligence affects creativity, but over time, psychologists decided that this was not the case. These are original qualities. A person can be very educated but at the same time, he or she is not able to generate his or her own idea. If you are inclined to consider yourself to be more an intellectual than a creative, I can suggest reading what is a critical thinking essay. This is also interesting.

In general, have you ever seen IQ tests? They do not imply a creative approach. You just need a certain time to guess that the test maker told you to find a fast, “correct” way. Naturally, the word “correct” cannot be used speaking about the new ideas and creativity.

Have you seen these brilliant cans of peas from Andy Warhol or his photos of Marilyn Monroe? Remember any picture of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso. These pictures have nothing in common with the classical approach. It is likely that these geniuses would have failed all IQ tests. They might just not have enough time for standard questions. All the efforts would go to create a tick of incredible beauty opposite the correct answer.

Your inner critic

To be creative, simply create, invent, fantasize. After a while, it takes less time. You train your brain to work faster.

Unfortunately, if you have some problems with creativity, then there may be difficulties in coming up with ideas for creativity. What to choose? Maybe worth drawing or scribble out of clay? To write or photograph?

The top-notch college essays helper understands you perfectly. One day a young person came to the psychologist, he was out of this world for 2 minutes because of a psychologist’s question: “Imagine any fruit in front of you”. A young person was really very puzzled, and then began to ask the leading questions like: “Should it be a ripe fruit?”

A critic lives within each of us. It is a young man, who does not allow our creative potential to unfold completely. Such a critic tortured a person “with fruit” for 2 minutes, he whispered to him: “You can make a mistake”, “You will choose not the right fruit”, “Well, is a banana a suitable fruit? You will disappoint the woman sitting in front of you!”

In fact, there is nothing wrong with internal criticism. It is this young man who forces us to put a comma in the text, not to post photos with red eyes on Instagram, and so on, only sometimes criticism needs to be silent for a while. The only way to teach him to do it and not be too strict is to make friends.

Just do something, create, and tell him and yourself: “I will try, and then we will see what happens.” Give a chance to speak about your idea to someone else. In addition, do it systematically so that your skills improve and your confidence increases. You may find the publication useful:

We have not raised a very important question yet, why to do it at all?

The benefits of creativity

Let us start with the fact that creativity helps to be more sensitive to problems, to look for their solutions and to respond more quickly to changing situations. The best sites for your dissertation already wrote an article about rigidity. This property of the psyche is when a person does not know how to adapt. Whatever happens, he or she continues to live according to ingrained traditions.

The mind of a creative person is more agile, it is resistant to stress, it is harder to get out of yourself by changing conditions.

Creative people are in harmony with themselves. They are friends with their internal critic and now the critic does not just block any of their undertakings, causing a tremor in their knees. He helps them find more or less successful ideas. A very successful idea for all the students all over the world is to find a dissertation supervisor at

Any idea needs to be tested in practice. Even if you create “just for yourself”, then sooner or later you will find a person to whom you decide to show the results of your work, or perhaps state your way out of a situation that your colleagues did not guess. In any case, once an internal critic will allow you to pour out the potential.

Perhaps, not from the first time, but success will come, which means that self-esteem will improve, self-confidence will increase. This is another plus of creativity. And it is considerable.

How to develop creativity skills

As the dissertation writers in the UK from said, the most difficult thing for a person who wants to develop creative abilities in him/herself is to choose a path, start the brainwork, and begin. We assure you, as soon as you live in a new mode for yourself at least a week, you will no longer be able to live differently. New ideas will come one after another.

Of course, if you know what your calling is, there is no problem. You just start to create, in spite of everything. You write, draw, sculpt, burn, cut out, even cooking is suitable. The only thing that will have to be abandoned is standard schemes, recipes, walkthroughs, and so on. Give yourself freedom and everything will be fine, even if not immediately. Experience, skills, confidence, and creativity will come by themselves.

If it is difficult to choose a path, the dissertation writer for hire can offer another option - books.

“I want more ideas. More than 100 techniques and exercises for the development of creative thinking "Steve Rowling. On the one hand, this is a guide with which it will be easier for you to start, but on the other hand, you have the unlimited free will. Let us just say, the framework in which you feel comfortable, but inside which you can do whatever you like.

“Can you think out of the box?” by Michael Michalko. This book will not only open your potential but also make you act. Its author is also a good coach. You will want to achieve more, and who knows, you may find a non-standard way to “sell” your new skills. You may find more great books to transform your life our blog.

That is basically it. Read more on our blog in order not to miss something important:

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