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Reliable company (read: with understanding related to the financial difficulties of students) and the one that is confident in the result always takes payment in parts: 50% advance, the second part of the fee is paid to the author after the customer sees the result. Reputable companies prescribe the conditions for a refund if the work does not suit the customer. All this is not just financial issues; it is a weighty guarantee of quality.

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 It is up to you to decide whether to go through all the stages of writing the research paper yourself or spend this time on something you consider to be interesting and important. Find out what is necessary to perform to have your research paper successfully written.

What is the research paper?

 Research work is a qualifying written assignment that students perform in order to get deeper into the subject matter of their chosen specialty. In the course of its implementation, the author masters the norms of research activity, learns to sort and analyze material, conduct independent surveys, and then systematically set out and correctly form them in order to demonstrate clearly and convincingly the results of the work.

How to write a research work?

 The process consists of successive stages:

  • the choice of a topic;
  • selection of literature;
  • development of a research plan;
  • analysis of theoretical sources and writing the first chapter;
  • collecting, compiling statistics, facts, conducting experiments and processing the obtained data in the form of graphs, drawings, tables;
  • elaboration of the content of the second chapter;
  • drawing up an introduction and conclusion;

 The topic of the research work.

According to the established order, the topic is selected from the list proposed by college authorities. The student has the right to offer his or her own subject matter, justifying its relevance and demonstrating that the research will:

  • relate to the theory and practice of the discipline under study;
  • serve as a tool to deepen the knowledge gained.

If the topic meets these criteria, the professor will certainly support the initiative. The research work can enter the course work as part of it, so when choosing a field of study, it is advisable to follow the principle of continuity and adhere to a single subject.

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Reference sources should cover the general theoretical and applied topics. The selection should be started with a review of the fundamental base recommended by the curator and the lists attached to the subject programs and plans for the seminars. The next step is the formation of a bibliographic list on the basis of systematic library catalogs, the latest publications (their full register is printed in the last edition of the year). Familiarization with the literature begins with the most recent works, gradually moving to the earlier ones. It is important to pay attention to articles, books, reviews, dissertations in which debatable or problematic aspects of the topic are covered.

Lifehack: To assess the usefulness of the content of any source quickly, it is not necessary to master the art of fast reading. Just look at the abstract, preface, table of contents, and an index of applications. A deeper insight into the meaning will help view the first sentences of paragraphs and illustrations. If the content meets the search parameters, you can take up the study in detail.

Extracts of the main provisions are made from the appropriate texts on the cards, indicating the name of the publication, the author’s last name, the name of the publisher (magazine), the release date, and the page number from which the quoted information was obtained. Records are more convenient to keep on separate sheets, which are then easily grouped by issues and aspects of the topic. It is easier to work with electronic sources; all these operations can be done not manually, but by saving in Word files. Another problem is not all valuable topical developments are quickly uploaded to the Internet.


The preliminary research work is drawn simultaneously with the analysis of literary sources, the final plan is approved by the curator, but during the writing process it can be corrected. The main thing is to outline the logic of the presentation in order to reveal the sequence of stages in achieving the goal of the research, the movement from the analysis of academic positions to the consideration of the pragmatic aspects of the topic and summarizing.

Theoretical and practical part

According to the content of research, work can be abstract, computational-graphical, reporting, experimental, practical, and complex. The basis of the course of any type consists of two parts:

I - theoretical with a review of the problem in a historical retrospective, taking into account the various existing approaches to its solution;

II - practical with a presentation of applied problems and their solutions.

Both may include logic-related descriptions of the subject specifying sections and subsections (paragraphs). Due to the nature, complexity and scale of the topic, the number of applied chapters can be increased to four or more.

The practical part contains materials confirming the fulfillment of the tasks set: reports on experiments, tables, figures, photos, graphs, drawings. Volumetric illustrations of any type are placed in the annex of the research work.

The factual material must:

  • be accompanied by a reference to the source;
  • be concise and as informative as possible;
  • easy to compare when the need arises in comparison (equivalent units of measurement, review periods, etc.);
  • relate to significant time periods (months, quarters, decades), if it is intended to demonstrate a trend;
  • presented in the form of tables, diagrams (for clarity of digital data).

The practical part of the research work reflects not only the level of mastering knowledge, but also the author’s ability to think outside the box, take responsibility for decisions and act effectively.

Introduction and Conclusion

The introductory chapter and the final section are written at the conclusion of the key phases of the project. The introduction briefly presents the essence of the research, the conclusion contains the result of each section and supporting arguments. In some cases, in the final, it is advisable to emphasize the theoretical and practical significance of the study, to predict options for continuing the development of the topic, to indicate the priority tasks on which it is necessary to concentrate in the future.

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