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Our professional essay writers online prepared an interesting essay for you dedicated to the historical memory and its peculiarities.

It is important to understand how historical memory differs from historical knowledge. A person can know a lot about history, but this knowledge is abstract and it does not have a real impact on his or her life. One knows that F.S. Fitzgerald was born in 1896, he was one of the most prominent figures of American literature of the twentieth century, but that’s all. Historical memory is something completely, different. It refers to those events that happen with the whole country or with the entire society, and which cause a certain resonance in your heart. These events are in one’s concern, they determine one’s personality, motivate and inspire sometimes and it actually influences one’s life. Before getting started, you should know that historical memory predisposes your ability to memorize a large amount of information and our essay will help you with that

Historical memory has a double-sided psychological structure. On the one hand, it is very important for every individual. Sometimes certain events that happened centuries ago can result in serious confrontations and wars but it might also lead to unions and collaboration predetermined by mutual consent. On the other hand, the content of the historical memory of every individual is extremely important for social institutions and the entire society.

The way people perceive events that happen right now and predict future events depends on how well people know history. However, historical memory is a kind of autobiographical memory and, thus, it is subjected to various manipulations and, in turn, it is vulnerable to intentional and unintentional transformations. The attempts to change the historical memory is a perfect tool for those who want to control people.

Recently, there was a massive experiment conducted in the USA under the leadership of Elizabeth Loftus. They wanted to determine how many people want to accept false information concerning recent significant events with regard to the political views of subjects. There were more than five thousand participants. They were shown real and reliable photos and those changed in Photoshop.

These photos were intended to undermine the reputation of two presidents of the USA, Barak Obama, and George Bush Jr. On one of the pictures, Obama hugged Iranian president, which was unacceptable. On another photo, George Bush played golf with his friend during the Katrina hurricane. The subjects received the text of the news with the photos. The scientists wanted to find out whether people believe this information, what emotions they feel and whether they are republicans or democrats.

Our memory is actually very flexible and under the influence of various circumstances, or reliable evidence, in this case, it might easily be changed. If one is Republican, he or she wants Obama to be a bad person, if one is Democrat vice versa. Republicans were more flexible. More than 60% of the Democrats and about 70% of the Republicans forgot that it was an experiment. Soon, they believed that the events really happened, and were very emotional, and even connected these events to the subsequent failures of these presidents. If you still don’t know the difference between Democrats and Republicans, you definitely need to read this essay.

Historical memory is the knowledge not just about historical events, but about events we are concerned about, which become a part of our personality. The changeability of these memories can result in certain consequences for our psychological well-being and social processes.

The next question is how often people have articulated historical memory. Over the past ten years, there is a project under the leadership of Norman Brown, a professor at the University of Edmonton. The project involves 26 countries, including the USA. There is also an expanded research program, but the basic version used is a rather entertaining technique.

People are told 20 neutral words: a chair, a stool, a book, a pencil case, a tablet and so on. They must describe a certain association that comes to their mind when they hear a word from this list. Then they are asked when the event connected with this word happened. There are cases when subjects connect a personal event with some historical event. For example, it is said that this was before the Second World War or after it, before or after NATO troops bombed Belgrade etc. If you are up to hire online assignments proofreader, we can provide the one you really need.

It turned out that historical orientation and relation of one's life to the existing social context, is quite rare, usually at the level of statistical error. For example, inhabitants of Manhattan connect the events of their personal lives with the terrorist attack in the World Trade Center in 5% of cases. Americans believe that the Declaration of Independence is the most important event of the 21st century, or perhaps the last fifty years. People declare, but do not actually feel it. On the other hand, the inhabitants of the former Yugoslavia, in particular, the Serbs, clearly relate the events of their personal lives to the civil war and the period of the division of Yugoslavia into separate states in approximately 26% of cases.

One of the major historical events for the people beyond forty is the collapse of the Soviet Union. The surveys were conducted not only in Russia but also in other countries of the ex-Soviet Union, in particular in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. In total, about 7-8% of people use something like “during the Soviet Union", "the collapse of the Soviet Union", "after the Soviet Union".

Historical memory exists and it is important for our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. The modern people use this resource much less than the previous generations. They actually care less about it, or sometimes certain psychological protecting mechanisms arise. For example, the inhabitants of Israel almost never connect the events of their personal life with military events, which occur very frequently. People are protected from history, they are positive that it is better not to get involved in it.

The conducted researches witness that keeping all these historical events in our memories means to remember only horrible events like wars, catastrophes, conflicts, genocides etc. People are unlikely to have a lot of positive memories. It might be connected with certain victories or sports achievements. However, in the first case, it is still connected with something bad since even if somebody managed to survive, there are plenty of people dead. This essay dedicated to 25 most horrible events that took place throughout history will prove our point of view.

On the one hand, it seems that it is not necessary to remember most of the historic events since they are mostly terrifying. Historical memory makes people vulnerable to involvement in political processes, which is dangerous. On the other hand, studies show that such memories are useful for psychological well-being.

People who call themselves a politically involved and consider it necessary to have historical memory are less vulnerable to various stress inciters. They are also more resistible towards various psychological disorders like depression, anxiety etc. The reason is simple. If we remember only what was happening in our little small world, then every event in it is something huge. The events that happen with us are important relatively to each other. However, if we include the events that predispose a large number of people and the events of the larger scale, we also become involved in this scale.

We can be involved in many different ways. Some people actually participated the events and that’s why they remember them and concerned about them. Thus, something that happened to a single individual is important to plenty of people. Concerning something that is currently happening, we can be involved by the Mass Media and Social Media. There is also another case, which predisposes the events that happened with our ancestors. Thus, even if it happened a hundred years ago with our grandparents or grand-grandparents, it is also important for us.

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However, in general, it would be great if each of us could become a part of the history of our ancestors or just past generations. This is not something that should be done due to political, social or other reasons. This is something that is important to each individual since history is an experience, which we can use not to repeat the mistakes of the past generation since most of the problems today are connected with the fact that people are ignorant. They don’t want to study history, they don’t want to be a part of it and thus, they don’t want to be a part of today’s events. The same thing with religion and its influence decreases every year. If you want to know what religion means for people today, read our essay

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