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Recently people became more concerned about the climate situation of the planet. Scientists claim that global climate change is already our reality and mankind has to take measures if we want to save our planet. In this essay on global climate change we are going to discuss this problem, what caused it, what the consequences are and what every person can do to improve the general situation.

Problems and consequences of the global climate change on the Earth

One of the most urgent international problems of the 21st century is the change of the planetary climate. An extremely huge concern is proclaimed by general rapid growth of the disasters dynamics that is observed during the last decade. Nowadays we risk a lot to misunderstand and underestimate the factors and extent of the influence of different processes, either cosmic or geological, on the global climate change on the Earth. Not so long ago, at the end of the 20th century some scientists proposed various theories and hypotheses on gradual climate change. However, in the real life the things were different. An accurate analysis of the increase in the natural disasters number, extreme weather conditions all over the world, and also statistical indicators of cosmic and geophysical parameters for the last years has shown worrying tendency to their essential increase in a relatively short period of time. These data indicate that most of the theories about climate change on the Earth, namely the theories that claim that the climate during 100 years will change gradually, are wrong, because the process of climate change is more dynamic in fact.

The problem and mistake was that many scientists did not pay enough attention to the influence of the various factors, such as cosmic and astronomical processes, on the state of the global climate system of the planet. All these factors, of course, influence the Sun, as well as all the Solar system planets, including such a giant as Jupiter. So it is obvious that they influence the Earth as well. Geologists discovered that our planet already experienced the global climate change phases for many times.

Taking into consideration the last scientific data (including the field of physics, astrophysics, cosmology, helioseismology, astroseismology, climatology of the planets) the influence range of the space factors is wide enough. Mankind today is not able to influence these processes, that is why we should not underestimate their consequences, possible risks and difficulties for the people connected with the future events on the Earth, and we should be prepared for these events. If the scientists of the past made the conclusions basing on the results got from research and observations in which they used limited technological means, nowadays scientific spectrum of possibilities became much wider.

In fact, mankind does not have another 100 years, and even 50 years! The maximum we have is a couple of decades. For the last two decades the change of geophysical parameters of the planet, the appearance of anomalies, the increase in the frequency and range of extreme phenomena, the growth of the natural disasters number on the Earth in the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere mean that there is a huge level of external an internal energy. As it is known, in 2011 the new phase of the climate change process began. It is proved by such facts as more frequent strong earthquakes, as well as increase in the number of powerful destructive typhoons, hurricanes, the changes in storm activity and others abnormal natural phenomena.

Today we have many well-known and little-known facts that prove different changes on the planet occurred in relatively short period of time. These are acceleration of the tectonic plates motion, worsening of planetary problems, including seismic, volcanic and solar activity, change of the magnetic field of the Earth, the displacement of the Earth's axis and so on. Besides, there is an increase in the planet temperature, melting permafrost, reduction in the area and the masses of land and polar seas ice cover, increase of the level of seas and oceans, the appearance of such phenomena as drought, floods, typhoons and many others. It means that the changes occur in lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere of the Earth.

Global climate changes already influence the health, living conditions and livelihoods of people on all continents. The increasing dynamics of the global nature disasters indicates that in the nearest decade they will lead to catastrophic global consequences for the civilization in general and to unprecedented in the history of mankind death and destruction. Mankind is inevitably approaching the peak of this phase… Nowadays mankind has entered the era of global climate changes and the problem of climate change can not be considered as scientific only. This is complex interdisciplinary problem that covers social, economic and ecological aspects. Namely, people, communities, ecosystems are vulnerable all over the world. The change effects can be sudden, extremely severe, all-pervading and irreversible.

The climate changes become more obvious and more serious. Global nature disasters happened in the history of the Earth and human civilization for many times. Natural disasters have no “state borders”. The consequences and troubles that planetary cataclysms bring affect all the inhabitants of the Earth. Entire states disappear from the surface of the Earth, people die, lose their homes, have no means of subsistence, hunger and widespread epidemics appear.

The history teaches that the lack of unity of human society on the spiritual and moral foundations and the absence of common actions of the people on the planet, continent, region for the preparations to the global disasters lead to the human deaths. And those who survive usually die from incurable diseases, epidemics, self-destruction wars and fights for the livelihoods. Disaster happens suddenly brining chaos and panic. Only preparation and unity of the people of the world give mankind more chances to survive and to overcome the troubles of the era connected with global climate change.

Depletion of energy resources

Global climate change is only one of the global energy problems. Another problem that becomes urgent every year is depletion of energy resources or the energy crisis. The evidence of this is rising oil prices, wars and conflicts provoked by access to energy resources (for example, oil war of the United States against Iraq or “gas” conflict between Russia and Ukraine). Generally speaking, the entire history of civilization is a struggle for access to energy resources. The one who controls energy resources has the power.

The way out is quite simple – we should widely inculcate the use of such energy sources that are unlimited, and available to everyone. For example, solar energy. It comes to Earth in large quantities, but since it is atomized, no one can take it under control. The use of solar does not lead to centralization and accumulation of power, as it happens with big thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants. Probably, the connection between power and control over the energy sources is one of the main reasons why solar energy is not widely used.

12 simple ways to improve climate condition

If you do not believe into prophecies about global warming or you are not absolutely convinced that mankind plays important role into climate change, then at least you should know that these ways will influence positively your financial situation and you will definitely feel better knowing that you do something good.

So here are the ways that everyone can do to improve climate situation and your own financial state.

1. Get as much information about global warming as possible: awareness is the key to success. You should understand whether the problem of climate change is important to you.

2. Turn off the TV, switch off the light and other electrical appliances when you do not use them. In such a way you will reduce energy consumption and fuel costs (and consequently you will reduce the amount of harmful emissions and greenhouse gases).

3. Use natural light.

4. Replace your old light bulbs to fluorescent, energy-saving, they consume five times less power, while maintain the level of illumination, and furthermore, serve 10 times longer.

5. If possible, use natural ways of room ventilation instead of air conditioners.

6. Save water, do not leave the water tap turned on when it is not necessary.

7. Try to buy household appliances Class A (energy efficiency index) that conforms to a standard “Energy Star”.

8. Do not use disposable tableware and packaging. They are usually made of paper or plastic. In such a way you will reduce deforestation and oil consumption.

9. Utilization. It is a nice idea to sort garbage and take it for recycling. Aluminum cans melting required less energy than producing of a new one.

10. Deactivate screensaver on your computer. Use the standby mode when you do not use your computer for more than 20 minutes.

11. Try to keep books and correspondence on-line. In such a way you will reduce emissions that occur during mail traffic and you will also save a couple of trees.

12. The last but not the least – walk more or ride a bicycle. Do not use your car if you need to overcome the distance of 500 meters.

So, in this climate changes essay we discussed the essence of this phenomenon and offered some simple ways of solving the problem. Of course, the climate change problem should be solved on the international level and all the states of the world should unite to overcome it. Personally I will try to follow these 12 tips given in this global climate change essay.

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