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Our writing company performs various types of academic assignments, essays being the most popular and frequently ordered service among our clients. We already supplied you with free samples of several essay types, including descriptive and narrative essays. Our today’s post deals with persuasive essay samples, which also have their own characteristic features and require skillful writing. Our professionals can manage persuasive essay assignments easily by following general academic guidelines. In this article we first of all will describe you how the process of writing persuasive essays for you is carried out in our company, and then we will supply you with a sample persuasive essay, high school level.

So, writing a persuasive essay, our professionals keep in mind that it is slightly distinct from an argumentative one (get familiar with the main difference between them), although the goal remains the same: to prove to your readers that your point of view is right. But while in an argumentative essay you defend your position appealing to logical explanation, a persuasive essay is a kind of work where you play with readers’ emotions and feelings. Thus, among main objectives our writers have when creating a persuasive essay for you, there is adherence to persuasion techniques. Here is how we do it:

  • We choose a strong thesis statement, which has its supporters and opponents in society. Usually persuasive essays deal with ambivalent topics: The Naked Truth Vs a Little White Lie, Social Networks: Good or Bad, Do We Depend on Technology? and so on (our sample of persuasive essay from this post has the E-Books Vs Paper Books topic).

  • We begin each paragraph with a clear, unequivocal sentences that tell the reader straight away what your position is. It creates the great general picture: if a reader decides to get through your work skippingly, absorbing only the first sentence of each paragraph, he will still get the idea of what you wanted to say.

  • We include facts and figures to your essay so that it looks reliable and backed up by sources. If appropriate, we can also include famous people’s quotes. All this presents an important point in a persuasive essay because otherwise your readers may not believe a word you say.

All in all, by reading sample persuasive essays, you get a clear idea how a good work must look like. That is why we publish this sample for you: you can get familiar with our company’s writing technique and decide whether you want to order from us.

E-Books Vs Paper Books: A Great Battle of the 21st Century

Only several decades ago, if a person liked reading, nothing else mattered and was taken into account before making an approving nod. Nowadays the situation has changed. After the question, do you like reading, one would also expect to be asked whether it is an electronic book or a paper one. It seems to make a huge difference, and these two groups of people, with the exception of the third one – those who do not care, are constantly fighting to prove their point of view. In my opinion, paper books are considerably better than their poor electronic versions, and now I will show you why.

First of all, paper books experience a thorough check before being published; it includes editing, proofreading and other minor enhancements. The number of mistakes and misprints is reduced to a minimum, and all formatting issues are solved before a book comes out. In other words, what you get is a pleasant to eye binder with thoroughly printed pages, on which letters flow on and on, telling another fascinating story. On the other part, electronic books often experience problems with formatting, which, of course, also depends on the file extension that you use. They may have issues with line folding and even banal misprints, especially if you deal with a book that was scanned.

Secondly, only canon versions see the world in the form of a printed book. Many would argue that it means a lot of written matter is left out at the stage of publishing, and through electronic devices you can reach much more material. I do not argue with it because it is really so. The only point is that unpublished material often has lower quality than that gone to press. On the internet you can easily lay your hands on fan fiction, unofficial translations and so on. However, when you take a printed book, you know for sure that it is a decent piece of writing that was approved by publishers.

Then it is important to mention that paper books are physical in all respects. You can choose such a book as a present to your friends, you can leave it on a bench in the act of book-crossing, donate it to a local library or charity organization, leave your own notes on the margins. And if you are going to say that modern technology allows you use handwriting on an electronic document, I will cast a skeptical glance at you. Once I had a problem with my tablet, and after solving it I discovered that all the notes I had made in my text documents had vanished into thin air! Not very pleasant experience, I would say.

Another important issue is incorporeal rights, which are often and severely violated in the world of e-books. It makes writers wonder why they create books at all. Thus, a very unpleasant situation happened in Spain when the book industry lost up to $467 million in revenue because of piracy. This figure was given in a report by the ISBN Agency of Spain. Such problems rarely happen with paper books as it takes much more efforts to pirate them. If you buy your books in licensed book shops, then I am 99% confident that you will avoid illegal copies.

We can come to the conclusion that printed books are usually of higher quality than their electronic fellows. And by this I mean both their looks and the level of the content. Paper books are usually legal copies, which means that the authors get their due royalties. Finally, a printed version is a physical thing which you can choose as a gift or donate. I am strongly against electronic books, and I believe that sooner or later the overwhelming majority of people will stick to my principles, too.

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