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A descriptive essay is a type of college essay that helps estimate your writing skills in terms of describing places, events, people and things. While reading descriptive essay samples, you will notice that their authors mostly focus on a vivid picture; they use various stylistic devices to convey their impressions from a certain object or activity. PurEssay, among other writing services, offers the service of a descriptive essay creator. Keep on reading to learn what you get from working with our company, and then, at the end of this post, we will provide you with a free sample of descriptive essay.

First of all, we confirm that our company deals only with professional essay writers. By that we mean people with higher education degrees: either with master’s or doctor’s diplomas. When it comes to delivering a descriptive essay, we give preference to those specialists who graduated from the departments of English language and literature. These people are the most suitable candidates to work on such a creative task, which requires solid literary skills. They will provide you with a fresh and captivating description that will evoke sincere emotions and maybe even sweet memories in a reader. All this ensures that you get a high grade for your written task from your professor.

To let you get familiar with our works, PurEssay provides you with free samples of descriptive essays, as well as other kinds of written tasks, for example narrative essays. We will get to the sample further in this post once we finish outlining the specifics of our job. So, when writing a descriptive essay, our writers focus on these tasks:

  • creating a paper free of grammar mistakes;

  • writing an essay corresponding to the given topic;

  • choosing an appropriate structure for an essay;

  • including dramatic descriptions that affect readers;

  • being able to deliver the document before the deadline;

  • being ready to offer free revisions for each order.

Now that you know our main objectives, you can analyze how we manage orders for such kind of work by reading our sample descriptive essay. If you like our writing style and find our conditions, including rates and guarantees, appealing, go to our order page to get a first-rate essay written specially for you.

My Grandparents’ Cozy Place

I am excited as usual because right now I am heading to my grandparents’ country cottage. I promised my grandparents that I would stay with them for a while in summer, after finishing my college term. So, here I am, going along an old graveled road, breathing in fresh rural air and looking forward to meeting my dear relatives.

I can see their house from the distance. It is a two-storied, majestic building cloaked in a special atmosphere of the previous century. My great-grandfather built it for his family several decades ago, and he did his job conscientiously. The house is covered with a thick layer of light blue paint that was obviously more saturated a year ago, but has faded due to the scorching sun of this territory.

As I approach closer, I can already make out neat windows, painted in white. The house looks fabulous and unreal, as though it escaped from a fairy-tale and tried to get lost among other houses in the village but failed. I cannot tell you how proud my grandparents are of their home.

This place gets cozier every year. My grandparents are constantly working on changing the interior of the house. At the same time, they manage to take care of the garden: a beautiful patch, full of fragrant flowers and branchy trees that cast their shadows on wooden benches. One tree even has a hand-made swing hanging from it. It is one the presents that my grandfather prepared for me when I was little. I still love swinging there with a book in my hand, pretending that I drift off and then wake up in faraway countries.

When I enter the front gate, a dog looks at me suspiciously and barks once or twice. Then he recognizes me, my dear Oscar, and starts wagging its tail, running towards me. Oscar is always the first one to meet me here. While my grandparents have a rest inside or work hardly in the garden, the dog each time manages to greet me before them. I fiddle with his heavy hair, soft and pleasant to touch; however, I feel pity for the creature that must be suffering from tremendous heat under this layer of clothing.

After I spend some time with the dog, I look around for my grandparents, but I cannot see them anywhere outside. The garden is empty, only its floral inhabitants raise their buds to the sun, or maybe to the sky, as if asking for life-giving rain. Really, it is very hot here this time of the year. I deeply inhale local air, and I smell a hint of flowers, probably, my grandmother’s asters, but they may as well be any other flowers because I am not very good at them. What I can tell for sure is that the smell is simply marvelous, even though hardly perceptible.

Now it is time to go inside and to meet my grandparents. I open a heavy oak door with a little key hidden under the welcome mat. I will have to remind my grandparents one more time to change the place where they keep the key. As I enter the building, the air around me becomes cool, and I enjoy feeling how my body cools down, too. I like it how the house stays cool in summers, resembling a real heaven on earth in the world of hellish heat.

I enter a large living room, where my grandfather lies on a sofa, reading his newspaper, and my grandmother waters her house plants. Yes, she has lots of them, both inside and outside. I can smell freshly made pastry somewhere in the kitchen, and a warm feeling of coziness fills my heart. My grandparents break into smiles, and I come closer to them to embrace my nearest people. In this house, a hundred miles from the place I live, I finally feel at home.

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