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The connection between what we eat and our health is known for everyone since ancient times, and most of people today realize that their food one way or another influences the body. Good nutrition and pleasure that we get from food play big role in health maintaining. However, most of us used to eat such eat that more likely can harm our health than to contribute to its strengthening. What do you eat? What do you think, do you eat healthy food? This healthy food essay will help you to find answers to these and other questions. Also we are going to discuss genetic engineering and its achievements in the field of food production, so partially this is genetically modified food essay as well. So read and enjoy.

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Correct nutrition plays basic role in stress overcoming, diseases prevention and strengthening of health and well-being feeling.

Some people should pay special attention to what they eat, because their need in minerals and vitamins can be higher than of other people.

The style of eating in many West countries can not be called healthy. In general there is a tendency to excessive eating of certain kinds of food that contain much fat, sugar and salt. This fact causes many problems. In United Kingdom, for example, 36% of population suffer from obesity.

Healthy food instead of a diet

There are many diets that lead to successful weight loss, if you follow strictly all the rules. However, diets that cause weight loss can not be considered equal to healthy eating. Diet is a strict limitation, due to which you have to change your style of eating or eating habits.

Instead of wasting time choosing one of such diets, think about your health and style of life. First of all let’s figure out what foods and products are useful for our health.

Eat healthy food

The close product is to its natural condition, the more use t will bring you. Fresh fruits and berries are very useful, besides they can satisfy you need in something sweet. Vegetables are the best suppliers of vitamins and minerals that increase the body ability to assimilate useful substances. Steam processing of vegetables will keep their nourishing value better.

pasta and bakery products should be made of whole grain. Avoid pastry and cookies. Do you like something baked? Eat apple pie, it will be really useful for you.

Buy lean meal and do not forget about fish. Omega-3 fatty acids  are very useful for our health, they reduce the cholesterol level. They are contained in ocean kinds of fish, so eat seafood twice or three times per week, it will help you to protect from stress situations and will easy the depressive state. Remember that fried fish and chicken are healthier food than fried beef.

Eat as much various foods as possible to get all the vitamins and minerals. Drink water, milk and 100% natural juices as the main drinks. Reduce the consumption of sweet non-alcohol drinks. If water seems tasteless to you, add a slice of lemon or lime to make it more aromatic. Water helps in losing weight if you drink it correctly. Complete hydration is very important for the weight loss, because water is needed to take out the body the products of metabolism.

Unhealthy food

  • Fried in much fat foods
  • Sweet drinks
  • Lollipops
  • Salty snacks
  • Sausages
  • Fat snacks
  • White bread and pasta
  • Most canned food
  • Grain breakfasts with sugar
  • Frozen fried chicken
  • Fish fingers and crab sticks.

Healthy food

  • Green and brightly coloured vegetables
  • Greenery and salads
  • Seaweed
  • Spinach
  • Fresh fruits and berries
  • Turkey and chicken meat
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • Wheat bread and pasta made of whole grain
  • Sunflower oil, olive oil
  • Ocean fish, seafood
  • Skimmed milk or soy milk drinks
  • Nuts, sunflower seeds and beans.

Healthy food for snack lovers

If you are an “emotional eater”, i.e. you eat when you are bored, happy or upset, do not keep chips, ice-cream and sweets in your house. Buy healthy snacks, such as dried fruits, grain, nuts or vegetable bars, which are rich with vitamins and mineral supplements, fresh fruits. When you just need some “treatment” from emotions in form of unhealthy food, buy small chocolate bar of high quality and eat it, but do not buy sweets to store them.

The same tips are useful for those who prefer to eat in front of the TV-set. If you do not want to miss the meal and to watch what is going on in your favourite TV show, then eat low calorie foods. In a state of deep interest you can eat too much. Remember that carrot, tomatoes, cucumbers are great alternative to chips and other similar snacks.

Do not miss meals

If you miss breakfast, you will definitely want to eat something in an hour or two. That is why instead of refusing from breakfast, divide it into several parts, for example: an egg, porridge and fruits. Eat in small portions. When you feel hunger, you can east some almonds or raisins. Such divided breakfast is much more acceptable decision, than coffee-breaks with sweets and biscuits.

Portion control

Our stomachs are not that big. In average, not stretched stomach may contain about two cups of food, and it is better not stretch it, because you will need more food to fill it, and it will bring more excessive calories.

When you eat at home, serve meals on separate plates. In such a way you will reduce your chances to eat too large portion. In restaurant you may ask food container and take half of your portion with you. Avoid buffets if you are not very disciplined. Buffet is too much tempting event, where you can easily eat 3 or 4 portions plus dessert.

Taming of a sweet-tooth

Try to tame you passion for sweets and avoid sweet snacks. There can be many calories and harmful fats. Instead of sweets eat berries and fruits. If they are not sweet enough for you, add some sugar. Avoid sweet aerated drinks, you would better try cold herbal teas with a slice of lemon or lime, the taste is amazing.

Foods you can not resist

Definitely there are foods you can not resist, in such a case, enjoy your favourite products in small amounts. Any dish that does not belong to “healthy food” you can eat once a month, and the best thing you can do is to find an equivalent to this unhealthy dish among foods that are healthy.

Things do not happen at once

If you can not start leading healthy lifestyle at once, do not despair. Most of people can not. Implement your ideas gradually, step by step. Even a small change in your style of eating in favor of healthy food will be a new step in the right direction. The way in a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Genetically modified food

Also we would like to tell you some words about genetically modified food.

Genetically modified food is the products got from genetically modified organisms (GMO), such as plants, animals or microorganisms. Products got with the help of genetically modified organisms or in composition of which there is at least one component got from the products that contain GMO, may also be considered genetically modified food.

For and against

Before denying or supporting any new innovation, let’s consider that every medal has two sides. So we need to study all the positive and negative sides of the innovation.

Genetically modified organism are able not only grow, but survive in the places where ordinary plants die because of different weather conditions. Many of them are not afraid of frosts, floods or droughts. Some plants have such a strong root system that allows them to keep maximum of moisture. Also there were created fast growing sort of cereals.

  • Genetic modifies are made to give to a plant useful qualities:
  • Insect and cold resistance, crop capacity and so on;
  • The population on the Earth grows annually and genetically modified food should save the humanity from hunger;
  • Genetically modified food can protect itself from pests and weed;
  • Having great crop capacity such food is cheaper;
  • Pest resistance allows to use less pesticides;
  • There are such vegetables and fruits that can resist viruses, bacteria and fungus;
  • Scientists work on creation of new sorts of tomatoes and potato that for the Third World countries where they will be cultivated and stored without any special methods;
  • Some kinds of trees are created specially for fighting the pollution.

And the other side of the medal… Why are many people against GM products?

  • Most countries do not have special laws that regulate production and consumption of GM products.
  • Consumers do not know what they buy and do not know how it reflects on their health. Some genetically modified foods influence negatively the immune system, kidneys, liver and brain.
  • There is no information on the goods about the substances they contain and their amount.
  • Ecologists are afraid of potential ecological catastrophe, if genetically modified forms start growing in wild nature.
  • Except ecological risk, there is also food risk. Some products can cause allergy reaction. An ordinary product, for example tomato, which contains not visible for human eye fish gene, may cause allergy reaction at a person who has allergy on fish.

GM products on our markets

Most of registered genetically modified products belong to soy. Soybean is one of the components of such products as butter, baking fats, mayonnaise and other salad sauces, sausages, cornflakes, pasta products and even baby food if milk is replaced by soy milk.

Also there are many GM modified products that contain corn, for example popcorn. Beautiful shiny big, without any disadvantage tomatoes, pepper, strawberry and other imported vegetables and fruits are likely genetically modified. In the process of ripening vegetables and fruits emit ethylene that makes them wither more quickly. Genetically modified products have such a gene that is resistant to ethylene and keeps vegetables and fruits fresh for a long time.

Almost all genetically modified products on our markets are imported. Unfortunately often there is no sign which are natural and which are not. Meanwhile on the West markets all the genetically modified goods have special marks, and consumers know what they buy.

Now you know more about healthy eating, healthy food and genetically modified products. I hope this essay on food helped you to figure out what food is healthy and what is not, and what food habit you should develop or vise versa quit.

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