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A cigarette with coffee may be a good morning breakfast when you are in the movie, but in real life it will inevitably lead to various health issues. A person must consume quality food in order to feel better. Different studies conducted over recent decades have showed how important our diet is for our physical condition. So, this is an essay on nutrition from our essay writing company that will show you the connection between the food you eat and the state of your health.

Changes in people’s nutrition in recent years

Technological advance had its impact on various spheres of human life, and nutrition is not an exception. The thing is that people started having a busier lifestyle. It gave a boost to fast food chains and delivery services, which are very popular among people who in the first place want to fill their stomachs with food-like substance, not with vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, it is extremely easy to fall into the pattern of having fast dishes instead of a versatile diet.

What is more, scientists found out how to grow food in vitro. Naturally, such products have nothing to do with organic matter or even with agriculture ­– the field once so popular among earth inhabitants. Nowadays, even if something was growing on plantations, and has reached a local supermarket, you can be all but sure that the product was first fertilized, and probably with chemical substances. That is why an eco-movement cropped up in the 21st century. People who are willing to eat fresh and healthy food from farmers are ready to pay exorbitant prices for it. However, there are still plenty of those who devour chips and fizzy drinks on a daily basis, hoping that they will get away with it and failing to acknowledge that health issues will not be long in coming.

Principles of healthy food intake

Scientists in their essays on nutrition point out that it is not enough to consume wholesome products. People should also pay attention to when they eat and how they do it. Here is a list of basic principles of healthy food intake:

  • You should eat only when you feel hungry, and vice versa: when you are hungry, you should eat.

  • It is better to take small bites of food and chew them thoroughly.

  • The best position for having a meal is sedentary.

  • If you have a choice whether to have 2-3 big meals a day or 4-5 small ones, stick with the latter.

  • Freshly made food is much better than heated.

  • It is not recommended to drink right before and after a meal; a 30-minute break before a beverage will be enough.

This advice is derived from physiological specifics of a human body. It is easy to follow these guidelines and establish a habit of having healthy meals only if a person knows why it is important. So, as the next step in this nutrition essay written by our company we suggest analyzing how food can help people in fighting diseases.

Food as natural medicine

A well-balanced diet is a way to prevent diseases, and in some cases even to cure them. If a person gives the body everything it needs and in proper amounts, it contributes to normal functioning of organs, reproductive system health, working efficiency and strong immunity against viruses. It sounds like a perfect lifestyle and you may find it hard to believe why so many people on earth ignore the rules of healthy nutrition.

While working on cancer treatment, scientists have even discovered anti-cancer products: fruit and vegetables the intake of which can prevent the disease. There is no official data as to whether they can be used as a cure, but reducing the chance of getting cancer is already a great achievement. Broccoli is considered to be one of the anti-cancer champions as it contains a good deal of sulforaphane. This compound activates body protective reaction and destroys chemicals that may cause cancer. Berries are too very helpful in this respect. A half-cup of berries per day is a recommended dose, which will be enough to suffocate premalignant cells.

The food you eat can also contribute to the development of chronic illness or, on the contrary, present an effective remedy for it. Thus, eating a fresh tomato equals taking in lycopene in pill. This powerful antioxidant is a component of the red vegetable, and it can help you fight various diseases.

Estimates and prognoses

It is most likely that a typical modern lifestyle, including modern eating patterns, contribute to global epidemics. Recent severe cases of influenza, some of which ended tragically, only prove the idea that humanity in on the verge of huge health problems. Preventing large-scale epidemics becomes an urgent task for medical workers. But many of them agree that you cannot help a person if the latter does not want to help himself. Mass diseases result from inadequate human behavior; lack of physical activity and wholesome food in a diet considerably increase the risk of catching a virus and developing a terminal disease.

It is expected that in upcoming years people will pay more attention to their nutritional patterns as this is the most effective way to avoid both serious and minor health problems. Universities and health organizations already started uniting their efforts to promote the right attitude to health. This movement will most likely come to a larger scale, affecting numerous countries.

The conclusion is unambiguous: a well-balanced diet is a key to sound life. While excessive consumption of junk food can lead to eating disorders and various diseases in the future, a wholesome diet will help reduce the risk of serious illnesses and cure the existing ones. Doctors all over the world agree that a diet determines duration of life and its quality. It is high time to quit destructive eating habits and establish proper nutrition.

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