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Right now PurEssay will focus on argumentative essays, which require a thorough scientific investigation on a given topic to produce valid evidence in support of a certain position. First of all, we will describe the services of our company that has a mission of helping students with their academic essays. And then we will provide you with a free argumentative essay sample for you to decide whether you want to write a work like this on your own, or you prefer to use our services.

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Our company offers complex writing and editing services that help you earn good grades and get the degree you want. In general, you can divide our range of services into 3 large groups:

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  • blog with useful information for students, including sample argumentative essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays and so on.

To request writing or editing, you have to fill out a special form, indicating the kind of work you want to get from us. Please note that the more detailed your task is, the better results you get. Because writers from PurEssay company are good at producing academic papers, but they are not clairvoyants. Put your requirements clearly to enjoy a quality essay.

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As for our blog, you can get familiar with it absolutely free of charge! It is up to you to decide in what way you want to use our posts: they may inspire you to write your own essays or to order a perfect essay from us. For example, this post provides you with a sample of argumentative essay. Of course, such a work written for your college must be a solid scientific research, while here you will read only a sample argumentative essay outline. It means that we will stick to the basic structure of such a work, but will omit references to scientific matter and published materials. The size of our sample is not big either, but it is enough to give you a general idea of this type of essays. If you need a sound argumentative essay on any topic and for any subject, feel free to contact our manager or place an order straight away. However, keep on reading to get familiar with our argumentative essay outline sample.

Is a Lottery a Good Idea?

 Lotteries assume various forms in our modern world, and a lot of people have at least once tried their fortune in such type of activity. However, the prevailing situation shows that a lottery in most cases is a rather bad idea. It makes you part with your time and money, giving nothing in return, except for a slender hope. So, why lotteries can be harmful?

First of all, the percent of lottery participants that have actually won is quite insignificant. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that the chances of winning a lottery are quite faint. For example, as of 2015, the odds of winning the jackpot from the UK National Lottery on a single initial ticket is one in 40,665,099. But many people still believe that they can get this lucky. What is more, somebody eventually wins the jackpot, which only strengthens the persistence of others. It presents a distressing picture: people waste their time and money in the hope of winning. But the odds of them going bankrupt can be higher than those of winning, especially when it comes to ardent gamblers who can put at stake all their money.

Then, it is important to mention that lotteries may make people believe that their fate is not in their own hands. When you take part in a lottery, you fully rely on a chance. Some believe that picking out a lottery ticket in hopes that it will be winning develops intuition, serendipity, a sixth sense or any other kind of supernatural, not scientifically proven power. However, common sense suggests that it is nothing more than a mere chance, and by buying a ticket, you submit to it. Believing in a lottery, people may quit their jobs, give up trying to open a business, forget about their ambitions. It results in the fact that they spend their lives having faith in luck and fail to achieve anything that requires physical or mental efforts.

It is also necessary to focus on the question why people want to take part in a lottery. In most cases, they do it for money. And this is a huge mistake as they tend to think that money can solve their problems. Benjamin Franklin said: “Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness.” So people get deluded that cash is what they actually want, especially when they see an opportunity to get easy money. But they can become happier by choosing another strategy. Thus, it will be more effective to concentrate efforts on making friends, traveling or self-development.

To make matters worse, even lottery winners risk ending up tragically. According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, about 70% of people who out of the blue receive a windfall of money will lose it in just a few years. But it is only the tip of the iceberg. Statistics shows that people turn out not ready for sudden wealth, that is why they often get robbed, disrupt relationships with their friends and family, commit suicide, go through divorce and so on. A large sum of money can turn into a catastrophe or a real curse for a person who is not prepared for it.

All in all, lotteries give people an illusion of a possible happy life in the future. They make you think that you can become “chosen”, hinting that an insignificant investment is all you need to get immensely rich. But actually for most people lotteries stay mere illusions, taking up their energy, which otherwise could be used more efficiently. Even winning a lottery does not guarantee a happy ending. All these facts prove that a lottery itself is a bad idea, especially when from innocuous occasional entertainment it turns into a settled habit.

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