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Now we stick to our promise and continue with an essay example. Sample essay from this post answers the question if online dating substitute for face to face meetings. And we move on to this sample right now.

Can Online Dating Replace Face to Face Meetings?

Modern technology introduced new means of communication, and people started being dependent on the internet and social networks in particular. Online chats fairly regularly substitute for face to face dates as partners prefer to communicate without leaving their apartments. This tendency has to put you on your guard, and scientists together with psychologists present several reasons for that.

The main thing you should remember is that online dating will never be an appropriate substitution for real-life meetings. When you are face to face with you partner, we are talking about physical presence. Although cutting edge technology has learnt by now how to transfer touches over countries and oceans, it is still not the same. In case you have not heard of any breakthroughs in this field, I will fill you in: scientists invented a kissing device, which can send the movements of your tongue to your loved one via the internet. However, here we deal with the physical presence of a machine, not a real person. Besides, the accuracy of such devices and your feelings about using them are still open to question.

Physical closeness is very important for evoking physiological responses in our body. When we hug somebody, or simply take them by the hand, our brain starts producing oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. It makes us feel better, more secure and even happier! This hormone fights and suppresses its malevolent fellows: stress hormones. It makes us clearly realize that online conversations with a person of the opposite sex will bring at best half the pleasure you can get from a real meeting.

Another crucial point is that via the internet we not always can properly identify other people’s emotions. Judging our interlocutors by their emojis, we fail to perceive the real mood of the person. Thus, we can easily become deceived by his or her exclamation marks and read excitement instead of anger. Human voice conveys much more information than tiny black letters. What is more, during face to face meetings we can get our gestures involved and read the mood of our partner relying on his mimics. Psychologists produce bulky books on reading people’s real emotions by observing their movements, but this is the art inaccessible for those who prefer chatting online. These people show less respect towards each other’s feelings.

We should also keep in mind that physical interaction offers versatile activities for couples. Classic variants will be to go to the cinema, have dinner in a restaurant or simply have a walk in the park. But actually the choice of activity is completely up to your imagination. For romantic individuals I can suggest watching the sunset from the roof of a high-rise building or having a picnic in an old-fashioned style. Those who are fond of extreme tourism can even engage in skydiving at their date! But when it comes to online dating, we understand that it is limited only to conversations, sometimes to online games. You lose a lot of options by meeting your partner online.

I do not want to sound conservative. Although I am an ardent advocate of face to face meetings, I consider the possibility of chatting with your partner from time to time. The only reservation for me is that these chats must really be occasional, supplementary to real dates. Replacing them completely with online conversations is unnatural in all respects, including human’s physiology and psychology.

In conclusion, I can say that online dating cannot replace ordinary meetings. People are too dependent on personal contact to give it up for modern devices. Physical presence of a person you love is the most important thing in a relationship; and failing to meet this natural need, you will post probably end up single.

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