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This is a short essay on Mother Teresa from PurEssay, which contains her biography and the most important contributions that she made for the prosperity of our society. We have prepared for you only reliable information about this famous women, and you can use it in your academic writing. Continue reading if you want to learn more about Mother Teresa.

Who is Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa, according to the article on Wikipedia, is an Albanian Roman Catholic nun and missionary. This woman, also known as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, was born in Yugoslavia in 1910 and died in India in 1997. Mother Teresa is so famous throughout the world because she devoted herself to helping destitute people from different countries. The most part of her life Mother Teresa spent in India. She became a symbol of charitable work, done for the sake of others. In 2003, six years after her death, the woman was beatified, which is the first step to sainthood in the Catholic church.

Mother Teresa’s short biography

Presenting to you a Mother Teresa biography essay, we want to start with her early years, although it is a part of her biography that contains a lot of gaps. What historians know for sure is that her father was a respected businessman, who died when the girl was eight. Her mother, a profoundly religious person, had to open a cloth business after the death of her husband in order to earn a living. Mother Teresa spend her adolescence in close connection with parish activities.

When she was 18, Mother Teresa joined a group of nuns in Ireland. Their primary goal was to give education to young girls. From this moment Mother Teresa had never seen her mother again right to the very death in 1997. Several months later after joining the Irish society, the woman got permission to go to India. This is the country with which her life was associated the most.

In India Mother Teresa started working as a teacher. She was deeply impressed by the abject poverty of people from Calcutta, so she felt the urge to give birth to a new order under the name “The Missionaries of Charity”. The objective of the mission was to take care of those people who had nobody else to care about them. Mother Teresa lived by the words of Jesus Christ, and therefore believed that a life of a person has to be devoted to helping and serving other people in need.

Our company finds it necessary to mention in this essay on Mother Teresa that the woman was the one to open the first home for dying people. This establishment was the place where they could die with dignity, at least knowing that someone cared for them. Some critics of this institution claimed that lack of medical attention and refusal to use pain killers resulted in the very hard last moments of life for the patients. But others would argue that the home gave neglected people the sense of their significance in this world, even if closely before their deaths.

By the way, this trend was supported in other countries as well. By 2013, the number of missions in operation all over the world had risen up to 700. They enlarged their range of activities and started offering help to orphans and people suffering from terminal diseases.

Mother Teresa never considered a religion as an obstacle to helping others. Neither did she promote conversion to her faith, allowing people to live as they thought it was necessary according to their religion. She herself was an ardent Catholic and was strictly against abortions, divorces and death penalties.

In our essay Mother Teresa is an outstanding person who had a considerable impact on society. So it is no wonder that her activity was recognized worldwide. To prove these words, PurEssay writing team wants to mention that in 1979 Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for work aimed to “overcome poverty and distress in the world, which also constitute a threat to peace.” The woman was not present at the ceremony itself, but she wished to give the compensation of $192,000 to the poor, which is another proof of her goodness of heart.

Various essays on Mother Teresa tell that over the last 20 years of her life the woman suffered from different problems with her health. However, she never gave up her mission of serving people in need. She still travelled around the world, visiting the regional branches of “The Missionaries of Charity” and fulfilling her duty. After her travel to Rome, New York and Washington, Mother Teresa went back to Calcutta. And there the woman spent the last moments of her life. It was the year of 1997.

The epitome of Mother Teresa’s life

  • Mother Teresa leaved to the world 10 unique commandments, which are meant to reveal the genuine sense of life. Among them we can find calls to forgive people, express your inner kindness, struggle to achieve success even through difficulties, pray to God and other wise pieces of advice.

  • The internet is full of Mother Teresa’s quotes, which still guide our way even after the death of this outstanding woman. If you experience difficulties or cannot decide what to do, try to follow the words of Mother Teresa.

  • This woman literally changed the world by helping sufferers. Numerous shelters, hospitals and leper colonies cropped up around the world only thanks to her efforts.

Most Mother Teresa essays point out that she changed the world to the best, but they tend to omit the fact that in her diaries the woman admitted being very unhappy. Although she constantly prayed to God, deep in her soul she doubted his existence. Mother Teresa sacrificed her life for the sake of others. And this mere fact is completely enough to make her a hero in our eyes.

So, in this short biographical post on Mother Teresa, we found out that the woman was a Catholic nun who devoted her life to serving other people. She managed to help the destitute from different corners of the globe, improving their lives and helping them accept natural death with a light heart. Mother Teresa received a lot of awards that prove her importance on a broad scale.

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