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Drug is one of the greatest evil of mankind. There so many essays on drugs and essays on drugs addiction written that it seems there is no point to discuss this problem again. However, we decided to study another concerning issue of drugs in sports. So read this drugs in sports essay, and I hope that the examples of the famous athletes will convince you one more time in the harmfulness of drugs.

Drugs and sport

In our modern world unfortunately the spread of drugs became usual phenomenon. And people who are engaged in professional sports or train on a home gym also face such a problem as drugs. But what is sad that not everyone refuses to take them.

So let’s talk about some kind of drugs and what consequences they may lead to if taken by a sportsman.

1. Cocaine. A person who inhaled the dose of the drug begins to feel a burst of strength and energy, but in fact he becomes weaker and in some time become very weak and helpless. Without the drug person can no longer enter the ring or play, for example, football and so on. Since the action lasts no more than an hour, a sportsman or any other person gets nervous and feels depression. It is very easy to get used to cocaine, so you should not even try to begin.

2. Marijuana. According to surveys of the student-athletes, some of them take marijuana to enhance the mood, others to handle the stress. Some just think it is “cool” and brings pleasant feelings. Unfortunately, all these effects are only temporary, but the consequences are quite real. The heart suffers the most.

3. Tramadol. Taking of such a hard drug may lead to the following consequences: gangrene, muscle paralysis, blockage of blood vessels and eventually person dies, because the more one takes the drug, the more he wants to continue its effect. No one from drug addicts wants to listen about the possible consequences.

4. Ecstasy. This is the most common drug in our time. People get “unforgettable” pleasure from it. But in fact, if one takes even few pills for a couple of time, it will cause irreversible consequences. And not only a sportsman, but also an ordinary person will not be able to control his actions. It means that human will always be “stoned” and everything will be “alright”. However, having returned to the real world, he will not like it. So it leads to further drug taking.

5. Alcohol. Alcohol abuse leads to the fact that a sportsman not only gets out of shape, but also loses the health, it effects liver, kidneys and even heart. Permanent hangover does not give other choice to the body, except from “to treat” it, namely to get another dose of alcohol. Constant alcohol abuse leads to the fact that an athlete eventually loses ground and is no longer able to be engaged in sports fully.

These are just a few types of basic drugs, but also there are many others that effect the body negatively. So according to everything mentioned above we can make a conclusion that sport and drugs can not exist together.

Sports on drugs

Why drugs occupy an increasingly important place in the lives of athletes.

Some time ago the sport world vigorously discussed the news that one of the most prominent tennis players, ex-first racket of the world and a universal favorite Martina Hingis was convicted of cocaine use.

However, she did not recognize the fact of drug use, but we do not have reasons to doubt the results of the English Laboratory that discovered during Wimbledon in her doping sample the traces of cocaine. Besides, Hingis immediately announced about her professional career completion, and it means that one of the greatest evil of the world broke another sports fate.

Hingis’ case actually causes more questions than answers. Anyway, Hingis claimed that she leaves professional tennis because of the age and trauma.

What ruined the Pirate

A lot of people ask one and the same question: why do sportsmen need it? In case of cocaine specialists claim that this drug makes an athlete feel euphoria and brings him confidence in his own abilities. So this is not just a drug, this is doping. There are a lot of cases of cocaine use by professional athletes in tennis. Such well-known players as Swede Mats Wilander and Czech Karel Nováček used to get additional confidence with the help of “white powder”. They both were disqualified for three months. It is known that American tennis player Jennifer Capriati also used drugs. However, she managed to overcome this problem, returned to tennis and in 2001 became the first racket of the world.

Unfortunately, not all the athletes win in the fight against drugs. One of the losers was a great cyclist Marco Pantani, whom fans called Pirate because of the characteristic appearance. He was never officially caught in drug taking, but rumors about his passion to crack constantly circulated in the world of cycling. And in the last years of his life Pantani stopped hiding his addiction. The examination showed that he died of a cocaine overdose.

Smoking is dangerous for health

Having started with “light” drug, it is very easy to continue with hard. Many people think that there is nothing wrong in marijuana smoking, but it is not like that. So the tendency of marijuana popularization and even its legalization among the athletes is very disturbing.

Light drug problem in sports is very urgent. In many countries, for example in the United States, such sports as skateboarding, snowboarding, etc are very popular, and it is believed that the most important thing is swagger, ability to present yourself. So why do athletes take marijuana? It is not needed for the result. So do they take it for the boldness? Anyway, light drugs are the indicator of the modern way of life. In such a way going in for sport turns into young addict school.

Light drug can really give the feeling relaxedness that sometimes helps during performance. But the disadvantages of taking drugs are extremely dangerous. By the way, today there is a new tendency for creation the atmosphere of intolerance to drugs.

Football genius sunset

The most popular athlete who ever used drugs was great soccer player Diego Armando Maradona. Millions of people, not only in Argentina, but all over the world considered him their idol. And in 1991 many of them experienced a genuine shock, when after an ordinary match of the Italy championship between “Napoli” and “Bari” doping test showed that the Argentine soccer player used cocaine. The second test just proved this fact. As a result, the brilliant player was banned from football for 15 months. Later he admitted that he used to take drugs since the mid-80s, when he moved from Barcelona to Naples. Besides, he wanted to experience new feelings.

After disqualification Maradona tried to return to football for many times. Being in the national team for the World Championship in 1994 he was caught in using drugs again. There was another long disqualification. For the third time Maradona was caught in 1997. Since that time, he constantly struggles with drug addiction, but without much success. Time to time he even gets in intensive care, but it does not stop the star.

Following in the footsteps of Maradona

The first player who was officially convicted of drug use on the world championships was Haiti national team quarterback Ernest Jean-Joseph. And the loudest since the days of Maradona narcotic scandal happened with famous Romanian forward Adrian Mutu. In 2004 the player was caught on cocaine use, at that time Mutu was very upset by the divorce with his wife. Mutu during his six-month disqualification was undergoing treatment for drug addiction in the wellness center “Sporting Chance”, established by famous football player, captain of London “Arsenal” and England's national team Tony Adams. In the mid 90's he admitted publicly that he abused alcohol, and then underwent treatment. It was rumored that the British quarterback also used to take light drugs.

So as you can see the examples of taking drugs by athletes are numerous and almost each case has tragic consequences for the health, career and life in general. I hope that this essay on drug abuse convinced you once again how much harm drugs cause in our life. If you want to read more essays on urgent topics, visit then. This is the first-class essay writing service that provides you with original essays written by the team of professional writers. Contact us for more details.

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