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In: Services July 18th, 2016

A PhD thesis is such a long and versatile study that in some cases you feel unable to write it on your own. Our thesis writing services will come in handy when you do not have much time to devote to academic life. We respect your needs and ambitions, producing decent works that help you get a degree without becoming exhausted and even feeling sick from studies. Our writers pay attention to any tiniest detail that may influence the defense of your thesis and its outcome. In this article, we will let you know in what ways we make your works perfect.

Standard thesis structure

We are familiar with the standard multi-level thesis structure. It means that all the essential parts of your work will come in the right order and will have necessary transitions between them. A continuous sheet without vital structural details will not do for a PhD thesis. It is only good for Beat and Counterculture representatives, such as Jack Kerouac with his famous novel On the Road, which was initially written on a 147-meter long roll of paper without a single punctuation mark. You may have a glance at the manuscript if you want to know how a thesis should NOT look like.

Our writers will come up with a reasonable and fit thesis structure for you. Alternatively, you can submit your own preferences if you know for sure what key elements you want to include in it. And be sure that we will do all the rest.

Comprehensive research

Why would you need a PhD thesis if it does not present a valuable piece of research? Our writers will make sure that your work does not simply wastes words, but comprises essential scientific information on a given topic. Moreover, we produce such researches that feature academic novelty, which is a key requirement for a thesis.

We confidently perform all of it because our writers are versatile professionals. Apart from having excellent language skills, they also have different academic degrees themselves. Many of our employees boast a PhD degree in various fields of study, gained by their diligence and persistence. Thus, no matter what your major is, we will be able to appoint a suitable writer to create a perfect thesis for you.

Perfect references

References present a tedious issue for many students. First, you should include enough of them in your work in order to make your statements reliable. Second, you cannot use somebody else’s research results without referring to an exact page. It turns out difficult in the modern world, where we take information from the internet and where it comes without any pages at all.

If you turn to our PhD thesis writing services, our writers will thoroughly work on the system of references in your work. PurEssay includes only proper sources that really help develop the topic. We dispose of a great amount of printed matter that can lend perfect references for your thesis, with authors’ names, titles, page numbers and other essential formalities.

Grammatical correctness

Needless to say that our writers are good at producing works without grammar mistakes. And by that, we do not only mean that they know how to spell English words and organize them in the right order. There is much more lying beneath.

Our writers have great knowledge of English punctuation, subject/verb agreement, apostrophe usage and so on. They know every disputable grammar issue inside out. That is why they can pick out a perfect word, phrase or syntactic construction that would develop the idea and literally drive the words home. Even in cases where several variants are possible, and the choice does not seem an easy one (like it happens, for example, with the Oxford comma), they will stick with the option that presents the thought to the best advantage.

Consistency in style

Academic English is different from the language you use with your friends. Surprisingly, it is even different from the language you hear at the university because spoken academic English and its written version are still two different means of expressing yourself. Our writers guarantee that your thesis will be created on the basis of the written English academic style. It is a comprehensive term that includes:

  • appropriate text formatting (the choice of fonts, intervals etc.);
  • separate styles for chapter titles;
  • consistency in presenting examples;
  • avoidance of colloquial and informal terms (except for the cases when they are the topic of your research);
  • absence of contractions;
  • abundance in scientific terms (and, what is more significant, consistency in their use, which means that throughout the whole paper the same terms will refer to the same notions);
  • appropriate syntactic constructions (the right use of personal pronouns with reference to the thesis author, appropriate tenses and consistency in other aspects, according to the standards established in academic writing).

In other words, we will do our best to make your thesis consistent in all respects.

Free revisions

You can request a free revision from us within 2 weeks after you receive your order. It is very convenient in many ways. First, you have enough time to read the thesis yourself. Second, you do not overpay for quality, as you become entitled to it together with becoming our client. Third, you get the possibility to talk to your doctoral advisor and see if he finds any faults with the work. If he does, or you detect imperfections on your own, contact our company and outline the amendments you wish to see in your PhD thesis. We respect your right to get only the best papers, so we will deliver the revision absolutely free of charge!

We hope that you will not hesitate to contact us if you need quality online thesis writing services. PurEssay does its best to make your experience of ordering academic works from us excellent and worth recommending to friends. We structure PhD theses according to the latest requirements, which makes up a perfect framework for comprehensive research. Our writers are familiar with academic referencing style and English grammar; they stick to an academic style of writing and formatting. To top it all, PurEssay offers free revisions in case something is wrong with our first thesis variant. With our services, your doctoral degree is within arm’s reach.

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