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Essays present one of the most important activities in your college life. To help you out with them, our company offers you college essay samples, available free of charge. But to begin with, we will let you know what main types of essays you may come across in college and how PurEssay can lend you a hand at writing all of them. Once we are done with this, at the end of this article, you will find an absolutely free admission essay sample.

College admission essay

This is the first challenge that actually determines whether you enter the establishment of your choice or not. Our writers understand the importance of a college admission essay and its influence on your future life. That is why we render quality writing services to students across the globe, allowing you to order such an essay from us at a reasonable price.

First of all, our writers will closely analyze what college you wish to enter. Then, they will find an optimal strategy for your admission, following which they will be able to produce a persuasive application essay. If you want to know more about how we work, you will find college admission essay samples on our blog. One of them is right at the end of this document; there an applicant named Steve tries to enter Massachusetts Institute of Technology. An ambitious guy, isn’t he? Read on to get to know what strategy was used for that admission essay.

Analytical essay

Analytical essays are about analyzing a certain, already published work. They present difficulties for students because organizing your arguments in the way your professor sees it requires a lot of time and efforts. Luckily, PurEssay knows the pitfalls of writing an analytical essay inside out.

When working on an analytical essay, our writers create a perfectly structured work free of grammatical blunders. They insert all the necessary references in order to avoid issues with plagiarism. If our sample essays for college are to your taste, feel free to order from us an analytical essay for your studies. It will be a unique piece of writing, created specially for you. We guarantee 100% anonymity in delivering your paper.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays require an investigation on a certain topic. You should express your arguments clearly and in a logical sequence, so that the reader accepts your position. Our writers are ready to undertake this task from you. They will write a perfect thesis statement and support it with appropriate and strong arguments. Our essays guarantee your great academic performance!

If you are bent on writing this essay yourself, we still can be helpful to you. Facing troubles with writing an argumentative essay, you can always visit our website and find a proper college essay sample to write your paper, relying on it. Remember that our samples are free of charge; what is more, no registration is required for you to read them.

Sample college essay

Now that you know our primary fields of activity, we present you with a free college admission essay sample.

Admission Essay for Massachusetts Institute of Technology

My name is Steve Catcher, and this year I said goodbye to my high school for good. When I was a kid, I could not imagine this happening because the dream of my life was to become a school teacher. Time had passed, my passion for teaching had disappeared with it. One year ago, when it vanished completely, it was with terror that I understood: I have one year left until my university entrance, but I have no idea what I am going to do in my life.

I was lucky enough to have a friend, who did not spare her efforts and, what is more, time to look through major US universities and their programs with me. It took us the whole day and megabytes of internet to get to something that would make me to feel the urge to study. When we got to information technology, I felt my heart thumping loudly in my chest. That was it!

I spent the last year learning HTML and CSS. It was a whole new world for me, where I was able to create true masterpieces from scratch (I mean the idiom, not the programming language created within the walls of your university, in examining which I took a great pleasure). Now I have more than 20 websites in my portfolio. Most of them were created for my friends and family, several sites were left to myself, so that I can polish them up any moment I want. Because I constantly learn something new and upgrade them when I feel it necessary. You will see the list of my websites attached, and I, having introduced my past, will move on to my future ambitions.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology attracted me as a real giant in the sphere of information technology. Students from here get unique opportunities to develop their boldest projects, which makes them subject to friendly envy from other students across our planet. Moreover, I carefully examined study programs and professors, so my decision is by no means spontaneous. I know where I am aiming at; I know how hard I will have to work in order to keep up with your fast paced university. But I want to become one of this team because Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the place where great inventions happen. I am eager to invest my knowledge and expertise, gained previously and, maybe, gained from you, to make this world once again wonder how far it can get with the help of information technology.

Having said that, I am leaving it up to you to make the final decision. I know that you have to choose from numerous applicants, whose stories may contain much more success than mine does. However, I believe that my sincerity and passion will play their roles, too, bringing me at least a step closer to my cherished dream.

I once again remind you that I attach the list of the websites developed by me, without any outside assistance. I take great pride in these works, hoping that you, too, will highly assess them. I am looking forward to hearing your decision. Meanwhile, I wish you a nice day and truly ambitious students.

Best regards,

Steve Catcher

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